June 2016, Vol. 243, No. 6


New Tool Helps Pipeline Operators Overcome Pressing Pipeline Issues

T.D. Williamson introduces Solutions Engine, a digital research tool for pipeline owners and operators that delivers targeted answers to more than 80 integrity and throughput challenges#

From mechanical damage and corrosion to tie-ins and leaking valves, pipeline owners and operators face a multitude of complex challenges. Factor in the current low-price environment, pressure to reduce spending, and increased regulatory oversight, and “daunting” seems like an inadequate description.

Now there is a quick and easy way for pipeline operators to find targeted answers to pressing problems.  It comes in the form of an interactive digital research tool, Solutions Engine, introduced by T. D. Williamson (TDW).   Launched under the existing TDW URL, www.tdwilliamson.com, the Solutions Engine offers immediate access to comprehensive, industry-specific solutions for more than 80 pipeline conditions and challenges, including: Valve Replacement; Long Seam Cracks; Tie-In; Material Properties Identification; Commissioning; Paraffin Build-Up; and Line Relocation.

Here’s how it works. Users select from multiple industry markets, including gathering, distribution, transmission, and offshore pipeline. Next, they choose a specific pipeline need, concern, or condition – everything from line looping and crossover to capturing natural gas liquids (NGLs). With just a few clicks, the operator has provided information that enables the Solutions Engine to develop a customized, comprehensive response.

“Let’s say that a gas transmission operator suspects that a section of pipeline has suffered deformation due to third-party construction activity,” says Jeff Wilson, TDW chief technology officer. “By following the [Solutions Engine] tool prompts, the user will be guided to a precise solution set. That response will encompass applicable technologies, services, and products spanning inline inspection, non-destructive evaluation, pigging, hot tapping, and intrusive and non-intrusive isolation.

“Because the interactive tool facilitates so much of the up-front work, the user and TDW begin any dialogue already on the same page,” Wilson adds. “That can provide a head start on implementing the solution, which increases efficiency and often translates to cost savings.”

Pipeline owners and operators can also take advantage of a number of integrated options that help them put solutions into action. Among other features, bookmark and email functions allow users to save output from the Solutions Engine and send to colleagues for further discussion.

The Solutions Engine tool is part of the continuing commitment by TDW to collaborate with owners and operators to address concerns across the entire pipeline industry. For information, contact: waylon.summers@tdwilliamson.com.

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