INGAA CEO Writes to President Biden to Address New England Reliability Concerns

WASHINGTON, DC (P&GJ) — Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) President and CEO Amy Andryszak sent a letter to President Biden on Monday to address New England gas-electric reliability concerns brought forward in a letter from Eversource President and CEO Joseph R. Nolan Jr.


Andryszak writes that using emergency powers, as recommended by Nolan, would be insufficient to adequately address the long-standing electric reliability problems facing the region caused by policies that obstruct natural gas infrastructure development.

“I encourage your Administration to pursue a long-term solution that addresses the root cause of the region’s long-standing electric reliability problems—a lack of adequate natural gas infrastructure—rather than focus only on short-term, “emergency” solutions that were neither intended nor designed to address systemic issues like those present in New England,” Andryszak wrote.

“A serious conversation about how to address the region’s electric power needs must include the natural gas pipeline operators serving the region. Our infrastructure is the link between domestic natural gas production and downstream users, such as electricity generators and local gas utility companies.”

New England is facing a perilous winter season and the region will rely on natural gas to meet its power needs well into the future, Andryszak emphasized. INGAA membership stands ready to discuss the important role that natural gas and its infrastructure plays in the region to ensure electric reliability.

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