August 2016, Vol. 243, No. 8

What's New

What’s New

Atmos International

Theft Net, from Atmos International, is an analysis service that uses specialist engineers to interpret data collected from pipelines to accurately pinpoint illegal tapping points. These specialist theft detection engineers achieve higher sensitivity than standard online theft detection systems. By using a combination of hardware, software, and skilled engineering analysis, this service has been deployed on refined product pipeline networks in the UK and several other countries. The company says the Theft Net service acts as a deterrent to

Bayco Products Inc.

Bayco Products has introduced two AC-powered LED work lights to its corded lighting brand with models SL-2135 and the SL-866 shown here. These two work lights feature a 1,200 Lumens high brightness mode and a 600 Lumens low brightness mode with two separate integrated magnets. With one magnet located at the balance point in the middle of the handle and the other at the tip of the light, users are provided multiple points of attachment for complete hands-free user operation. The wand-style handle is designed with an octagonal shape that keeps the floodlight aimed in the correct direction when placed on its side, preventing the light from rolling back and forth on a sloped surface.

Atlas Copco Rental

Atlas Copco Rental says it provided a solution to a contractor attempting to dry a pipeline for a pump station. The job site was a natural gas pump station with most of the stations covering a few miles of pipe. The situation arose when a large amount of water entered the pipes throughout the station. Usually when dewatering a pipeline, pigs can push everything out of the pipe. However, pigs were not an option here due to the configuration and small diameter of the pipes and the fact that many terminate into a large indoor receiver tank. This job would need hot, dry air to remove the water. Atlas Copco says it provided its oil-free air compressor and a customized heat exchanger package for the job which worked almost instantaneously.



RETTEW has been granted an exemption by the FAA for use of the firm’s drone (Unmanned Aircraft System) for surveying and mapping purposes. Though RETTEW has owned a drone for roughly a year, the firm was not authorized to use the system commercially until the FAA granted the exemption. RETTEW will now be able to use the drone for rooftop surveys, mapping of land areas, as well as inspections of bridges and pipelines.

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

Welding instructors and corporate trainers will be eager to incorporate the completely new high-definition DVD and programmed learning packets for Advanced Blueprint Reading into their training programs. The training package

provides a DVD and instructor guide and is designed to: help users gain knowledge of the design procedure; interpret blueprints and shop drawings as well as applying this information; the use of measuring tools in layout and assembly; have a basic understanding of codes, specifications and standards; and to also be aware of the responsibility of a welder in quality control.

Tyco Gas & Flame Detection

Tyco Gas & Flame Detection’s Oldham BM 25A and BM 25AW (wireless) have been certified to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and a have been approved for use in hazardous areas. Both the BM 25A and BM 25AW meet CSA Standards as intrinsically safe for use in Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations in Canada and certified for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations in the U.S. The BM 25 is a multi-gas monitoring system that offers exceptional flexibility for a wide range of applications. It detects up to 5 gases simultaneously and can include up to 30 devices in a mesh network. By using up to 16 BM 25AW (wireless) units in combination with an X40 wireless controller, information can now be centralized at one location, displaying up to 32 measurements in real time.

Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch has introduced a new lineup of three backreamers designed for complex soil conditions and small-diameter installation jobs. T he EZ backreamer combines ease of use with effectiveness. It was designed for direct connection to the EZ connect assembly, allowing operators to quickly change out tooling. The EZ backreamer is available in a 3¼ /-4¼ inch shaft size with an EZ2 and EZ3 connection, ranging in diameter from 6 to 8 inches. Compatible Ditch Witch HDD rigs include the JT20, JT25 and JT30.

Weiler Abrasives Group

Weiler Abrasives Group offers its new pipeline brochure featuring high-performance stringer bead wheels, bonded abrasive wheels, flap discs and more for weld preparation and cleaning on demanding pipe applications. Products in the brochure include the company’s Dually®, Roughneck®, Polyflex® and Tiger® brands. A new product  –  Roughneck Pipeliner Wheels – has been designed for notching and facing applications. They combine a true 1/8-inch width for precise material removal, along with the ideal hardness and grain combination for optimal cut/life performance.


Most bump caps in the marketplace are not only static plastic “bowls,” but also just one-size-fits-all. The Skullerz® 8950XL Bump Cap from Ergodyne offers the same comfort and style of its predecessor, the 8950 Bump Cap. Both the standard and XL caps feature a removable, impact-resistant shell with foam lining. The shell’s flanged design allows for airflow and breathability while maintaining protection, Both available sizes meet requirements of the EN 812 standard.They are available in black or navy.


Quorum is now offering myQuorum Pipeline Management to help pipeline companies maximize capacity utilization, improve customer satisfaction and maintain regulatory compliance. With a focus on improving operational efficiency, myQuorum Pipeline Management brings disparate workflows together and automates key business processes for users. This user-centric approach addresses specific needs of operators and external schedulers with role-based dashboards, widgets and dynamic workflows.


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