April 2022, Vol. 249, No. 4

What's New

What's New April 2022


Vermeer expanded its horizontal directional drilling (HDD) fluid management equipment line with the new R600T reclaimer. The new 600-gallons/minute (2,271.3-liters/minute) mud recycling system can pair with maxi-rigs pumping between 300 and 600 gallons/minute (1,136 and 2,271 liters/minute) on pipeline and other large-diameter installation projects. The R600T features a redesigned linear-motion shaker deck to help reduce weight, increase the available G-force and extend screen life, as well as several other performance and serviceability-enhancing features. The three-tank (scalped, middle and clean) R600T reclaimer has a total fluid capacity of 7,729 gallons (29,257.4 liters) and can process 1,100 gallons/minute (4,163.9 liters/minute) of drilling slurry for a true cleaning capacity suited for HDD projects in the 600-gallons/minute range. www.vermeer.com 

NDT Global

NDT Global presents its OPTIX Data Visualization and Insights Platform, providing pipeline operators with an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard to visualize all inline inspection (ILI) data in one accessible location. Digitization of the final inspection report, combined with the ease of filtering and arranging relevant data, allows operators to better understand their ILI inspection results and make more informed decisions to ensure the integrity of their pipelines. The platform provides a comprehensive view of pipeline conditions not previously available, bringing together results from many inspection runs. Continued advancement in ILI technologies has led to significantly more data to extract and interpret. www.ndt-global.com 


Sensirion’s new EN 17526 is dedicated to thermal-mass gas metering and now can be used to certify new thermal-mass gas meters deployed in the field. EN 17526 is the first standard for a static technology to cover not only residential but also commercial and industrial gas meters. It is also a harmonized standard, which ensures continuity with existing regulations – i.e., thermal-mass gas meters certified according to proceeding standards do not have to be recertified. EN 17526 is the first gas meter norm to be updated to include renewable gases such as hydrogen and biomethane. This confirms that thermal-mass technology is suitable to work with green gases. www.sensirion.com  

Fine Tubes 

Precision metal tubing manufacturer, Fine Tubes, has been awarded a five-year extension to its globally recognized NORSOK approval certification to supply specialist, mission-critical alloy tubing. The tubing alloys are super duplex, 6Mo, TP316/316L, N625, and Ti Grade 2, which offer high strength and corrosion resistance for demanding oil and gas applications in hostile environments. They are made to order in a range of corrosion-resistant alloys in standard and non-standard sizes according to customer specifications. They are available in straight lengths that can be seamless cold re-drawn and heat treated to suit customer specifications. Benefits include small batch sizes and non-standard tube thicknesses, as well as high-pressure resistance up to 100,000 psi. www.finetubes.com 


NevadaNano added the Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS) technology to its Ultra1000 Series Fixed Gas Sensors. The MPS sensor’s environmental robustness has proven to be the most stable hydrocarbon sensor in the world’s hottest and most humid environments, such as the gulf region in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates (UAE). The sensor accomplishes this with the built-in environmental compensation for temperature, pressure and humidity. Additionally, it eliminates the concern of false-positive alarms due to sensor drift. With MPS technology, the PemTech Ultra1000 series of fixed gas sensors meet PemTech’s customers’ precise requirements and deliver unprecedented value. www.nevadanano.com 


Pressure and temperature calibration equipment company Ralston Instruments released the Field Gauge LC20 line of pressure gauges. The gauge is a follow-up to the LC10 line and increases accuracy, along with enhanced customization options. With ±0.1% full-scale accuracy, the LC20 is ideal for use as a calibration reference. It maintains its accuracy across a wide pressure and temperature range, eliminating the need to carry multiple conventional gauges. The LC20 offers a wireless option, which allows monitoring of remote tests and includes FieldLab desktop software. The device is available in 11 pressure ranges, from 5 psi/35 kPa to 10,000 psi/70 MPa and includes a compound vacuum/pressure gauge from ±15 psi and a digital vacuum gauge measuring up to 30 in Hg/760 mbar. www.ralstoninst.com 

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