April 2019, Vol. 246, No. 4

What's New


Pipeotech can now license the technology behind Clock Spring’s DeltaV-Seal, a smart sealing technology to the industrial marketplace, effectively expanding the product presence to new prospective clients. The Full Metal Gasket features the same V-shaped rings to achieve sealing strengths exceeding 10,000 times stronger than the requirements of the oil and gas industry. This joint sealing technology use a triple-V-ring system to compress and conform to the surface of a flange, completely eliminating emissions. This also enables a complete connection to be achieved, even at 17 Nm (35% of required Statoil torque for sheet gaskets). Through advanced CNC machining methods, the DeltaV-Seal and Full Metal Gasket are milled out of a single metal billet. This ensures consistent levels of product quality, as well as reliability.




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