March 2022, Vol. 249, No. 3

Tech Notes

Magnetics Delivers Filtration for a Gas Receiving Station Application

Special to P&GJ 

Eclipse Magnetics Oil and Gas Division (Eclipse) has designed and delivered a bespoke magnetic separator to an international operating company for use within a gas pipeline pig receiver in North Africa.

The in-line separator is designed to remove ferrous contaminant, often referred to as black powder, from the natural gas transmission line before it reaches downstream equipment within the process plant.   

The separator can capture ferrous particles down to the sub-micron level, which will not only provide a cleaner product but will greatly reduce the loading on cartridge filters.   

This results in a significant increase in the life of the cartridges, meaning a much lower operating cost of consumables, substantially longer intervals between change-outs, and a decrease in downtime.   

Unlike cartridge filters, there are no consumables involved with magnets. They never lose their strength. Because they are encased in a stainless-steel tube, the captured ferrous material can be easily removed by simply wiping the tubes clean.   

Eclipse also supplies an ultrafiltrex range of “stand-alone” magnetic separators, which have been specifically designed for black powder applications in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Ultrafiltrex ensures a cleaner, higher performance end product.   

By negating the need for expensive consumables, the technology also helps to reduce the environmental impact and costs for specialist disposal of contaminated filters. Greatly reduced operating costs ensures a rapid return on investment.  

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