July 2013, Vol. 240 No. 7


Trelleborg/Saipem Launch LNG Tandem Offloading System

Trelleborg, has teamed up with Saipem to develop a new LNG tandem offloading system. Derived from existing and proven technologies, the latest development in cryogenic LNG floating hoses is set to become a key component in offloading systems for future offshore FLNG projects.

By enabling offshore transfer of LNG in tandem configuration, the cryogenic floating hose will pioneer a step change in the safety of this critical operation. This system will allow FLNG projects to be considered in harsher conditions, without excessive downtime due to offloading system availability, and with significantly reduced risk.

Trelleborg’s Vincent Lagarrigue, marketing and project manager of Industrial Solutions, said, “We wanted to partner with Saipem to develop a new solution which would not only meet LNG operator and contractor’s offloading requirements related to safety, flow rate capacity and operation availability, but also enable LNG transfer operations to take place in difficult environmental conditions by providing offshore operators with a highly flexible, reliable and durable system.”

Tandem offloading, where vessels line up stern to bow, allow vessels to keep more distance between them (328 feet/100 meter distance between FLNG and LNGC or more) and more easily cope with greater wave heights. This feature is said to highly limit the risk of collision between the two vessels, enhancing safety, but also greatly simplifying naval operations in approach, berthing and residence.

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