Dragos protects the most critical infrastructure from increasingly capable adversaries who wish to do it harm. Devoted to codifying and sharing in-depth industry knowledge of ICS/OT systems, Dragos arms industrial defenders around the world with the knowledge and tools to protect their systems as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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2021 ISC/OT Cybersecurity Year in Review Executive Summary
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Get what you need to know quickly to protect your critical assets by reading the Dragos Executive Summary of the 2021 Year in Review.

Dragos 2021 Industrial Cybersecurity Year in Review Summary
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Major cybersecurity incidents in 2021 struck industrial organizations in a range of sectors, with international headlines detailing everything from a compromise of a water treatment facility with the intent to poison its community to a ransomware attack against a pipeline operator that disrupted gas supplies to the southeastern United States.

Developing a Cybersecurity Plan of Action: Lessons Learned from Our Pipeline Customers
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Dragos has been working closely with our pipeline customers to assess their OT cybersecurity programs, and two questions are consistently being asked that are worth sharing to better enable both the pipeline and broader ICS security community.

Cyber Risk High for Oil & Natural Gas Organizations Around the Globe
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Based on Dragos' research, the cyber risk to the oil and natural gas sector is high due to the increasing number of adversaries targeting oil & natural gas industrial organizations.

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