February 2014, Vol. 241 No. 2

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February 2014 New Products

New products from Rhino Markers, Automated Pipe Line Instruments, LUDECA, ABS Group, McElroy, Remote GeoSystems, Flowrox, RIDGID, Environmental Gasket, CDI, Windrock, Biffi, Detcon, Conval, Nextteq, Robroy and more.

Rhino Markers
The Rhino TriView Extension is a pipeline or cable marker that can be easily installed at lengths up to 14 feet with 360-degree visibility. Deep snow, tall crops, or other vegetation can conceal aboveground facilities or the location of a line and cause problems. Pedestals, valves, farm taps, test points, and other aboveground facilities are vulnerable to farm machinery, and in areas where snow depths cover standard length markers, this marker serves as a visible warning and keeps the markers compliant. The product uses two-piece construction to allow for easy transportation and installation in almost any condition. 800-522-4343, RhinoMarkers.com.

Automated Pipe Line Instruments
Automated Pipe Line Instruments, a division of Meter Engineers Inc., manufactures five machines for monitoring refined products: Rapid Flash, Sampler, Recovery System, Fast Loop and Haze Tracker. It offers 6- and 12-month preventative maintenance programs, which provide a technician at the location to verify the equipment is working properly. It can provide technicians whenever help is needed. 316-744-7600, 888-367-2744.

LUDECA has announced tab@lign, a tablet-based solution for pump-motor alignment which combines the PRÜFTECHNIK laser measurement technology with tablet and smartphone devices. The app runs on Apple and Android mobile devices and can be downloaded free of charge. 305-591-8935, www.ludeca.com.

ABS Group
ABS Group is responding to the threat of cyber attack by offering standards-based security assessments specifically for new builds, operating assets and retiring assets, performed by certified security practitioners with offshore experience. The assessment team will develop a security baseline and identify potential gaps based on control system standards and practices, specifically modified to address the intricacies of offshore assets. Owners and operators may use this information to mitigate vulnerabilities and decrease the risk of compromise on an asset. www.abs-group.com.

McElroy has announced the addition of three new distributors that will serve domestic and international customers seeking the company’s thermoplastic butt fusion machines to construct fusible pipelines worldwide. The new distributors are R & B Company of San Jose, CA; Miami International Machinery and Equipment Corp. (Mimeco) of Medley, FL and SOFIPO of Moscow, Russia. www.mcelroy.com

Remote GeoSystems
Remote GeoSystems, Inc. has announced the release of LineVision Google Earth, a stand-alone application leveraging Google Earth for multi-channel, track-based geographic video playback, analysis and project editing. Applications include pipeline inspections, aerial LiDAR, mobile mapping projects and emergency response. Users can geospatially navigate a video recording by clicking a location along the aerial or terrestrial GPS track positioned in Google Earth. The file then automatically advances to that point in the video so that analysts and subject matter experts can visually interpret what was recoded at that specific place and time. As the video plays, a cursor moves along the GPS track, constantly indicating where the current view was recorded. If something of interest is detected in the video, users may also snap a still image from the video, which is geotagged and saved for future analysis. www.remotegeo.com/software.

The Flowrox Scaling Watch is designed for the precise measurement of scale in pipelines and other fluid control environments. It is a wafer-thin piece of pipeline engineered for insertion between two flanges for a precise fit that allows the detection of scale, often the result of hardened mineral deposits that can reduce the flow of fluids through a pipeline. The device uses Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT) technology, which allows operators to see inside piping systems without stopping the process or opening up the pipeline, and enables 3D-imaging and measurement of non-conductive media inside process pipelines and tanks. www.flowrox.us.

RIDGID’s micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Distance Meter is capable of reading distances up to 229 feet in length and designed for quickly and easily viewing, storing and sharing measurements. It features a large, backlit, four-line display screen for a clear view of the reading; an inclination angle measurement system for indirect measurements in hard-to-reach areas; an advanced calculation feature that can adjust units instantly to inches, feet or meters and enough storage space for saving up to 20 measurements at a time. The new meter is also IP 54 dust proof, splash proof and has an auto shut-off after three minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life. 800-769-7743, www.RIDGID.com.

