July 2015, Vol. 242, No. 7

What's New

Whats New July 2015

New products and services from Jarraff Industries, Schneider Electric, 3M, Exterran and more.

Jarraff Industries

The Geo-Boy Brush Cutter Tractor from Jarraff Industries is available with various cutter head options to meet specific application needs. It can be outfitted with cutter heads from several manufacturers. The tractor is suited for jobs varying from pipeline right-of-way management to seismic mapping or general land clearing. It is offered in wheeled and track configurations. Both models are ROPS and FOPS certified. Safety features include a rear-view camera. The Geo-Boy has the ability to lift the cutter head about 11 feet and can quickly clear brush and trees up to a foot in diameter. Power is available in two-tier III engine options, 220 hp and 260 hp. www.jaraff.com

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has introduced an advanced generation mass flow tube to its Foxboro Coriolis solutions. It works with the CFT51 Coriolis mass transmitter to form the Foxboro Mass Flow and Density Meter. Using digital signal processing (DSP), the CFT51 improves flowmeter performance, particularly during two-phase flow, partial empty tube conditions and batching from empty operations. Other design improvements in the CFS25 were made to computer modeling, remote communications, automated manufacturing processes, construction and testing. This Coriolis flowmeter is not sensitive to varying process conditions. In addition to accurately measuring liquid, it can be used in applications with entrained air, non-Newtonian fluids, viscous and abrasive fluids, slurries and gases. www.fielddevices.foxboro.com


A new locatable rope from 3M’s Electronic Marker System enables better detection of plastic pipes. The Electronic Marker System (EMS) Rope 7000 series uses proprietary 3M path-marking technology to deliver more accurate and reliable tracking of underground plastic pipe and fiber-optic conduit. The EMS Rope series is available for gas, telco and water utility applications. Compatible with pipeline installations up to 4-feet deep, the new EMS rope is available with a 200-pound tensile strength (skinny rope) for applications inside conduit, or a more rugged 500-pound tensile strength for direct bury and horizontal directional drilling applications. It has a long life expectancy, is corrosion-resistant and is virtually maintenance free. www.3M.com


CDI has introduced its initial offering of eight fully explosion-proof ATEX and IECEx rated electromagnetic pig tracking transmitters. Available first in four C-Cell and four D-Cell sizes with transmission ranges up to 107 feet, the transmitters are the most powerful and longest life that CDI has ever manufactured. With full TRAXALL compatibility, they can transmit industry-standard 22Hz or one of CDI’s seven TRAXALL frequencies between 17-32Hz. TRAXALL frequencies can be color-coded for easy pig differentiation with CDI’s new TRAXALL 770 receiver. www.pigging.com


Exterran introduced the latest addition to its C-Series offering of configurable compression packages: the C-Series 7044 Compression Package. This features GE’s 1,680-hp Waukesha L7044GSI rich-burn engine paired with an Ariel JGK4 compressor. The C-Series 7044 can be configured with over 60 options, including advanced emissions control systems to meet most government compliance requirements. The C-Series is available in 13 base models in one-, two- and three-stage configurations and can be used in a wide array of natural gas applications, generally above 5 PSIG inlet pressure and up to 1,300 psig discharge pressure. www.exterran.com/c-series.

Inline Services

Inline Services has new tracking equipment that can be used to monitor pig location or movement throughout a pipeline. The pig-tracking equipment consists of receivers, geophones and transmitters. Receivers are used to reveal distinctive pulsing patterns of passing pigs. Geophones detect low sounds helping to indicate where the pig is in the pipeline. The transmitters are available in standard or custom types and operate by emitting electromagnetic fields at low frequencies of between 15-30Hz. Using these devices help reduce the search area if a pig becomes stuck or lost in the line. www.inlineservices.com


PFERD released a new generation of 4-inch and 6-inch diameter CC-GRIND®-SOLID grinding discs they say can remove twice as much material per minute than conventional grinding wheels. The discs are designed for surface grinding, weld removal and all common grinding applications. The CC-GRIND®-SOLID for steel is available for 4-inch and 6-inch angle grinders. It is also available for steel or stainless in 4½-, 5- and 7-inch. www.pferdusa.com


Hydratight is offering a new MM120 Clamshell with all-steel split ring style housing and operating range from 85.9-inch (2,181.9 mm) to 121.5-inch (3086.1 mm). It is designed for parting and beveling of larger diameter pipelines and vessels in situ. The MM120 is powered with a high-displacement hydraulic motor providing maximum cutting torque, and the housing is constructed of steel components, which ensure a rigid set-up even under the most demanding conditions. www.hydratight.com


Synodon Inc. developed an advanced airborne remote gas-sensing system called realSens™, based on technologies developed under the Canadian Space Program and by Synodon scientists. The company provides advanced airborne pipeline integrity management services to the oil and gas sector through a suite of services, including natural gas and liquid hydrocarbon leak detection, pipeline threat assessments and waterway crossings analysis. www.synodon.com

Trimble Companies

Trimble introduced the Trimble® GasOMS(TM) outage management planning and response solution for natural gas utilities. The system enables utilities to model and simulate outage planning, streamline service restoration workflows, automate communications during service interruptions and enhance distribution integrity management plan (DIMP) reporting. It also enables utilities to communicate with customers, identify and help prioritize critical customers and streamline field operations throughout the outage and service restoration process. www.trimble.com/energy

Case Construction Equipment

CASE Construction Equipment has introduced five new plate compactors to its attachments lineup – the SC-30, SC-60, SC-80, SC-110 and SC-220. The plate compactors are ideal for utility work and primarily used to compact the foundation in shallower trenches and prevent movement/ground upheaval. The plates run on unidirectional hydraulics and are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 19-by-20 inches to 32-by-42 inches. For slopes the SC can efficiently compact materials on an incline. www.CaseCE.com

American Green Ventures, (US) Inc.

American Green Ventures, (US) Inc. introduced SpillFix® in the U.S. and Canada. Made of 100% organic material, it is designed to instantly absorb hazardous liquid spills on contact, including oils, fuels, solvents, paints and chemicals, enabling faster, cleaner, safer and more effective clean up with minimal downtime. Developers say it can be reused to clean up more than one spill and is landfill safe. www.spillfix.com.

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