November 2022, Vol. 249, No. 11


Annual 500 Report Shows Some Decline, Few Ranking Surprises

(P&GJ) — The list of companies leading the way in Pipeline & Gas Journal’s 41st annual 500 Report will certainly be familiar to long-time midstream observers, with little shake-up in rankings occurring between the 2021 and 2022 editions of the publication.

In fact, when it comes to the number of customers among gas distribution utilities, no gas utility managed to break into the Top 10 for the first time, with most companies showing similar numbers compared to last year.

Southern California Gas (SoCalGas), which has topped the list for years, reported 6,097,000 customers, a gain of 31,000 over last year. CenterPoint Energy (4,727,030 customers this year) remained second with Pacific Gas & Electric and AGL Resources once again next with 4,496,500 and 4,208,000 cus-tomers, respectively.

The leading gas transmission pipelines list, compiled in the order of total miles operated, revealed similar results to previous year with DCP Midstream (56,700), Northern Natural Gas (14,293), Tennessee Gas Pipeline (11,756), El Paso Natural Gas (10,249), Columbia Gas Transmission (9,916) and Transcontinental Gas Pipeline (9,513) occupying the top five.

A little re-shuffling took place among liquids transmission pipe-line companies when reported, based on total barrels delivered. Plains Pipeline (1,292,122 barrels) remained in the Number 1 spot with a 371,003-barrel decline over the previous year.

Marathon Pipe Line (1,166,567) and Enterprise Crude Pipeline (1,122,000) moved past last year’s Number 2, Enbridge Energy (1,046,669), into second and third. Colonial Pipeline (826,344) and Exxon Mobil Pipeline (817,144) followed.

How Data Are Compiled

Each year, Pipeline & Gas Journal’s 500 Report features the industry’s most comprehensive listing of U.S. energy pipeline systems. As with past years, it ranks the nation’s gas distribution, gas transmission and liquids pipelines companies.

Gas distribution companies are listed by the number of customers. Gas transmission companies are listed by miles of pipe, and liquids pipelines are in the order of total crude oil and products delivered.

Additional statistical data for the report are based on operating revenues, gas sold, total throughput of natural gas, product deliveries and miles of mains and service lines. About 90% of the data is based on information from calendar year 2020, completed through direct company contacts and statistics collected from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Other data are taken from individual companies’ data as reported to P&GJ, annual reports and P&GJ research.

Every effort is made to ensure that each company’s information is accurate, but some companies no longer must report statistical data to FERC, while others did not respond to our inquiries. As a result, some of the data are based on the latest figures available. In the event your company’s information needs to be revised, let us know as soon as possible. We also need to know of any changes of address, contact information, mergers and acquisitions.

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