May 2017, Vol. 244, No. 5


Milliken Infrastructure Brings Solution to Polyethylene Repair

Polyethylene (PE) pipe is a staple of the gas distribution industry, but it has always had a major challenge when it comes to repair. Due to its resistance to bonding applications, the only way to repair damaged PE pipe has been to completely remove the damaged portion and splice in new pipe through welding or fusion, a practice that is costly, time-consuming and then risks the integrity of the abutting pipe.

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions has long been an innovator in the area of infrastructure repair, and once again they’ve made their mark on this industry. Their newest product, the PolyBrute™ repair system, is a revolutionary structural reinforcing system for the repair and strengthening of physically-damaged PE pipe. PolyBrute™ is a one-of-a-kind system that utilizes a patented technology and application method, making it the first method available on the market that can effectively bond repair materials to PE materials.

In addition to being innovative, the PolyBrute™ solution saves asset owners time and money. The system is easily installed in the field with only the application of heat to bond the repair material, reducing repair time by 50% or more. The time savings, in hours of labor, translates into significant cost savings and – because this removes the need to cut out damaged pipe – service disruptions are completely eliminated, as the pipe remains in service as the PolyBrute™ system goes to work.

Although the immediate goal of the PolyBrute™ system is rehabilitation of PE pipe by repairing gouges, cracks, micro-cracks, butt splices and even poly-coated pipe, it provides the added benefit of strengthening the pipe.  Additionally, the repair system has been tested and shown to be effective for at least 20 years.

For more information on PolyBrute™ and other innovative cost saving repair solutions by Milliken Infrastructure, visit

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