June 2022, Vol. 249, No. 6

What's New

What's New June 2022


IDEC Corporation introduces a new line of products to its power supply family with its PS3V Series, which accepts input voltage ranging from 85 to 264.

It provides an output of 5, 12 and 24 VDC, with capacities ranging from 15 to 150 watts, both depending on the model. Output voltage is user-adjustable ±10%, and the 24-VDC versions deliver efficiencies ranging from 83% to 88%. The compact metal housing protects the PS3V power supply and can be mounted in four orientations, by direct panel mount or DIN rail bracket. A wide operating temperature range, from -13 to 158 degrees F (-25 to +70 degrees C), ensures these power supplies work in challenging environments. The unit comes with five-year warranty. www.lp.idec.com 


Fecon introduced the 135VRT, which has an improved loader arm design with enhanced attachment visibility.

It is equipped with a bite-limiting rotor to maintain rotor revolutions per minute (rpms), and the 135VRT easily mulches material to 8 inches (203.2 mm) in diameter. This new model features 4,150 ROC with integrated counterweight or hydraulic winch kit for improved balance with Fecon Bull Hog Mulchers. A 52-gallon fuel tank allows nearly double the run time between fill-ups. Full coverage fuel tank guarding safeguards against damage while working, and improved sealing prevents debris ingestion. www.Fecon.com  


Polygon offers composite tubes and bearings that meet the high-pressure conditions and toughest design challenges in the oil and gas industry. Applications for the high-performance composites include exploration sensor housings, valves, platform cranes and sheaves, actuators, blow-out preventers, pumps, top drives, drill components and draw works. The composites and component resins can withstand the high temperatures to which oil and gas technologies are frequently subjected. The composite bearings and tubing are highly machinable and ensure the easiest possible drill-outs, ensuring efficiency in production and in the field. polygoncomposites.com 


Companies can improve productivity of legacy equipment with the new ProSoft IEC 61850 client communication module for ControlLogix systems from Rockwell Automation.

The module allows ControlLogix control systems to interface with 61850 intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) to deliver critical equipment control and energy consumption information. This visibility can help management teams immediately improve production efficiency and optimize power use. The module also supports up to 40 IEDs on a parallel redundancy protocol (PRP)-enabled network and up to 225 input/output (I/O) connections. It features a generic object-oriented substation event (GOOSE) publisher to support GOOSE messaging. The GOOSE publisher provides a mechanism to interlock relays or load shed using the IEC 61850 communications network, and it helps eliminate hard wiring to the I/O modules. www.prosoft-technology.com 


OleumTech offers its electromagnetic flow meter as part of its H Series hardwired process instrumentation line. The OleumTech HEFM Magnetic Flow Meter offers polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) lining material, a backlit local display interface and various self-diagnostic features for managing critical device health. The HEFM flow meters can be custom ordered using a variety of line sizes, materials and power options to fit the needs of OleumTech end users. Highlights include independent measurement of fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity; two measuring points inside the meter with no moving parts; reference accuracy of ±0.2% of reading; output signal options of RS485 Modbus/4-20 mA/2-8 kHz pulse output; and a backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) with integral push-button interface. www.oleumtech.com 


Netzsch offers advanced, field-proven technology for lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) and other midstream and downstream pumping applications. Nemo progressing cavity pumps are reliable, modular systems that handle a wide range of hydrocarbons with a constant, smooth and low-pulsating flow that ensures accurate flow readings.

Notos 3NS multiple screw pumps are the next generation in LACT pipeline booster pump technology with efficient operation, a small footprint and easy serviceability. www.pumps.netzsch.com 


Antaira Technologies introduced its LMP-1802G-M12-10G-SFP-67-24 and LMX-1802G-M12-10G-SFP-67 Series Light Layer 3 managed series of switches. The IP67-rated switch was designed specifically for industrial applications that are subject to high vibration and shock, water and dust.

It is backed by a five-year warranty. The switches offer 24- to 55-VDC redundant power inputs through a five-pin M12 K-coded male connector. Total power of 240 watts is available for supplying up to 16 IEEE 802.3af (PoE) and 802.3at (PoE+) devices. Easy to manage, the 16-port 10/100/1,000 Mbps LAN M12 ports offer 148,800 pps for fast packet switching with store and forward technology. The 8-pin M12 CAT6A sockets with X-coding female connectors feature auto-negotiation speeds, full/half-duplex mode and auto-MDI/MDI-X connections. www.antaira.com

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