August 2022, Vol. 249, No. 8

Guest Commentary

Executive Profile: Advocating for Natural Gas, Clean Energy Future

(P&GJ) — Former Enbridge and Spectra Energy executive and long-time midstream advocate Susan Waller has taken on the role of executive director of the Natural Allies for a Clean Energy Future.


The national coalition, which is a 501c4 organization, engages policymakers and the public about the critical role natural gas plays in a clean energy future.  

The organization takes the position that natural gas is an ally of renewables in pursuing cleaner air and energy independence – and that it’s time we work together to proactively tell our story. 

Among the industry leaders backing Natural Allies for a Clean Energy Future are The Williams Companies, Kinder Morgan, TC Energy, National Fuel Gas, Southern Company Gas, Cheniere Energy, EQT, the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, International Union of Operating Engineers, Pipe Line Contractors Association, American Pipeline Contractors Association, Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) and the INGAA Foundation. 

It also has the support of former U.S. Senators Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), who will serve on the Leadership Council of the advocacy coalition.  

In this introductory interview, Waller, who previously served as chair of the INGAA Foundation, discusses her latest role and the group’s priorities.  

P&GJ: How did you get involved with Natural Allies for a Clean Energy Future? 

Susan Waller: I was one of the founding members of Natural Allies and joined full-time in a pro bono leadership role in June 2020. My goal is to support the coalition members in developing campaigns that inform decision-makers and consumers on the vital role natural gas and its infrastructure must play in the clean energy mix.  

Despite the facts that support natural gas as a key component of a decarbonized world, the natural gas industry faces unprecedented threats from a rapidly evolving and increasingly negative geopolitical landscape. It is critical that natural gas advocates continue to unite to position our industry for the future.  

P&GJ: What are the organization’s top priorities for the coming year? 

Susan Waller: Our key goals are to amplify our message of how natural gas partnered with renewable energy can accelerate our clean energy future and to bring in more coalition members who understand the vital nature of that partnership so we can help energy thought leaders feel confident that companies can be both pro-environment and pro-natural gas.  

Also, we’ll continue to inform relevant stakeholders that natural gas partnered with renewable energy will ensure affordability and reliability, and it can reduce carbon emissions domestically and internationally. 

Natural Allies will continue its informational efforts with television, print, and digital campaigns. Consistent with our December 2021 data, our March 2022 survey further shows that our message is working, but we need more spend to increase exposure among key audiences.  

P&GJ: What do you look most forward to in your new role? 

Susan Waller: I’m looking forward to working with our Leadership Council, former Democratic Senators Mary Landrieu (LA-D) and Heidi Heitkamp (ND-D), who are the campaign’s newest strategic advisors, as well as sustaining our positive momentum with stakeholders across our target geographies. 

P&GJ: Do you feel companies have stepped up efforts to reduce their carbon footprints? 

Susan Waller: There is no question. Companies know they are a key part of the solution to a cleaner energy future, and they are committed to reducing emissions. A great example is Williams’ vision: “As the world demands reliable, low-cost, low-carbon energy, Williams will be there with the best transport, storage and delivery solutions. We make clean energy happen by being the best-in-class operator of the critical infrastructure that supports a clean energy future.”  

Natural Allies member companies are doing incredible work to decarbonize and eliminate their methane footprints. Natural Allies helps shine a spotlight on those efforts.  

P&GJ: How can the industry strengthen the public’s perception of natural gas? 

Susan Waller: We must continue to rely on the facts and science, not passion or politics. We have seen 15 years of climate gains in the U.S. erased by increased coal use in Europe. It’s essential our industry comes together to  communicate consistently and build momentum for natural gas and its infrastructure. We welcome anyone interested in joining us to reach out to learn more. 


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