December 2017, Vol. 244, No. 12

What's New

What's New


The McElroy Spider™ 125 Series 2 socket fusion tool introduces an all-new, serrated-jaw design that keeps polypropylene pipe perfectly round and improves force distribution to produce leak-free joints. The upgraded tool features a removable fitting stop for crossover compatibility with HDPE pipe and a removable fitting support system to hold fittings firmly in place for alignment. The Series 2 comes with a stronger gearbox and self-locking drive handle for smooth movement of the jaws and consistent fusion pressure for joint integrity. It is built to withstand more jobsite abuse with tougher handles and knobs; a new D-ring allows operators to easily lift and lower the tool from high spots, limiting damage from accidental drops.


Pipeline Pressure Isolation Group (PPIG) completed testing and validation of the world’s first piggable low-stress pipeline pressure isolation plug capable of operating in thin wall onshore pipelines, as well as offshore pipelines, the IsoPig®. Due to the design, stress on the pipe wall is significantly reduced, creating a piggable solution that allows an internal pressure barrier for onshore applications. The IsoPig® allows pressure isolation of a section of pipeline, all from the inside, creating a hydrocarbon-free worksite, without excavating at the isolation location, welding, cutting large holes, leaving fittings and without purging or flattening the line. The IsoPig® has been tested and confirmed to isolate significant pressures, with low pipe stress, while remaining a true double-block barrier (everything is 100% redundant) and allowing zero leakage.


ABB introduced a new MID/OIML R117-certified Coriolis flowmeter for custody transfer applications in oil and gas. The flowmeter delivers high accuracy custody transfer solutions and is a key part of the company’s total fiscal metering package. The flowmeter features compact design, VeriMass built-in software diagnostics and low-pressure loss to reduce operating and ownership costs. The meters are approved for use at the highest MID/OIML accuracy classes of 0.3 or 0.5. The extensive OIML standard tests were conducted at NMI and TUVNEL. Key features include a wide range of output options, including up to three current outputs, dual pulse/frequency outputs, through-the-glass (TTG) displays and Modbus communication. VeriMass built-in software diagnostics constantly check for changes that could potentially affect meter accuracy to avoid under or overbilling. Meters are ideal for integrators and OEMs.


When you look at Pipetel you may think its primary value is EXPLORER™ iLi, its fleet of inline inspection robots. And you’d be partly right. But customers say “it’s not the robots, it’s the data,” according to a Pipetel spokesman. With their articulated construction and multi-point sensor arrays the robots are the tools that enable access to high-accuracy data from the most challenging pipelines by going where most other robots cannot go. Without Pipetel and EXPLORER iLi, pipeline engineers would be forced to choose conventional technologies and compromise their data collection. Pipetel has refreshed its website to bring greater focus to the data and analytics, including advanced EXPLORER iLi robotics, high-accuracy data, end-to-end project management and real-time analytics. New to the website is a USE-CASES section, an area to help prospects and customers understand the inspection scenarios and pipeline challenges in which the technology excels.


The Denso North America line of self-priming sprayed applied coal tar epoxies and a coal tar epoxy alternative is used for long-term corrosion protection of steel and concrete substrates against water, wastewater, seawater, alkaline water and acidic water corrosion. These high-build, two-part epoxies are designed to work in conjunction with cathodic protection and prevent corrosion to coat steel piles, sheet piles, lock gates, reservoirs, non-potable water pipelines, treatment/storage tanks, bridges and many other aggressive industrial applications against corrosion. Protal 600 CTE (coal tar epoxy) is a two-part high-build (up to 26 mils WFT in one coat) coal tar epoxy, that can applied as a single or two-coat system.

JMF Underground

JMF Underground Inc. has 25k, 40k, and 100k pound drill rigs available to service projects. The drills are tooled to bore dirt, drillable rock, and solid rock with either a mud motor or dual rod drill head. The rigs are capable of pulling up to 2000LF of 16-inch steel pipe as well as larger diameter pipe with a slight reduction in reach. For longer projects or bigger diameters, JMF has a selection of larger rigs to fit your project. JMF specializes in all utility installations for oil and gas, and can perform hydro-excavation, engineering, pipe fusion, trenching, and slip-lining services.


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