June 2021, Vol. 248, No. 6

What's New

What's New June 2021

T.D. Williamson  

T.D. Williamson enhanced its Multiple Dataset (MDS) gouge vs. metal loss (GvML) classifier, resulting in the industry’s first published performance specification for gouge identification and depth sizing within a dent. MDS offers comprehensive mechanical damage assessment by leveraging multiple technologies on a single inspection platform, where data are easily correlated to identify coincident threats. The new classifier identifies gouges in natural gas and hazardous liquids pipelines with greater confidence and provides depth sizing of gouge and corrosion features using field-validated tolerances. www.tdwilliamson.com  


OleumTech, a provider of industrial automation and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, introduced a local display-enabled version of its flagship Modbus Resistive Tank Level Transmitter. The HW-RL3-LCD provides ease-of-use and flexibility along with accuracy and reliability. Users can interface the device through its local display without needing any additional equipment or software. The device also offers local security protection by allowing users to enable a PIN code to access the configuration settings. The RS485 features monitor product, interface and temperature levels with a single sensor. Additionally, it has two discrete inputs for independent-level limit alarms, local display interface for programming, calibrating and reading process variables, and it can be configured using the H Series software or Modbus master device. www.oleumtech.com  




IDEC Corporation released its HR5S safety relay module, which is designed to provide better safety options, while cutting costs and improving the productivity of machines and equipment. Safety relay modules, like the HR5S, are a key component for interlocking equipment and driving it to the safest possible state in case an emergency stop pushbutton or other safety input signal is activated. HR5S safety relays are available in three configurations for a range of applications. The simple type can be used for applications up to PLc, while standard and off-delay types work well for designs up to PLd and add failure detection features. While most Category 3 and higher relays consume 1.8 inches (45 mm) of installation width, the HR5S is only 0.89-inch (22.5-mm) wide and can be mounted on DIN rails or a back panel surface. www.idec.com  


RegO introduced Presto-Tap, the industry’s only UL-listed liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) system leak test devices to its portfolio. Adding the full line of Presto-Tap devices to its portfolio of LPG valves, regulators and tank hardware enables the company to provide a fast, low-emissions way to perform required National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) system leak tests. RegO provides an online calculator to project the total savings available, with the devices and valves, factoring in the cost of the technician’s time, service call expenses and the cost of excess LPG emissions. RegO also offers the LDS2000 RV fitting, a series of Presto-Tap LDS brass pigtails, as well as tank pressure fittings (TPF Series) for installation between the tank service valve and the first-stage regulator.  


UniFirst offers two-way safety protection in both flame risk and low-light work environments. These innovative coveralls protect from both flash fire and arc flash with an Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) of 8.7 – a notch ahead of some standard flame-resistant (FR) garments. They also provide 360-degree, enhanced visibility with 2-inch (51-mm), silver retroflective 3-M taping around the sleeves and legs, increasing worker visibility on low- and no-light worksites. In addition to protective qualities, the Armorex FR Enhanced Visibility Coveralls provide comfort and convenience features. Manufactured with patented UltraSoft FR fabric for enhanced life and protective performance, the coveralls come with a deep “action back” that helps to increase the wearer’s range of motion and are equipped with pass-throughs on each side for easy access to inner clothing. www.UniFirst.com  


The SHT33 integrates Sensirion’s established digital humidity sensing capabilities and new high-accuracy ISO 17025-certified digital temperature sensing, optimized for cold and frozen chain applications, on a single chip. Relying on CMOSens technology, the sensor offers computational power combined with the highest reliability and accuracy specifications. Its functionality includes fast and energy-saving signal processing, two distinct and user-selectable I2C addresses and communication speeds of up to 1 MHz. The DFN package has a footprint of  2.5 x 2.5 mm2 while keeping a height of 0.9 mm. Every SHT33 is identified by its unique serial number and is supplied with an ISO 17025-accredited calibration certificate. The calibration certificate comprises three temperatures, -22°F, 41°F and 158°F (-30°C, 5°C and 70°C). Calibration certificates and data for each SHT33 sensor can be downloaded from a server address, enabling efficient processing by automated systems.  

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