April 2013, Vol. 240 No. 4


No-Dig Anode Installation Process: A More Efficient Way To Meet CWO Compliance

No-Dig Anode Installation, or NDAI, is a patented process that allows utility companies to install one or more 17-pound anodes on steel services and mains through existing valve box test stations or curb valve boxes.

The entire process, which was collaboratively developed between ULC Pipeline Robotics and the Con Edison Company of New York, can be performed without the need to excavate – eliminating costly street opening permits and heavy construction equipment.

In addition to the reduction of CWO compliance costs, the NDAI method allows for the installation of anodes in a fraction of the time required by conventional methods. The NDAI process is capable of installing up to four 17-pound anodes per test/ valve box.
The NDAI method can be used in any setting, but becomes most effective in urban areas where street closing translate not just to engineering and permit costs, but public disruption such as sidewalk closings in front of businesses and residents.

The No Dig Anode Installation method offers many benefits to utility companies. It greatly reduces the cost of maintaining cathodic protection, eliminates the need for street opening permits, requires no excavation of the sidewalk or street, streamlines and accelerates regulatory compliance, decreases disruption to the public, and reduces environmental impact.

There are currently two options for commercialization of the NDAI process. Providing a complete, turn-key operation, ULC will perform the initial inspection and the no-dig anode installation as well as other fault correction tasks. Utility Companies also have the option of licensing the No-Dig Anode Installation process to perform NDAI internally or with their contractor crews.


More information about the No-Dig Anode Installation Process can be found on ULC’s website at www.ulcrobotics.com or by calling their team at 1-631-667-9200.


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