September 2015, Vol. 242, No. 9

What's New

Whats New: September 2015

What’s new from Pigs Unlimited International, Case Construction, Ditch Witch, Pipeline Equipment Inc., Vermeer, McLaughlin and others.

Pigs Unlimited International, Inc.

Pigs Unlimited International Inc. announced acquisition of the original Flex-I-Pig molds from Greene’s Energy Group. The Flex-I-Pig was initially designed to be used for coating, but has proved to be a very effective utility pig. With its superior sealing capabilities and wear characteristics, the Flex-I-Pig can be used for batching, cleaning, coating, and de-watering applications in sizes from 2- to 36-inches. This effective pig design has become a standard in the industry.

Case Construction Equipment

CASE Construction Equipment introduced five new plate compactors to its attachments lineup – the SC-30, SC-60, SC-80, SC-110 and SC-220. The plate compactors are ideal for utility work and are primarily used to compact the foundation in shallower trenches and prevent movement/ground upheaval. These plates run on unidirectional hydraulics and are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 19-by-20 inches to 32-by-42 inches. For soil compaction, the SC series can compact up to 4 feet – more than five times the efficiency of handheld compactors. For slopes, the SC can compact materials on an incline. Each SC series plate compactor is covered under a two-year limited warranty.

Pipeline Equipment Inc.

Pipeline Equipment Inc. (PEI) is offering a new line of pigging solutions. The line includes: Spherical Pigs – inflatable spheres used in automated sphere launch systems for removal of liquids in wet gas systems; Multi-Seal pigs – rebuildable all-urethane pigs that can be configured for displacement, batching or cleaning applications; Tuff Cast Pigs – all-urethane disposable multi-cup, multi-disc pigs for displacement, batching or cleaning applications; Conical Flex Pigs – rebuildable metal bodied pigs that can be configured with cups, discs, cleaning brushes or cleaning blades for most pigging applications and will traverse reductions up to 20%; and BIDI Pigs – multi-disc Pigs that can be run bidirectionally for displacement and cleaning applications.


The Vermeer D24x40 Navigator® horizontal directional drill (HDD) set the industry standard in 1993, and with the introduction of the D24x40 S3 in 2015, there are even more reasons it’s the choice to meet contractors’ right-size, right-power needs with 28,000 lbs. (124.6 kN) of thrust and pullback and 4,200 ft.-lbs. (5,694.4 Nm) of rotational torque – along with improved ground speed, carriage speed, rotational speed and rod breakout efficiency – the D24x40 S3 is built to help maximize machine and jobsite productivity. A carriage speed of 240 feet per minute (73.1 m/min) and a rotational speed of 253 rpm – outpacing rival machines – help contractors install more linear feet per day, maximizing jobsite efficiency. The D24x40 S3 is powered by a 125-hp (93 kW), liquid-cooled, turbocharged diesel John Deere 4045 4.5L Tier 4 engine.

Ditch Witch

The Ditch Witch organization, a Charles Machine Works Company, has released the industry’s first web-based Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Advisor tool. Customers can use the advisor to quickly determine the right tooling configuration for their Ditch Witch® or Vermeer® directional drill string. Historically, identifying the proper tooling for job sites was time-consuming, cumbersome and paper-intensive. The Advisor gives operators and dealers an intuitive tooling-product roadmap and quickly recommends configurations and solutions based on a few questions. It includes the option to save drill string configurations for future reference and streamline ordering of replacement parts. Operators can share their drill string configurations with their dealer of choice, and print or email summaries from a PC or mobile device. To increase the value for operators, both Ditch Witch and Vermeer drills can be selected within the tool. To see the HDD Advisor in action, visit

Technical Toolboxes

For over 15 years Technical Toolboxes (TTI) has developed the RSTRENG software, which the company says has become the standard in the oil and gas industry. One goal of the RSTRENG+ organizations is to collect RSTRENG data on pipelines worldwide for Big Data analytics and the resulting benefits to all worldwide stakeholders. Using the leverage generated by member resource contributions, RSTRENG+ can provide the Big Data platform for valuable new ideas, solutions and results to improving the safety, security and life extension of worldwide pipeline assets. The RSTRENG+ organization is being initially funded and supported by Technical Toolboxes.


The McLaughlin CBM48 cradle-boring machine is designed to help speed the installation of steel casing used in the cross-country pipeline industry. Powered by a 162 hp air-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine, the CBM 48 produces 170,000 ft.-lbs. of auger torque to install steel casings ranging from 10-48 inches in diameter and up to 120 feet in one pass from a single set up. The CBM 48 does not require a construction pit, shoring or the need to set auger boring tracks up on grade; instead, a trench the length of the casing is excavated and the cradle-boring machine, along with the casing, are suspended in the trench using appropriate sized pipe-laying or side-boom equipment.


Pergam is offering the Laser Methan Copter (LMC) sensor. Applications are line, tank and asset inspections, landfill emission monitoring and surveys in difficult to access areas that previously required scaffolding. The LNG and the shale gas industries are other markets with opportunities for leak detection services with the LMC sensor. Designed to fit on a large variety of UAVs/drones, the base for the sensor is Pergam’s Laser Methane mini-instrument. The additional onboard LMC data grabber records the flown track together with the gas concentration in parts per million. Data are available for reporting immediately following the flight and can be easily exported in a comprehensive leak survey report.


Qenos’ Alkadyne® PE100 pipe resin, produced with Univation PRODIGY™ Bimodal high-density polyethylene (HDPE) technology, received the globally recognized International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications. According to a news release, Univation’s UNIPOL™ PE Process Technology, enabled with PRODIGY™ Bimodal Catalysts, is the only technology that can produce capital-advantaged bimodal polyethylene resins in a single reactor for both new plant builds as well as upgrades of existing plants. The Australian pipe industry, pipe extruders and utilities have reportedly used PRODIGY™ Catalyst-based PE100 pipe in challenging applications, including horizontal directional drilling and large/thick wall pipes.

American Gas Association

The Gas Engineers Handbook-PDF EBOOk is a giant reference, sponsored by the American Gas Association and written by a staff of 150 specialists, that answers any general or specific engineering information requirement in regard to natural, liquefied petroleum, and manufactured gases. Offered for $199, it presents in concise, orderly fashion all “working” facts and data on fuel gases needed by engineers, industry and government personnel. It features 125 chapters of all conceivable engineering methods and operating data of the entire gas industry, from source to burner. Tables, graphs, charts, equations, and illustrations clarify and illuminate a text that is crammed with the kind of information that is virtually unobtainable elsewhere.


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