Gulf Energy Information Launches H2Tech Journal for the Hydrogen Community

Gulf Energy Information ("Gulf") announces the launch of H2Tech, a working technology journal for the hydrogen sector that will be published quarterly in 2021. As the first technical publication devoted entirely to applications and trends for the hydrogen community worldwide, H2Tech is geared toward engineers and other professionals involved in hydrogen production technologies and applications progress on all spectrums — from gray and brown to blue and green, and beyond.

With a sharpened focus on present and future technology applications, H2Tech is designed to offer in-depth, front-line examination of issues and opportunities facing the hydrogen industry. Coverage topics include technology advances for hydrogen production and use, blue and green hydrogen projects, hydrogen distribution and fueling infrastructure development, safety and sustainability concerns, market and pricing trends, the future of hydrogen energy, and many more. H2Tech articles are authored by technology experts and officials working in the hydrogen sector worldwide and curated by H2Tech's award-winning editorial team, which has 80+ combined years of experience in the trade media, engineering and energy sectors.

Our worldwide readership includes operating and technology companies, power producers, engineering and construction firms, equipment manufacturers, renewable and conventional energy producers, transportation developers, energy efficiency experts and regulatory officials. The H2Tech website (, weekly e-newsletter and H2TechTalk podcast provide our audience with up-to-date technical information and news on hydrogen projects, process technologies and regulatory/environmental incentives within this fast-growing industry. 

H2Tech will also hold a free, two-day, virtual symposium, H2Tech Solutions, on 18–19 May 2021. The online event will bring together engineers, technologists and managers working to advance fuel, chemical and industrial applications for hydrogen. Potential speakers wishing to share their research and outlook with our audience may submit their abstracts for consideration through February 11.

"We're creating a space for the hydrogen community, particularly those involved in advancing technology, to share and strengthen knowledge through our far-reaching and widely trusted media," said Adrienne Blume, H2Tech editor-in-chief. "The H2Tech journal and its virtual symposium, H2Tech Solutions, provide those on the front lines of the hydrogen revolution with a platform for communicating new technologies, applications and trends to a worldwide audience. Our editorial team brings together experts and partners with our technical content, webcasts, podcasts, conferences and engineering references to help advance hydrogen as a global clean energy solution."

The Q1 issue of H2Tech, to be published in March 2021, examines the latest advances in hydrogen technology for production, distribution, storage, application and safety. Technical articles will examine technology for hydrogen transportation via a liquid chemical carrier, the development of an efficient hydrogen liquefaction technology that reduces power consumption and cost, the ignition probability of hydrogen, the role of blue hydrogen in the energy transition, recent improvements in hydrogen leak detection, the accuracy of measurement for hydrogen refueling stations, and other topics. The issue will also include a regional report on hydrogen projects and initiatives in Europe, a section on measurement and instrumentation, an executive viewpoint article, and other features.

Each edition of the journal will include an "H2 Projects Update" and global projects data section, a "Regional Report" (Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, Middle East/Africa), a "Business Trends" section, an "Executive Viewpoint," an "H2 Technology Spotlight" section, and an "H2 Events Spotlight" update for online and in-person events. 

H2Tech is a multi-platform media brand focused on the technology, business and market for hydrogen. Offering technical content, news, webcasts, research, conferences (H2Tech Solutions) and engineering references, its content appears in print and digital formats and on, and is delivered via a weekly newsletter and a podcast, H2TechTalk.

"This is an exciting time for our team and for the industry," said Catherine Watkins, publisher of H2Tech and vice president of Gulf, "As the hydrogen economy and infrastructure is rapidly expanding for fuel, chemical and industrial applications, the industry has expressed a need for an authoritative, technical publication for the engineering and scientific communities. H2Tech will keep these professionals engaged, informed and up to date with everything happening in the hydrogen sector worldwide."

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