January 2019, Vol. 246, No. 1

Tech Notes

Picote Brush Coating Systems Gains WRc-Approved Status

Picote Solutions’ brush coating system for the rehabilitation of deteriorated pipelines has been approved for WRc status. The WRc Group is an independent public limited company providing research and consultancy in water, waste and the environment in the United Kingdom.  

The system is designed for non-potable and wastewater pipes with diameters between DN50 (2 inches) and DN300 (12 inches) for clay, concrete and cast-iron pipes and DN32 (1 ¼ in), and DN300 (12 inches) for copper, steel and PVC pipes.  

The brush coating system uses a milling machine and a resin injection unit to coat the inside of the deteriorated pipe with a dual-color 100% solids epoxy two-part resin (DC1000E). The resin is supplied in pre-batched cartridges for ease of use. Brushes attached to the end of the milling machine cable spread the resin coating evenly and effectively over the inner pipe surface where it can cure under ambient conditions.   

Depending on the condition of the host pipe and the degree of repair required, two or more layers of the resin coating can be applied to complete a full rehabilitation.  

The WRc assessment considers mechanical characteristics testing (including short-term flexural modulus, long-term flexural modulus and temperature of deflection under load), resistance to high-pressure water jetting, resistance to abrasion product design, product and materials manufacturing and installation procedures. P&GJ 

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