November 2012, Vol. 239 No. 11


Tulsa Pipeline Expo Scores Success

The fourth annual Tulsa Pipeline Expo (TPE) was held in September, attracting nearly 2,000 attendees. Event coordinators say they are already looking forward to number five. More than 150 exhibitors from across the state converged in Tulsa to display their wares and network with others in the energy industry.

The three-day event included a golf-outing and baseball game on the first day, trade show, banquet, and casino night on day two, and finished up the conference with informative presentations from advocates for the energy industry on the third day.

The Tulsa Pipeline Expo is the brainchild of Tulsa-based Vacuworx Global, an industry innovator in vacuum-lifting technology. Several leaders within the organization saw a need to bring clients from all facets of the energy industry together so they could see firsthand what Oklahoma manufacturing and service companies have to offer. The event also focuses on market trends, introduces groundbreaking technology, and looks ahead as to what the next year has in store for the industry and the economy in general. Since its inception in 2009, the Tulsa Pipeline Expo has grown exponentially. Attendance has approximately doubled every year and organizers say they expect that trend to continue in 2013.

Bill Solomon, chairman of the Tulsa Pipeline Expo, explained that the success has due to the support from those in the industry. “Thanks to their continued efforts and involvement, the Tulsa Pipeline Expo has quickly become one of the premiere events in the industry. Our objectives are to educate the marketplace and complement regional initiatives to improve our industry.”

Attendees visiting the 2012 Tulsa Pipeline Expo
Being a hotbed for oil, gas, and pipeline work, the organizers feel that it is fitting to hold the event is held in Tulsa. “Tulsa was known as the oil capital of the world for decades,” stated Shawn Lowman, president of the Tulsa Pipeline Expo. He said “there are still more than 1,000 companies in the greater Tulsa area alone that somehow impact the energy market and it is obviously still a ‘mecca’ for oil and gas. Some of the biggest names in the business have their corporate headquarters in Tulsa.

“Oklahoma has the manufacturing, production, processing, services, and distribution resources to meet the needs of the energy markets,” said Solomon. “The Expo provides the opportunity to meet many of these companies in one place.”

Tulsa Pipeline Expo has a strong emphasis on promoting state and regional businesses. Organizers say they look forward to continuing the momentum for the Fifth Annual Tulsa Pipeline Expo and expect a significant increase in attendance.
“Look for a name change in the coming months for the event,” said Lowman. “We are trying to expand our event to go beyond just oil and gas, or pipeline. The true focus of the event is on the entire energy sector in its entirety and we are looking for a name that better suits our mission.”


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