July 2022, Vol. 249, No. 7


Companies in the News July 2022


Calgary-based Gas Liquids Engineering announced the availability of SABR, a new licensed process for propane and ethane extraction from natural gas, which it says uses 5% to 20% less energy than competitive processes. 

SABR stands for “Split ABsorber Reflux,” covering multiple variations of the process, intended for increased recovery of natural gas liquids (NGL) from natural gas, in a variety of applications. 

Deep-cut extraction plants historically rely on a piece of equipment called a turboexpander to provide the cooling needed to deeply extract liquids from natural gas. SABR instead uses standard propane refrigeration, shell and tube heat exchangers, and distillation to achieve propane or ethane recovery from natural gas of up to 99%. Use of refrigeration allows the process to achieve high recoveries even under turned-down operation.  

Because the outlet pressure of gas leaving the process is much higher than turboexpander-based processes, the recompression requirements after processing are significantly reduced, the company said, helping to reduce energy and emissions. 

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