Environmental Gasket
The Fishbone Gasket from Environmental Gasket is a new internationally patented gasket incorporating an innovative self-energizing design for higher performance sealing. The company says it has 1 million times lower leakage than TA-Luft Test limit and 25 times lower leakage than CFET test limit. It is constructed of concentric beveled ribs covered with graphite, PTFE or mica. It is internally self-energized by fluid pressure and interchangeable with all spiral wound gaskets and Camprofile gaskets. info@environmentalgasket.com, www.environmentalgasket.com.

The X300-2C is CDI’s midsized wirelessly configurable electromagnetic transmitter used for pipeline pig location and tracking. It runs on two C-Cell alkaline or lithium batteries and features user-programmable frequency, output power, battery life and constant/pulsing behavior options. www.pigging.com.

Windrock has introduced the Platinum system, an online monitoring platform used to protect and assess the health of reciprocating and rotating machinery. The system offers a virtually unlimited combination of data acquisition channels for pressure, vibration, temperature and proximity. It incorporates ultrasonic data, a time-tested diagnostic tool that engineers and analysts have relied on to identify and positively confirm valve, ring and other types of leakage. The system also provides real-time data and event playback, as well as smart features such as self-monitoring diagnostics and redundancy of critical components. It also offers machine protection and shutdown capabilities from multiple measurement points, such as cylinder pressure and vibration. www.windrock.com.

Biffi Italia has announced the launch of ELBS-20, its latest electronic pipeline monitoring system for leak detection in high and low pressure environments. Specifically designed to monitor the integrity of gas and fluid pipelines, the system can be used in conjunction with any type of valve actuator and a wide range of pressure sensors. It measures crucial safety parameters, including pressure increase, decrease and sudden drop, as well as low and high limit exceeded levels as part of 1,000 events of highly accurate data. Once recorded, the data can be easily downloaded to any portable electronic device though a number of communication ports, including Bluetooth, RS485 point-to-point and RS232 interfaces. www.biffi.it

Detcon has announced that the Model X40 NEMA 4X alarm and control system has received cTUVus NRTL certification for non-hazardous locations. The rugged, power-efficient controller, designed to monitor gas detection sensors and a wide range of other ?eld devices, can receive and supervise 4-20mA or RS-485 field device inputs. The controller can be customized and expanded to monitor up to 32 field devices using stackable din-rail-mounted I/O modules. All I/O modules are individually addressable and operate on 11.5-30VDC. www.detcon.com.

Conval offers a complete line of single and double bellows Clampseal valves. These valves allow for zero emissions, and are ideal for applications where packed valves may not reliably contain light gases or hazardous system fluids, due to leakage in the stem/packing seal area or stuffing box wall/packing seal area. The valves meet all requirements of MSS SP-117 and are available in half-inch through four-inch sizes, in Y, T and angle configurations, through ASME/ANSI Class 2500. Standard materials include carbon steel SA105; chrome-moly SA182-F22, F91; stainless steel SA182-F316, F316L and F347. 860.749.0761, Conval.com.

Nextteq offers Gastec’s direct-read, water vapor detection tube, Gastec tube No. 6LP, to help evaluate quality assurance for humidity control in natural gas pipelines. The tube allows for quick and accurate detection of water vapor concentrations with a specific measuring range of 3-100 lb/MMcf, perfectly suited to measure the maximum acceptable water vapor concentration of 7 lb/MMcf set by most natural gas distributors. Unique construction results in longer stain marks and greater distance between calibration marks, making it easier to read and improve accuracy. It requires only one pump stroke and takes only 90 seconds for the standard measuring range. 877-312-2333, info@nextteq.com.

