March 2015, Vol. 242, No. 3

What's New

Whats New March 2015

New products and services from Microfinish, Master Bond, WorkPlaceAware, Romet, Pipetech and more.


Microfinish supplies the energy industry with API 6D Ball Valves in stainless steel for CO-2 or EOR processes and applications in low temperatures below the capability of carbon steel. The company specializes in providing valves for MRO and small project requirements and for new construction within project lead time. Valves are available up to 30 inches and through 1500-pound class and feature a three-year warranty.

Master Bond

Master Bond EP41S-1 is a two-component epoxy resin system for high performance bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulating, and is popular for pipeline coating. It has a 100 to 30 mix ratio by weight and is formulated to cure at ambient temperatures or more quickly at elevated temperatures. It resists a wide array of chemicals, including solvents, alcohols and fuels. It can be used as an adhesive, sealant, coating, potting or encapsulating material. It is serviceable over the wide temperature range of -60°F to +300°F.


WorkplaceAware makes it easier for employees to report near miss incidents while eliminating reporting barriers like fear of consequences. The program allows employees to report incidents from the field via text message, without having to fill out pages of paperwork or hold up the work day. Reports can be submitted anonymously. Reports are texted using a free app and are instantly printed or emailed to supervisors and uploaded to an enterprise dashboard so safety managers or HR can address the situation. Reports can include up to 600 characters and photos.

Piping Technology and Products

Custom heavy duty yoke u-bolt pipe clamps have been designed for a pipeline in Canada. The yoke clamps are designed for 42″ diameter pipe sizes and are fabricated from hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel. They are designed to support a load of 27,500 pounds. The company supplied a total of 28 assemblies in three weeks for the project, putting the clamps through finite element analysis and performance tests prior to shipment.


Romet has announced it has expanded its new products and services offerings to LDCs to include a completely assembled rotary meter and measurement system made to a utility’s requirements and specifications. The company’s pre-packaged measurement products are assembled with accessories , programmed and tested for custom services. Options include Honeywell TCI electronic modules, AMR/AMI transmitters and mounting kits , meter mounting kits with strainer gaskets & anti-seize bolts , preferred packing and inventory management labelling, custom proving and flat files. An accredited service facility is also available for repairs, upgrades and recertification of rotary meters. 905-624-1591,

Pipetech, ALLU

Pipetech has announced that is has added ALLU padding buckets to its line of pipe bending equipment, internal pneumatic line-up clamps, pipe roller cradles and more. The portable pipe padding attachments will screen and crush existing right-of-way material back into the pipeline trench, eliminating the need to haul in bedding material. The buckets are versatile and built for work in rough terrain such as frozen snow-covered ground or wet, muddy soil. Several different models are made to fit every make and model excavator, wheel loader, backhoe, or skid steer and each operates from the base machine’s standard third valve hydraulics. Fine Screen models process soil to 15 or 25mm, while Screener Crusher models crush, screen, and pulverize to sizes ranging from 25mm to 100mm. 918-447-0200,

Point Integrity Solutions

Point Integrity Solutions has announced that it has been issued a patent for the pipeline probe tool known as the Point Guard. The Point Guard allows a pipeline technician to detect a pipe before damaging the coating or pipe itself. Typically, field engineers and technicians rely on mapping, pipe locators and standard probe rods to determine the location of a pipeline before excavation begins. This process allows the chance for pipe or coating damage if a probe rod is applied with too much force or if a probe mistakes a rock or hard surface for a pipeline. The new product replaces the standard probe as soon as there is an indication of contact with an object. Once the sensor at the tip of the probe
comes in close proximity of any metal, an indicator light illuminates.


FLIR Systems, Inc. has announced the release of the GF343 optical gas imaging camera to detect and visualize carbon dioxide (CO-2) leaks quickly, easily and from a safe distance. The device allows operators to inspect equipment while it is still online in the course of normal operations. It also helps keep operations safe while moving towards carbon-neutral capture and storage operations. The camera uses a cooled Indium Antimonide (InSb) detectorto provide 320×240 resolution and optimized detection of CO-2 gas leaks in real time.

Applus RTD

Applus RTD’s RTD Plant Master is a permanently installed monitoring system, based on ultrasound, which provides continuous wall thickness measurements of critical and hard to access components within refineries, chemical plants, power plants and offshore facilities. Employing high temperature piezo-ceramics, the system applies sensors to ultra-thin foils to create flexible ultrasonic transducers which can be permanently dry-coupled directly to the surface of a component. These transducers are then used for single point pulse-echo measurements of the component’s wall thickness. The sensors can continuously operate at optimum performance for years at temperatures up to 200 degrees C or 390 degrees F, allowing extremely high temperature components to be inspected.


Hitachi has introduced three upgraded construction-class excavators: the ZX250LC-6, ZX350LC-6 and ZX380LC-6. These models include an EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV Isuzu engine, spacious cabs, added upperstructure handrails, programmable attachment modes, and maintenance features such as a battery disconnect switch. The ZX250LC-6 offers 177 hp, while both the ZX350LC-6 and ZX380LC-6 boast 271 hp. Isuzu engines employ cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is injected into the exhaust stream of the engine, runs through a catalyst, and turns the NOx in the exhaust into harmless water vapor and nitrogen gas.

T.D. Williamson

T.D. Williamson has released an e-book exploring how to comply with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA) Integrity Verification Process (IVP) for gas transmission pipelines within days, with less effort and lower cost. The book’s subject matter extends to operators whose current material records are incomplete, or don’t exist at all. Other topics include which types of pipes are covered by the new PHMSA regulations, what eliminating the grandfather clause means for pre-1970 pipe, when to use hydrostatic testing, and how a proprietary Identification can help operators comply with PHMSA.

Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact has added push-in connection technology (PT) to the CONTACTRON ELR-H3 and ELR-H5 hybrid motor starter family. This addition reduces insertion forces up to 50 percent compared with traditional screw termination and requires no tools for installation. It has five times the IEC requirement for pull-out forsce, ensuring a secure connection even in high-vibration environments. Like the original screw-connection modules, the PT versions of the motor starters can provide a mixture of forward and reverse motor operations, adjustable overloads, and an emergency-stop function. When properly optioned, one motor starter can provide up to four motor control functions in a single unit, while also providing a safety solution up to SIL 3 PLe.

CCI Pipeline Systems/Canusa

CCI Pipeline Systems offers Canusa heat shrinkable sleeves for girth-weld protection of high operating temperature 3LPE coated pipelines. Systems include the GTS-65, which provides superior corrosion protection and excellent bonding on 3LPE coated pipelines operating at temperatures up to 65°C (149°F); the GTS-80 for temperatures up to 80°C (176°F); the GTS-PP for polypropylene coated pipelines operating up to 140°C (284°F); and the GTS-HT for FBE coated pipelines operating at temperatures up to 120°C (248°F).

Davis Corporation International (DCI)

DCI provides pipeline rollers for directional drilling. The rollers fit pipe sizes from 6 inches to 40 inches and feature brass bushings, 1/2 inch polyurethane roller padding and a base length of 48 inches, height 27 inches. Average weight is 740 pounds. The rollers are available for rental on daily or monthly basis.


PROLINE Pnuematic Internal Line Up Clamps assure a rapid, accurate alignment of two joints of pipe during the welding operation. Front and rear heads operate independently to lock the clamp into position. Specially designed shoes on each head exert pressure uniformly around the inside circumference of the pipe to maintain necessary alignment. Each can be adjusted for different pipe wall thickness. Clamps 16 inches or larger are self-propelled with air motors that drive the clamp forward through the pipe to the next joint.


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