January 2016, Vol. 243, No. 1

Product Showcase

What’s New in Products & Services


Barben Analytical

Barben Analytical has added the BOS SAFETAP retractable optical oxygen sensor to its product offering. Retractable (hot-tap) sensors allow the measurement element to be inserted directly into the process pipeline or vessel without the need for a dedicated sample line. When removal is required, an integral ball valve isolates the sensor without shutting down the process. BOS SAFETAP is offered in all current measurement ranges from 0.5ppm to 25% oxygen (gas phase) or 1ppb to 22ppm (liquid phase).The oxygen measurement is also highly selective toward oxygen, thus not affected by H2S, CO2 or other contaminant gases. www.BarbenAnalytical.com

Inline Services

The foam swab pig from Inline Services is used for drying, batching, cleaning and product removal. The light density body allows liquids to be absorbed while sweeping through the pipeline. This helps batch out unwanted materials and dry the line. Sealing the base of the swab with a polyurethane coating makes it useful for more strenuous applications. The swab is available in sizes 1-inch and larger, and also available in light, medium and heavy density. www.inlineservices.com

Project Piping Solutions LLC

Approved import and generic imports of carbon steel flanges and fittings up to 48-inches, stainless steel flanges and fittings up to 24 inches, all nominal pipe sizes of carbon and stainless steel are just a sampling of the products offered by Project Piping Solutions, LLC. Established in 2014 as a supplier of products to the pipeline construction industry and gas companies, the company specializes on on-time deliveries and will reimburse customers 10% per occurrence if a delivery is not on time. www.projectpipingsolutions.com


Wanner Engineering Inc.

Wanner Engineering, Inc. is offering its new T80100 Hydra-Cell Seal-less Pump with flow rates up to 96 gpm at pressures up to 1,500 psi. The pump is suited to a variety of applications including salt water disposal, salt water injection, bulk transfer, hydraulic lift and steam generation. The pumps are “packing-free” and designed to replace horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pumps and packed plunger pumps in oil and gas applications, according to the company. Featuring a seal-less, multiple-diaphragm design, T80100 pumps eliminate hazardous VOC emissions and clean-up and disposal costs of packed-pump leakage. In addition to zero leakage, the pumps can run dry without damage, will operate with a closed or blocked suction line, and can pump abrasive fluids effectively. www.Hydra-Cell.com

Snap-on Industrial

The new gas meter wrench, a tool designed jointly between the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Snap-on Industrial, is designed to reduce the risk of injury to utility workers tasked with servicing or replacing gas meters, while improving productivity and efficiency. The tool is said to reduce peak pressure points on the hand by 20% and reduce muscle activity in the arm and shoulder by 20% and 40%, respectively. It weighs only 3.5 pounds and offers a 19-inch handle. www.snapon.com/industrial



ESAB launched the REBEL™, a multi-process welding system providing industrial quality Arc performance in a compact and portable package. The ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic features such innovative technology as sMIG (smart MIG) controls, multi-process arc performance that rivals industrial inverters and an advanced technology LCD/TFT display. The Rebel provides an industrial quality arc for MIG, flux-cored, Lift TIG and Stick welding, including excellent performance with difficult-to-weld E6010 electrodes. The unit comes ready-to-weld for all welding processes. www.esab.com.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric announced the new BLISS (baseline-integrated SCADA system) solution. BLISS combines Schneider Electric’s Enterprise OASyS SCADA – and its advanced application with IT infrastructure – with compute and networking provided by Cisco to deliver an IoT-enabled holistic pipeline management platform for new pipelines or upgrades to systems. A key aim is to give operators the real-time visibility into the structural integrity of the pipeline needed to plan maintenance or make immediate repairs. The integrated design of BLISS also offers several operational benefits, including stronger, more integrated cybersecurity from control room to the field, and faster, more reliable data and command processing.  http://www.schneider-electric.com




Ditch Witch®

 Ditch Witch®, a Charles Machine Works Company, expands its line of compact equipment with the new, construction-grade SK752 mini-skid steer with improved features that enable added confidence, productivity and versatility on small or midsized projects. With its 24.8-hp (18.5-kW) Kubota® diesel engine, the machine wields impressive power for all machine functions. The machine’s platform measures 74 square inches, with superior ground clearance that lets drivers work comfortably while maintaining good worksite visibility. www.ditchwitch.com


InSite™ Productivity Tools from Vermeer help underground contractors plan, map, produce, invoice and manage HDD projects. InSite Productivity Tools include a number of components that can be used individually or bundled together: InSite Fleet and InSite Fleet EdgeInSite Fleet captures planned maintenance and completed services and categorizes both machine idle times and fuel consumed. InSite Fleet Edge conveys actionable machine information, including productivity tracking, maintenance prioritization, fuel savings estimation and project time management. InSite Projects – Map a jobsite and plan a bore using an application that can be accessed via a computer, tablet or smartphone. InSite Mapping –A GPS-enabled mapping application used to white-line or mark a proposed bore path accurately and help document the position of existing utilities. InSite BoreAid® Design Tool – A software package that gives a detailed plan in line with industry standards and best practices to complete a drilling operation. InSite BoreAssist – Developed in collaboration with Digital Control Incorporated (DCI), allows a bore plan to be viewed on the DCI AuroraTM display, eliminating the need for paper plans. InSite Productivity Tools will be available in early 2016. www.vermeerinsite.com.



A portable pipe beveling tool that lets one person perform end preps on large pipe used for oil and gas pipelines and process steam lines to help produce precision welds is available from Esco Tool. The Terminator MILLHOG® Pipe Beveling Tool features an adjustable tool holder that indexes and locks for easy setup and has a dual-spring safety hanger that facilitates alignment on pipe from 8-5/80-inch I.D. up to 36-inch O.D. www.escotool.com



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