September 2016, Vol. 243, No. 9

What's New

What’s New

Juniper Systems, Inc.

Juniper Systems, Inc. introduced its nonincendive Class I, II, and III, Division 2-certified Mesa 2 Hazloc, designed to perform in hazardous locations where explosive gases, liquids, vapors, dusts, or fibers and flyings may be present. It is said to be ideal for oil and gas markets and other industrial uses. The Mesa 2 Hazloc features a full Windows 10 operating system, a large, 7-inch, IllumiView™ display for enhanced visibility, all-day battery life, with IP68-rated protection against dust and water. Available on the tablet are a 1D/2D barcode scanner and UHF RFID reader, allowing for rapid capture of data-rich readings.

Industrial Video & Control

Industrial Video & Control (IVC) has a line of thermal IP cameras designed for monitoring critical infrastructure and industrial processes. The T-SERIES camera line ranges from basic, compact cameras for surveillance applications to fully featured radiometric cameras. The T-SERIES cameras for outdoor surveillance produce clear images in complete darkness and in harsh environments. Camera enclosures are rated either IP66 or IP67 for imaging in smoke, dust, fog, snow and rain. The cameras can detect a person-sized target that is 2000 meters away.  Common applications include monitoring of flare stacks, pipelines and petrochemical facilities.

Loftness Specialized Equipment

Loftness Specialized Equipment introduced the Carbide Cutter G4 high-performance mulching head attachment for skid steers. It is available with 61- and 71-inch cutting widths. Operating at 2,000-2,400 rpm, the mulching head features a synchronous drive belt for greater efficiency and less maintenance. The G4 comes standard with a V-drive system that includes a variable-displacement motor (V-drive) with 37% more displacement, which improves torque and offers less stalling and shorter recovery.

Jarraff Industries

The Geo-Boy Brush Cutter Tractor from Jarraff Industries continues to expand its usage into diverse industries and applications. The Geo-Boy has been a mainstay for maintaining a wide range of transportation and utility rights-of-way (ROW), but the unit’s inherent capabilities make it effective in a variety of other applications. The Geo-Boy is available in wheeled and track configurations. Both models are ROPS and FOPS certified. With two tier III engine options, 220 hp and 260 hp.

Technical Toolboxes

Technical Toolboxes has released the new AC Mitigation PowerTool© for use by pipeline engineers and technicians. The AC Mitigation PowerTool© has been developed to assist the engineer or technician to model and mitigate or modify the design of pipeline cathodic protection systems to reduce the AC current density effects to meet the criteria specified either by a pipeline owner operator or the NACE standard.

Southern Gas Association


SGA’s Annual Membership Directory is available online. The directory helps connect with SGA or GMRC staff, industry peers and vendors. It lists the SGA Board of Directors, SGA staff contact information, member companies information, Gas Machinery Research Council Information and SGA associate members’ information.

Subsite® Electronics


The Subsite® Electronics, a Charles Machine Works Company, offers the TK RECON Series HDD Guidance System featuring dual locating methods (walkover and DrillTo™) and a depth range of up to 110 feet. New features include more battery choices and improved radio performance with increased interference immunity and faster information transfer. Email:

STREATVactor Manufacturing

STREATVactor Manufacturing offers the Vactor HXX ParaDIGm® vacuum excavator for utility, municipal and contractor customers involved in installation, maintenance and repair of underground gas, water, electric, and sewer and telecommunications lines. This compact, multi-use truck can dig holes with water or air; vacuum, contain and dispose of drill mud; power pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical tools; and provide transport and storage of replacement parts, equipment and tools. The truck offers substantial storage space and can tow up to 20,000 lbs.


A water-based corrosion inhibitor coating makes it possible to protect metal structures in extremely harsh outdoor conditions with a thin, high-gloss clear coat of EcoShield® 386. The acrylic-based formula of EcoShield® 386 Water Based Coating Powered by Nano VpCI® uses a complex mixture of nano-sized, non-toxic organic inhibitors to provide protection. In advanced tests, carbon steel panels were shown to be protected from the corrosive effects of continuous salt spray for days with only a 1 mil dry film thickness (DFT) coating of EcoShield® 386 applied to the metal.

CASE Construction Equipment

CASE Construction Equipment released the 4-in-1 Systemgard™ Fluid Analysis Kit. The preventative maintenance tool provides a picture of fluid and internal system conditions without users having to dissemble the machine. The four fluid tests that come in the pack are: engine oil analysis, coolant analysis, transmission/hydraulic oil analysis and diesel fuel analysis. The fluid analysis identifies dirt, wear particles, fuel dilution and coolant-contaminants that can cause catastrophic failure or shorten equipment life. Each test report provides severity codes and troubleshooting recommendations. Severe findings are communicated immediately via e-mail or fax.


Cosasco released three new Bluetooth® dataloggers for monitoring of corrosion and erosion rates. The M-200, ER-200 and LPR-200 are ideal for use in remote locations where direct online operation is not possible. The ER-200 electrical resistance (ER) datalogger reads all ER standard and ER temperature probes. The M-200 Microcor® ER datalogger reads all Microcor corrosion and erosion probes. The LPR-200 linear polarization resistance datalogger measures corrosion rate, pitting tendency and temperature in water systems. All three dataloggers feature Bluetooth technology allowing users to download stored corrosion rate information collected from the dataloggers from up to 60 feet away with a handheld transfer unit (TU-500).

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