GPT Industries Finalist for P&GJ Award for Best Coating Technology

Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards judges recently narrowed down a significant number of nominations and announced finalists for its upcoming event Nov. 17.

The program honors the midstream’s leading innovations and outstanding personal contributions to the pipeline industry.

Among the finalists in the Best Coating/Corrosion Advancement Technology award is GPT Industries’ EVOLUTION isolation gaskets, which is a patent-pending product that utilizes a coating that completely encapsulates a base layer of 316 stainless steel.

This proprietary coating has a greater than 50% increase in dielectric strength over existing isolation kits and it is compatible with all media that may be present within oil and gas pipelines. Because of this, proper material selection is obsoleted; a single material configuration can be utilized for every application.

In prior technology, operators had to carefully select a range of materials to ensure chemical, temperature, and pressure compatibility.

EVOLUTION’s single material configuration allows for much simpler product selection and removes the inherent risk of selecting and installing an improper material combination for an application.

Because it uses a metal core with no GRE or phenolic, and a metallic seal, EVOLUTION can handle higher pressures than any other isolating gasket and is naturally firesafe. Should a fire develop outside the flange where EVOLUTION in installed, the gasket will maintain its sealing capabilities until the fire can be extinguished, thus not allowing the often-flammable media to provide additional fuel.

Put simply, the EVOLUTION isolation gasket is the most extensively tested product of its type ever. EVOLUTION has undergone 24 separate tests conducted by independent testing houses and through GPT’s internal testing facility. There are seven additional long-term tests currently in process with industry-leading interim results. Testing has been broken down into five areas; Electrical, Environmental, Performance, Coating and the Shell type-acceptance Test (TAT) aimed to meet every potential scenario out in the field and in order to satisfy all applicable industry standards.

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