August 2017, Vol. 244, No. 8


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INGAA Foundation The INGAA Foundation named industry veteran Jason M. Goldstein as executive director upon the Aug. 31 retirement of Richard Hoffmann. Goldstein will manage the Foundation’s technical and economic studies, implementing its strategic plan and overseeing the planning and studies devel..

Editor's Notebook

No Surprise that Keystone XL's in Jeopardy

In this month's Editor's Notebook, Jeff Share explains why it's no surprise the Keystone XL pipeline construction project is struggling to gain traction.


Advanced Remote Sensing Offers Key to Identifying Pipeline Risks

With over 2.9 million miles of pipeline transporting natural gas, oil and other hazardous liquid across the United States, ensuring public safety and infrastructure security is of the utmost importance. High-profile incidents such as the 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion and the natural gas leak at..

ATCO Meets Wildfire Chaos with Heroic Response

Like others in the oil and gas industry, the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) and its membership hold safety in the highest regard, and every year the 110-year-old organization honors deserving companies for outstanding performances in that area. But when the CGA, in considering the effort Alberta-ba..

Dakota Access Pipeline: Industry Retrospective on Lessons Learned

Those in the pipeline industry would be wise to learn from the Dakota Access pipeline construction project

Exporting Natural Gas to Mexico: An Opportunity for Texas?

As partners in the Houston office of the law firm Jones Walker LLP, Jennifer D. Hamer and Amy L. Vazquez have a front-row perspective on the legal and business issues surrounding the export of natural gas from the United States (through Texas) to Mexico. Hamer has a broad business practice in energ..

GIE’s Latest Challenge: World’s Longest Heat-Traced Pipeline

Gulf Interstate Engineering to design world's longest heat-traced pipeline construction project

How Pipeline Contracts Crush Some Producers

The contract model for oil pipeline space has some North American producers locked into high per-barrel transportation rates, while others benefit from steep discounts pedaled in bearish markets, a new report by Reuters says. Traditionally, producers that sign a long-term contract with a major pipe..

IPLOCA Reinforces its Engagement with Key Stakeholders

Since its inception over 50 years ago, IPLOCA (The International Pipe Line and Offshore Contractors Association) has been a recognized voice of the pipeline industry and its mission remains providing value to members through a forum for sharing ideas, engaging the industry and its stakeholders, faci..

Midyear International Report: Pipeline Construction & Market Trends

An in depth look at the state of pipeline construction projects worldwide.

Monitoring, Responding Quickly to Cyberattacks Still a Challenge

Lacking enterprise-wide cyber analytics technology to monitor for cyberattacks, most oil and gas companies are not fully aware of when or even how cyberattacks might affect them, according to new research from Accenture. A majority (74%) of the 186 oil and gas company leaders surveyed in Accenture’s..

Natural Gas Putting Israel and Egypt on Energy Leader Board

Israeli Pipeline Prospects Politically, Economically Complex Israel’s desire for increased energy security, alongside the opportunity of importing natural gas through the planned Arish-Ashkelon gas-pipeline in the 1990s, encouraged the adoption of that fuel. Between 2008 and 2012, the Arish-Ashkelo..

Natural Gas Trading Reported Second Highest in 9 Years

The amount of physical natural gas traded in the United States rose 5% in 2016 to the second-highest amount in nine years, according to a recent study by economic and financial consulting company Cornerstone Research. Meanwhile, the natural gas fixed-price volume potentially reported to price-index..

Pipeline Bottleneck Halts Falling U.S. Oil Imports

The U.S. has seen shale production rebound strongly, continuing a long-running trend towards higher oil production. The shale boom has helped the U.S. slash its import dependence significantly over the past decade or so. But the lack of pipelines reaching the East and West Coasts has slowed the decl..

Pipeline Survey Offers Electrical Solutions to Save Millions

During route selection for an interstate pipeline, surveyors must consider an array of factors that affect the feasibility and cost of constructing the pipeline, including wetlands, bodies of water, property boundaries and roads. Another that should also be considered in electricity. For one recent..

Russia’s Pipeline Play Keeps Eastern Europe On Edge

Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline construction project has Eastern European nations concerned.

Samalayuca-Sasabe Pipeline Looks to Bring Power to North Mexico

The Samalayuca-Sasabe pipeline construction project looks to supply North Mexico with power.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline On Track and On Budget

The Trans Adriatic pipeline construction project stays on track and on budget.

Trans-Adriatic Gas Pipeline Expected to Fill Big Void

The Trans Adriatic pipeline construction project continues to move forward in a timely manner.

Understanding Collaborative Approach to Pipeline Control Room Design

Control rooms are critical nerve centers of pipeline and midstream operations. The design and layout of a control room should take into account not only the operating controllers’ interaction with the SCADA system but also other transactional needs like work permitting, operations supervisory monito..


New Border-Crossing Pipelines Bring Shale Gas to Mexico

Border-crossing pipeline construction projects help transport shale gas to Mexico



An overview of the latest pipeline regulations, as featured in the August 2017 issue.

In The News

In the News

PG&E Employees’ Rescue Efforts Earn AGA Meritorious Service Award What began as a routine meter maintenance job turned into a rescue mission and led to an American Gas Association Meritorious Service Award for Michael Garcia and Miguel Hernandez of Pacific Gas & Electric. The AGA award is presented..

World News

Cepsa Celebrates 30 Years in Algeria Madrid-based Cepsa celebrated its 30th anniversary of uninterrupted operations in Algeria at a recent event attended by Spanish and Algerian officials and representatives from Cepsa, Sonatrach and Mobadala. Algeria has played a key role in Cepsa’s growth which ..



An overview of the latest pipeline construction projects worldwide, as featured in the August 2017 issue.


Rich Hoffmann Leaves INGAA Foundation Bigger and Better

Rich Hoffmann, the popular executive director for the INGAA Foundation, is retiring on Aug. 31 after 10 years of service. In this interview, he looks back on his tenure, and suggests what his successor, Jason Goldstein, can expect. P&GJ: Looking back, Rich, what was your goal when you came to the F..


DNV GL Updates RP for Free-Spanning Pipelines

Offshore pipeline spans, due to uneven seabed or seabed erosion processes, can require huge and costly seabed interventions. The DNV GL recommended practice (RP) on free-spanning pipelines has been widely applied in industry to solve the problems related to free spans in pipeline design and operatio..

Identifying Girth Weld Cracking Threats in CRA Cladded Pipes

In 2013, a new gas line with internal stainless steel CRA cladding experienced a failure. This 16-inch pipeline was commissioned early in the year and occasionally used. The failure consisted of circumferential cracking in a girth weld at a pipe bend. The investigation team recommended a complete in..

What's New

What's New

An overview of what's new in technology that can be used on pipeline construction projects, as featured in the August 2017 issue.