Robroy Industries
Corrosion College is an accredited course by Robroy Industries which provides hands-on experience to help learners understanding the process of corrosion in the electrical industry through two days of intensive instruction conducted by professionals in the field of corrosion protection. The class includes case studies, laboratory workshops and interactive presentations detailing the proper installation and use of anti-corrosion products. It enables graduates to apply the concepts learned in this course to important aspects of their careers. One and a half CEUs from either Kilgore College or Purdue University are granted to participants for successful completion. www.corrosioncollege.com.

Petrolab Company, AMETEK
AMETEK Grabner Instruments vapor pressure testers, provided by Petrolab Company, now include a new method for measuring the True Vapor Pressure (TVP) of crude oils, the ASTM D6377-10 standard. This standard allows measurement of the TVP at various vapor/liquid ratios to reflect different tank filling levels. Grabner analyzers also include a method for bubble point determination using the 6377 standard. info.grabner-instruments@ametek.at, www.grabner-instruments.com.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc. has announced the R220LC-9A crawler excavator. This new mid-size excavator has a certified Interim Tier 4 engine upgrade, improved hydraulics, features to increase operator comfort and added durability. The model is designed for mid-size excavating projects, road and utility work. 877-509-2254, www.hceamericas.com.

Ubisense has announced VeroTrack 2.0, its natural gas leak survey tracking system. Developed with support from the Gas Technology Institute, the system has been found to increase surveying efficiency by up to 20 percent. It highlights facilities surveyed and records gas readings and GPS coordinates automatically, eliminating the need to highlight paper maps and manually enter data. The tracking system integrates with a GIS and creates standardized reports and auditable records. Additionally, supervisors can view the status of each field surveyor in near real-time to ascertain progress at any given moment. www.ubisense.net.

Orlaco has introduced RadarEye, an advanced camera and monitor system that feeds constant, real-time vision and detection information of a working area to a vehicle operator. It features ease of use, clear on board screen reception, and an ability to “see” clearly through the sand and dust via a large dashboard display. Built-in, customizable warning signals let operators know what’s behind them when backing up. 877-378 3434, infona@orlaco.com, www.orlaco.com.

Lincoln Electric
Offering an economical, entry-level CNC pipe-cutting solution in a compact footprint, the new MASTERPIPE Mini Profiler from Lincoln Electric improves pipe fabrication productivity and quality by consolidating set-up, programming and cutting. The dual-axis CNC machine is two feet wide and seven feet long and can rapidly finish four-foot material. Five-foot-long expansion modules can help the unit hold material up to 24 feet long. Configurable, fully editable driver software accepts G-code generated by design software and sends it to the controller. This activates the profiler’s stepper motors, providing smooth, reliable torch carriage motion through the pairing of a direct gear-drive and self-cleaning V-rail and V-roller system. A one-button control moves the torch mount back next to the chuck so that material can be easily loaded, positioned for cutting and unloaded. www.lincolnelectric.com.

General Tools & Instruments
The pocket-sized 4:1 IR Thermometer with NCV Detector & Flashlight (VR40) from General Tools & Instruments features an infrared thermometer, non-contact voltage (NCV) detector and a flashlight in a small size suitable for a field tool. The infrared thermometer provides a safe and reliable way to measure surface temperatures. Temperature readings are displayed in fahrenheit or celsius (-4° to 626°F/-20° to 330°C) on a four-digit LCD and are automatically held for 15 seconds. The voltage detector offers four sensitivity levels, 12 to 25VAC, 70 to 125VAC, 150 to 240VAC and 250 to 600VAC. The ability to detect the presence of 12VAC without direct contact comes in handy when troubleshooting process plant or industrial automation systems and equipment. The instrument’s audible and visual alarms make it immediately evident when voltage is detected. Because the tip of the device can fit in the slots of 110VAC receptacles, it also indicates whether the receptacle is wired correctly or in reverse. An integrated LED flashlight means there’s no struggle to “see in the dark.” Its exclusive, patent-pending ergonomic design places the temperature and voltage sensors together with the flashlight at the same end of the device. 800-697-8665, www.generaltools.com.


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