April 2018, Vol.245, No.4

What's New

What's New


Krohne introduced the Opticheck flowmeter verification tool, providing in-situ verification for mass and other flowmeters. The Opticheck enables operators to perform preventive maintenance and responsive service to ensure that installed flowmeters are performing to specification. when the tool is connected in-line on site, it gathers measuring data to ensure that the flowmeter is performing within 1% of the factory calibration, with a confidence level of 95%. the baseline for comparison can be historic repair data from the factory or on-site test results after performing a full verification. the lightweight, portable Opticheck is capable of verification of the range of Optimass Coriolis mass meters, Optisonic ultrasonic flowmeters and Optiflux, tidalflux and waterflux electromagnetic meters. www.us.krohne.com

Sonardyne International

Sonardyne International unveiled its smallest underwater target tracking system, Micro-Ranger 2. The system is Sonardyne’s third ultra-short baseline (USBL) acoustic tracking system to be built around its sixth-generation (6G) hardware and Wideband 2 digital acoustic technology platform. But where Ranger 2 and Mini-Ranger 2 are designed for complex and deepwater survey and positioning operations, the new model in introduces features that support diving and small vehicle operations in rivers, lakes and coastal waters. The system’s transceiver, MRT, is extremely small and light and can be deployed from the side of a small boat, pontoon, or even a USV. Its design provides all-round acoustic tracking coverage, ideal for targets in shallow water, all the way to the surface. www.sonardyne.com


Nightstick’s ATEX-approved INTRANTTM Class I, Division 1 lighting features a 45-degree angle floodlight to illuminate the ground while walking, plus a 90-degree adjustable 200 lumen LED smoke-cutting beam. The flashlight setting offers user-selectable brightness settings of 200, 110 and 60 lumens with a 401-meter beam distance. The ultra-tight beam cuts through smoke and foggy conditions to light up objects at great distances. The floodlight setting has user-selectable brightness settings of 100, 40 and 20 lumens. The device has a run-time of  33 hours. The INTRANT XPP-5566 models are powered by 3 included AA batteries. The INTRANT XPR-5568 models are powered using a rechargeable lithium-ion pack and include a low-profile charging base, AC and DC charging cords and AA battery carrier to provide backup power if needed. www.nightstick.com

Tritex NDT

Dorchester-based Tritex NDT launched a new ultrasonic metal thickness gauge designed for mounting onto drones for high-level inspections. The gauge uses multiple-echo technology to ignore coatings up to 20 mm thick and the single crystal probe ensures accurate readings on curved surfaces, such as storage tanks and pipelines. Remaining metal thickness and corrosion levels can be quickly and more easily checked without the need for scaffolding or rope access. The Multigauge 6000 Drone Thickness Gauge OEM transmits real time measurements wirelessly up to a distance of 500 meters using its integrated radio frequency (RF) transmitter. The readings are displayed and stored on dedicated Communicator software within templates in a grid or string format. The gauge weighs just 45 grams and the plastic probe weighs only 15 grams. Dry couplant membranes reduce the weight further as couplant, and a means to deploy it, are not required. The gauge accepts an input of 8-35 DC volts for complete versatility. 


Victaulic released the compact, rugged the RG1200 Roll Grooving Tool, which performs efficiently in situations where there is no space for error, time is running low and options are limited. Complete in-place repair or maintenance jobs on 2 to 6-inch Schedule 40 and 80 steam-piping systems safely and quickly with the RG1200. It requires no power and removes hot works from the equation. The RG1200 is complementary to Victaulic’s steam solutions portfolio. www.Victaulic.com


The Ashcroft 2198 Micro-Tube Siphon will help to keep pressure instruments safe from high-temperature processes. This siphon is capable of containing pressure up to 5000 psi, and can reduce temperatures from as high as 800° F (427° C), depending on the pressure input. The 316L stainless steel construction and a variety of process connections ensure compatibility with a wide variety of installation requirements. The low-volume design allows the 2198 to be used between an instrument and a diaphragm seal. www.ashcroft.com

Hawk Measurement

Hawk Measurement Systems announced the debut of the OptioLaser S300, which can be used for the detection of all types of liquids, regardless of dielectric properties. This laser can accurately and reliably measure highly reflective liquids, clear liquids and even turbulence liquids. The OptioLaser, due to its narrow beam divergence, can be used to measure through grates and narrow passages, and even next to flat walls. The lasers are user configurable, allowing optimal performance of your specific application and use an infrared, low-gain GaAs laser diode, light energy of 905 nm. that travels to the surface of any liquid and is reflected back. The equipment operates without the need of any calibration and is unaffected by background noise and vapor pressure. www.hawkmeasure.com P&GJ


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