August 2020, Vol. 247, No. 8

What's New

What's New


ControlAir introduced the Type 7150 Precision Air Relay, a high-precision, multistage pressure relay offering fine adjustment and maximum stability under variable operating conditions. High-resolution output control combined with high-relief capacity make the rely the choice for pneumatic counterbalance applications like articulating arms and balancers. The Type 7150 combines the technology of the ControlAir Type 200 Precision Air Relay with the high forward and reverse flow of the Type 6100, 1:1 Relay Volume Booster. A sensitive capsule controls the pilot pressure, which offers crisp and accurate adjustment. The rely features high-flow capacity allowing flows up to 265 scfm (7,500 NL/min). Relief capacity of up to 80 scfm (2,264 NL/min) is combined with dynamic sensitivity.





Engineered to provide portable task-specific lighting in hazardous industrial locations, the new Appleton EHLED handlamp by Emerson is compact and lightweight so it can be carried and used virtually anywhere, including tight, restricted spaces. A factory-sealed, explosion-proof Class I, Division 1 approved design qualifies it for oil refineries, tank inspections, fuel storage centers and other classified areas where ordinary handlamps are not permitted. Built tough to withstand corrosive elements, the Appleton EHLED features a watertight, impact- and heat-resistant glass globe. When hands-free operation is required, its nonsparking swivel hook can be attached to a pipe up to 3/4 inch (19 mm). The Appleton EHLED is lighter, stronger and more efficient than incandescent handlamps, with a 9-W LED bulb rated for enclosed spaces that provide 800 lumens of light output or the equivalent of a 60-W incandescent lamp.





Pipeline solutions provider T.D. Williamson (TDW) introduced an isolation innovation for the gas distribution market, the POLYSTOPP Quick Connect system. Lightweight and easy to use, it allows operators to isolate a polyethylene (PE) line twice as fast as other methods while preventing the damage associated with squeezing. The company said it takes less than 10 minutes to tap and isolate a pipeline with the POLYSTOPP Quick Connect system. A technician can install the tapping, plugging and completion machines onto the valve in about 20 seconds each, and removal is just as fast. The system is available worldwide for 4-inch through 8-inch (102-mm through 203-mm) pipelines up to 10 bar (150 psi). Technology for 12-inch (305-mm) pipelines will be available in the near future.





Weldcote offers its Slitter INOX-Prime grinder wheels, which offers excellent cutting speeds per cut with minimal burr and a smooth finish. The wheels are available in 4-1/2-inch and 6-inch (114-mm and 152- mm) sizes, with a standard 7/8-inch (22-mm) arbor hole. Designed for precise and quick cutting on high-quality steel, these thin abrasive wheels constructed of high-quality, mono-crystallized grain are manufactured in Germany using a patented manufacturing process. Ideal for applications on carbon-based steels and stainless steel, Weldcote Slitter wheels are contaminant-free and function without altering the work surface.





The Sonix IQTM, created by Sensus, a Xylem brand, is a compact, residential gas meter offering precise ultrasonic measurement, integrated communications and advanced smart sensing functions, such as theft detection, continuous health checks, temperature monitoring, and pressure detection. Sonix IQ combines the sustained accuracy of ultrasonic technology with integrated two-way communications and remote capabilities to give utilities better insight into and control over their gas distribution systems. The ultrasonic meters have no moving measurement parts, so there is no reduction in meter accuracy over time. The device also gathers real-time consumption data that is readily transmitted and received with the integrated FlexNet communication network. It can store 90 days of hourly data.





Bedford Reinforced Plastics has introduced ReadyLadder. The first-of-its-kind, modular-fixed ladder system allows for easy installation and faster shipment than custom-fixed ladders. Sections are stocked in 10-, 15- and 20-foot (3-, 5-, and 6-meter) lengths that can be easily combined to achieve the desired ladder height. If needed, the ladders can be quickly trimmed to length with ordinary tools. The fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) material used in the ladder will not rust, rot, corrode or conduct electricity; the ladders are also lightweight for easy installation. ReadyLadder can withstand high humidity, saltwater, insects, harsh climates and other tough environments. This makes it an excellent choice for the oil and gas, plant and chemical processing industries.  

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