NEXUS Pipeline Construction Gets Green Light

FERC has approved Enbridge’s request to begin construction of the NEXUS Gas Transmission Project, except for the following locations:

  • North Country National Scenic Trail at milepost 3.5 and Iron Horse Trail at milepost 17.0
  • From milepost 130.5 to milepost 133.0 and milepost 151.5 to milepost 162.0

In addition, according to FERC’s Alisa M. Lykens, before beginning HDD operations, the company must complete the following directives:

  • Filing supplemental information to comply with Environmental Condition 38, affirming it will utilize a down-hole annular pressure tool during the entire pilot hole drilling process and while reaming beneath sensitive environmental features (such as wetlands and waterbodies), or provide suitable alternative methods for monitoring the borehole annular pressure during reaming
  • Consulting with the appropriate state agencies to determine the location of inactive, abandoned, and orphaned oil and gas wells within 500 feet of the HDD alignment at that site and filing a statement with the Secretary of the Commission affirming there are no inactive, abandoned, or orphaned oil and gas wells within 500 feet of the HDD. If wells are present, Enbridge must file a site-specific plan to prevent the communication/cross-contamination of drilling fluids with the wells during HDD for review and written approval by the Director of the Office of Energy Projects (OEP).
  • At sites where the drill path passes through unconsolidated material based on previous geotechnical borings, including at the Tuscarawas River, a quantified hydrofracture and inadvertent return risk assessment must be filed with the Secretary of the Commission, for review and written approval of the Director of OEP, for those HDDs where the alignment is within unconsolidated material using empirical methods such as the “Delft Method” in conjunction with lithologic information from previous borings at the site, or additional borings must be conducted at the site to define the depth to bedrock and re-design the drill path to remain in bedrock over the entire length of the drill.

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