November 2013, Vol. 240 No. 11

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November 2013 New Products

New products from Detechtion Technologies, Coastal Flow, Mathey Dearman, Pipeline Hugger, Microfinish Valves and more.

Detechtion Technologies
Detechtion Technologies’ online diagnostic Enalysis tool for compressor fleet management allows users to run an unlimited number of what-if scenarios on compressor fleets, increasing reliability and efficiency. It works with any make, model or vintage of reciprocating or screw compressors and can model how compressors will respond to changing conditions, save time and send clear warnings if predicted or proposed operating conditions approach or exceed the safe operating range of the compressor or associated equipment. 1-800-780-9798,

Coastal Flow Liquid Measurement, Inc.
Coastal Flow Liquid Measurement, Inc., in alliance with Flow Management Devices, LLC and Applied Metrology Resources, LP, has announced TruProof, a solution for advanced meter proving meant for hydrocarbon gas and liquid measurement. The technology is designed to improve the accuracy and repeatability of meter proving by employing time correlation to synchronize a meter’s output signal with the comparative prover volume measured during the meter proving process. A rugged portable hardware system will integrate with existing proving systems.,,

Mathey Dearman
Mathey Dearman has launched a family of portable CNC profiling machines based on their trusted short-saddle beveling machines. Using a simple icon-driven laptop computer interface and an on-screen selection guide, users can create a large variety of straight cuts, miters, saddles, holes and special shapes. The user-friendly control system gives any field welder CNC accuracy and flexibility in a step-by-step logical format. Complex CNC programming skills are not required. It operates on a common laptop computer running either a Windows 7 or 8 operating system. Depending on the on model, the machines can handle pipe sizes from 1½” to 12″, cutting with either oxy/fuel or plasma machine torches. 918-447-1288,,

Rhino Markers
A-Tags mark gas or oil pipelines underneath streets and sidewalks and provide a low-profile, permanent, and visible message embedded into concrete or asphalt. The brightly colored, UV-stable markers are slightly recessed, so even snowplows will not destroy them. When installed, locators only need to use a small amount of paint to verify the location of the pipeline. 800-522-4343,

Vacuworx Global’s new concrete road barrier lifter is powered by a RC series lifter, with a vacuum tank beam that doubles as a spreader bar. The RC exerts enough force to handle loads of up to 44,000 pounds, depending on vacuum-pad configuration. It can be operated with excavators and backhoes, and has a wireless controller operation feature. The vacuum storage reservoir can hold materials for a sustained period, if necessary, under no power.

Pipeline Hugger
The Pipeline Hugger is a double-insulated non-skid pipeline welding ground that works with a spring action and bowed legs for improved grip. Used correctly, it will not fall off the pipe. It is offered in sizes to fit pipes ranging from 2” to 24” in diameter.

EN Engineering
EN Engineering’s experience with gas distribution, transmission, pipeline integrity and storage draws from customer experiences as well as knowledgeable designers and engineers to provide industry-leading practices on projects. With more than 600 employees and eight offices across the United States, the firm employs programmers dedicated to automation services, systems integrators, and process safety managers as well as pipeline engineers. It offers integrity services; design for new, replacement, and enhancement systems; and project management and planning specialties in addition to other services.

Island GIS
Island GIS announced that it has been chosen as a Google GEO Enterprise Partner with a focus on enhancing Google’s GEO platform and deploying the company’s experience in the oil and gas industry. The company’s GIS technology will be overlaid on Google’s GEO platform, allowing the partnership to create tailored GIS solutions for energy companies. The mapping technology permits collation, integration and analysis of spatial data which the company says it will give project teams and operational departments real-time access to information that will help analyze risk and efficiency.

Contract Land Staff, LLC, University of Houston

Contract Land Staff, LLC has developed a Right of Way Certificate Program in cooperation with the University of Houston-Downtown College of Business, for people pursuing a career in right-of-way management or who would like to enhance or improve their existing skills. Classes are taught by experienced private sector right-of-way professionals and are offered in person and online. IRWA members with an SR/WA may receive Recertification CEUs. 713-221-5015,,

EcoSys’s project controls software, EcoSys Enterprise Planning and Controls (EPC), is a single web-based system to support budgeting, change management, commitments tracking and contract management, reconciliation of actuals, performance measurement and forecasting. It facilitates time-phasing of costs over the lifespan of the project and helps manage project portfolios, capital programs, budgeting and forecasting, and resource planning. The system is designed for a project controls environment and was recently selected for use on the Freeport LNG Expansion construction project.

Invensys has released the Foxboro Evo process automation system, with more powerful processing capacity and advanced applications delivered across a high-speed, fault-tolerant and cyber-secure hardware platform. The system allows users to upgrade components as needed rather than undergoing a site-wide shutdown. Features include a new high-speed controller, field device management tools, a maintenance response center, an enterprise historian, 1-n redundancy and cyber security hardening. It also incorporates a portfolio of roles-based engineering tools and productivity applications to streamline and contextualize information for workers according to their tasks.

