July 2021, Vol. 248, No. 7

What's New

What's New July 2021


Vermeer expanded its horizontal directional drilling (HDD) fluid management equipment line with the new R600T reclaimer.

The new 600-gallons/minute (2,271-liters/minute) mud recycling system can pair with maxi rigs pumping between 300 and 600 gallons/minute (1,136 and 2,271 liters/minute) on pipeline and other large-diameter installation projects. The R600T features a redesigned linear-motion shaker deck to help reduce weight, increase the available G-force and extend screen life, as well as several other performance and serviceability-enhancing features. The three-tank (scalped, middle and clean) R600T reclaimer has a total fluid capacity of 7,729 gallons (29,257 liters) and can process 1,100 gallons/minute (4,164 liters/minute) of drilling slurry for a true cleaning capacity suited for HDD projects in the 600-gallons/minute range. www.vermeer.com  

NDT Global  

NDT Global introduces Cracks in Dents Diagnosis, providing a probability of detection (POD) for interacting threats.

With this system, operators can successfully remove pipeline condition uncertainty with a systematic methodology that provides quantitative detection probabilities for interacting threats, including cracks, grooves, gouges, stress risers and linear indications in dents. Using integrated data from ultrasonic deformation and high-resolution inspection robots, Cracks in Dents Diagnosis considers multiple attributes from a deformation’s geometry. Data analysts use relevant information including dent type, depth and length ratio, while applying special crack analysis procedures for the dent area. As a result, each deformation has an individual probability of detecting an interacting threat. www.ndt-global.com  


Pressure and temperature calibration equipment company Ralston Instruments released the Field Gauge LC20 line of pressure gauges. The gauge is a follow-up to the LC10 line and increases accuracy, along with enhanced customization options. With ±0.1% full-scale accuracy, the LC20 is ideal for use as a calibration reference. It maintains its accuracy across a wide pressure and temperature range, eliminating the need to carry multiple conventional gauges. The LC20 offers a wireless option, which allows monitoring of remote tests and includes FieldLab desktop software. The device is available in 11 pressure ranges from 5 psi/35 kPa to 10,000 psi/70 Mpa and includes a compound vacuum/pressure gauge from ±15 psi and a digital vacuum gauge measuring up to 30 in Hg/760 mbar. www.ralstoninst.com  

Sensor Networks  

Sensor Networks (SNI) and Cosasco are collaborating on Echo Point, a non-intrusive metal loss monitoring instrument for critical assets. Available in three transducer models, the sensor attaches to an asset’s outer surface with clamps or a magnetic base and can measure through surface coatings in many applications. Echo Point features an embedded temperature sensor in the tip of the product, is a hazardous location-certified instrument and is rated for Class I, Div. I, Zone 0 atmospheres. Cosasco will provide an interactive experience with the data through the Cosasco Data Online management system via HART-IP, Modbus TCP/IP, or OPC to DCS and SCADA systems.  


Endress+Hauser offers the Prosonic Flow P 500 measuring system, a device that requires only minimal straight inlet runs and can be installed directly onto the exterior of the pipe, so there is no need to interrupt operations.

In contrast to mechanical meters with high maintenance requirements, ultrasonic flowmeters have no moving parts. It can be mounted on a wide variety of pipeline types, including steel or cast-iron and plastic. A special, maintenance-free contact foil (coupling pad) provides optimum sound transmission between the sensor surface and the pipe. Depending on the line size, fluid and pipe material, the sensors are delivered with different ultrasonic frequencies (0.3, 0.5, 1, 2 or 5 MHz) to provide maximum signal quality, and, thus, a high level of accuracy and repeatability. www.endress.com  


Trimble introduced its TSC5 Controller, a new rugged-yet-lightweight field solution. The welder features a 5-inch (127-mm) screen, keypad and all-day battery for reliable field data collection. Its ergonomic design is lightweight, easy to grip and ideal for rugged environments. The TSC5 is resistant to shock, dust and water. A brightly lit, anti-glare screen and backlit alphanumeric keypad enables fast, efficient operation in tough conditions, even while wearing gloves. The controller’s battery provides all-day power on a single charge, with the optional external battery nearly doubling the power for extended use. Featuring an Android 10 operating system, the Trimble TSC5 is fully integrated with Trimble’s land and construction surveying instruments and software packages, including Trimble Access 2021 Field Software and Trimble Siteworks software. www.trimble.com  


Dekotec GmbH offers Dexpand-CF70, which repairs damaged sections of steel pipes and restores the structural integrity, returning them to their original level. The pipeline can be repaired during ongoing operations using the carbon composite repair system. The system can provide a 75% savings, Dekotec said. It is suitable to repair defects in which up to 80% of the original wall thickness has been lost. The system is suitable for operating temperatures of up to 158 degrees F (70 degrees C). www.dekotec.com.   



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