HGH Infrared Systems

HGH Infrared Systems has released a high-resolution system for wide-area surveillance, the Spynel-U, an uncooled, long-wave infrared camera system. Spynel-U can detect a human at up to 1.5 miles’ distance, in total darkness, or through smoke or inclement weather conditions. The uncooled sensor is now the most cost-effective of the brand’s solutions and requires no maintenance. The camera acquires high-resolution 360-degree images, with automatic and real time detection of simultaneous and unlimited targets within the panoramic image. 617-401-2196,

Smith Flow Control
Smith Flow Control is manufacturing custom-built operating panels to enable clients to electronically control a sequence of actuated valves. The operating panels can be used in a wide variety of applications that involve the use of actuated valves, particularly pig operations in oil pipelines. Each panel is a communication and proofing system designed to improve efficiency and safety. A typical application includes two interlocked key units to isolate power to the panel and ensure a specific sequence of operation. Using the panel, the operator can select to close the valves on a pipeline, and LED lights confirm that the valves have been closed. Then the panel is isolated by removing the ‘A’ Key. The ‘A’ key is entered into the key unit. When the automated safety system confirms all valves are closed, a signal is sent to release the ‘B’ key. This allows the operator to safely continue the mechanical interlocking sequence to manually unlock a pig trap door to load or unload a pig. Panels are customizable to handle a wide range of different operating sequences and are suitable for temperatures ranging between -40 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. 859-578-2395, ,

GE Oil & Gas
GE Oil & Gas’s CNG In A Box system is a small-scale, plug-and-play CNG fueling solution, designed to address rapid urbanization in China and alleviate increased stress on its limited natural gas pipelines. One configuration features a standard-sized unit with multiple, smaller “daughter” stations running off of it. This design minimizes the need for pre-existing natural gas pipelines. The advanced monitoring capabilities of the larger station enable it to automatically feed into the smaller stations when fuel is running low to reduce wait times typically associated with China’s natural gas fueling infrastructure. The unit’s high-speed reciprocating compressor permits a number of applications, from optimizing production at a gas or oil well site, providing power in remote areas to producing CNG and LNG alternative transportation fuels.

Topcon Positioning Group’s Hybrid Positioning allows precise positioning professionals in the survey, construction, civil engineering and GIS industries to simultaneously connect to GNSS signals and standard robotic measurements on a single rover pole, allowing both to be used at the same time. When line-of-sight is blocked, shots can be easily measured with the GNSS receiver. The system allows accurate prism tracking by simply turning the instrument toward the prism location. Job site setup and RTK and geodetic coordinate establishment are quick, and using a Bing Maps background, the system supports multi-point localization and works with RTK and NMEA positioning.

U.S. Drilling Products

Manufactured in the United States from wear-resistant tungsten carbide, U.S. Drilling Products’ new Directional Underground Boring Bit is designed to create 6-inch underground, horizontal pathways for gas and other utility lines. The bit consists of 38 tungsten carbide boring tips aligned in three circular rows of varying height to ensure pressure and load are equally distributed around the entire bit. This allows it to start cutting at a lower PSI, while a water jet enables the bit to be steered to bore the exact pathway that the operator wants, including through rock. Its base is available in multiple hole patterns for mounting to different brands of drilling machines. 855-455-7625,, www.usdrilling

The Terramac RT9 multi-purpose carrier for the utility construction market is the largest mid-sized rubber track carrier that does not require special oversize permitting to transport the machine. With an operating weight of 26,000 pounds and a maximum carrying capacity of 18,000 pounds the carrier is designed to travel across rough, wet, hilly or otherwise difficult terrain without disturbing the ground or leaving ruts, while incurring low maintenance requirements. Equipped with front and rear bolt-on connections, it can accommodate specialized equipment and can be customized to function as a material handler; a carrier for tools, supplies or personnel; an equipment hauler; or an off-road service vehicle. Rollover protective structure (ROPS) and falling object protective structure (FOPS) are standard. Open- and closed-cab options are available.,

Texas A&M
Dr. Dara Childs, Director of the Texas A&M University Turbomachinery Laboratory, has published the textbook Turbomachinery Rotordynamics With Case Studies, available on The book covers the dynamic and vibration characteristics of turbomachines, including compressors, pumps, and turbines. It can be used as an introduction to the subject for persons with vibration backgrounds or as a reference for engineers working in the field. It provides 33 separate rotordynamic case studies from real machines, including issues of critical speed problems, elimination of rotor instabilities and approaches for coping with instabilities. The book provides an update of relevant test data related to component models for seals, bearings, etc. since the author’s earlier book, Turbomachinery Rotordynamics; Phenomena, Modeling and Analysis, (1993), John Wiley.

Eaton’s new wireless solution for 3G connectivity is the ELPRO 615M-1 cellular modem and IP router. The multi-service provider, cellular broadband router delivers wireless data connectivity for up to two LAN connections and one serial port through public cellular networks at 3G speeds. It is pre-configured to easily deploy with little to no infrastructure cost. The device allows users to achieve long distance communications virtually anywhere, regardless of line-of-sight, with cellular access and high-speed data connectivity of up to 14.4 megabits per second. It also features multicarrier support for global use, support of static or dynamic IP addressing, secure network functionality and high performance antenna diversity for challenging cellular environments.

Microfinish Valves, Inc.
Microfinish Valves Pvt. Ltd. ball valve producers has opened a wholly owned subsidiary in Houston, known as Microfinish Valves, Inc. The company’s API 6D Floating and Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves are available in 150# to 2500# classes, with soft and metal seats, in sizes ½” to 10” for floating and 1” to 36” for Trunnion valves. Purchase includes a standard 3-year warranty, 100% X-ray or ultrasonic testing of critical areas in all cast or forged body and end pieces 600# class and higher. As a factory direct operation, the company says it is able to offer a high quality product, with very competitive lead time, at a competitive price. 281-885-4250,,

CLD Plastics
Barricade Bracket, offered by CLD Plastics, was designed to work in conjunction with A-frame barricades. It provides a secured enclosed work zone. By connecting barricades, it eliminates the need for two legs per barricade, thus presenting less tripping points. It also eliminates gaps so pedestrians won’t stray into work zones. By replacing one leg with one Barricade Bracket, a safer, sturdier and protective work zone is provided. If using two arms on a barricade set up, two would be required to replace one leg. Barricade Bracket is made of lightweight, high density, 100% polyethylene recycled plastic.


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