November 2011, Vol. 238 No. 11

What's New

New Products, November 2011

New products from Lincoln Electric, Phoenix Contact, R&M Energy Systems, TD Williamson, Dyna Torque-Numax, Brice Tool & Stamping and more.

Lincoln Electric LN-25
Lincoln Electric has added the LN-25 Pipe and LN-25 Ironworker® to its line of compact construction-ready LN-25 wire feeders. This product family also includes the popular LN-25 PRO Standard, LN-25 PRO Extra Torque and LN-25 PRO Dual Power. All LN-25 PRO wire feeders are designed to be simple to operate, reliable and easy to service. This line is ideal for the pipeline and construction industries as well as ironworking, fabrication, shipyards and rental companies. The feeders are rated to handle up to 450 amps at 60% duty cycle. Wire feed speed ranges are 50-700 ipm (1.3-17.7 m/min) or 30-400 ipm (0.8-10.1 m/min) for the Extra Torque model. All models are capable of feeding .023-1/16 inch (0.6-1.6 mm) solid wire, .035-1/16 inch (0.9-1.6 mm) aluminum wire and .030-5/64 inch (0.8-2.0 mm) cored wire (.030-3/32 inch (0.8-2.4 mm) for Extra Torque model. 888-355-3213,, request bulletin E8.101 to learn more about the LN-25 wire feeder line.

Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact’s expanded line of industrial modems provides more options for remote communication with machines and systems. A new DSL modem and a cellular modem join the company’s analog modems, making it easier to share data in remote control, SCADA and automatic alarming applications. The new cellular modems transmit Ethernet and I/O data over the mobile phone network. The system can send digital or analog data as SMS text messages for remote alarming. An integrated firewall and VPN ensure reliable protection from manipulation and data theft. The DSL modem transmits data up to 30 Mbps and distances reaching 10 km (six miles). 800-322-3225, e-mail:,

R&M Energy Systems
R&M Energy Systems offers the Yale® SafeClamp™ Closure featuring a patent-pending, innovative external clamp ring design for safe and secure sealing of pipelines and vessels. The closures provide quick access, easy operation and exceptional operator safety. The operation of the closure is accomplished with the operator standing at the side of the pipeline or vessel closure which raises the level of operator safety without increasing the effort or the amount of time required to operate the closure. It typically takes operators less than 90 seconds to open or close the closure door. The Yale® SafeClamp™ closure features a triple redundancy latching system. This safety system utilizes an external clamp ring, external bolts and a proprietary pressure alert device (PAD) with actuator disk. 936-890-1064, 403-264-2995,,

TD Williamson
Tough cleaning jobs need exceptionally tough cleaning pigs. TDW’s pencil brush cleaning pigs are as tough as they come. They are 1) available in sizes 4-42 inches; 2) come in three standard configurations – 5D-1BR (will traverse a 1.5 DR bend); 4D-2BR (will traverse 3 DR or larger bends); and 4D-2BR PitBoss™ (will traverse 3 DR or larger bends and is very effective at removal of black powder and cleaning deposits from internal pits); 3) heavy-duty, rugged steel body; 4) nonmetallic bumpers protect bolts and prevent metal-to-metal contact; 5) spring steel wire brushes and polyurethane scraper discs provide 100% circumferential cleaning; and 6) removable bypass plugs that provide jetting action for optimal cleaning effectiveness. 918-447-5500,

Dyna Torque-Numax
For fully automated pipe welding applications, Dyna Torque-Numax has introduced the LoneStar Automated GTAW (TIG) orbital welder. LoneStar TIG® was designed for the most sensitive and critical welds in the industry. It delivers automated GTAW (TIG) welding process for pipe welding in 1G, 2G, 5G, 6G positions. The system is powered by the Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 375® welding power source. LoneStar TIG provides microprocessor controlled welding parameters and real-time welding data monitoring and acquisition. The LoneStar is lightweight, compact, solid and robust. It’s easy to use, which makes training easy and inexpensive. Welding parameters are easily adjusted with the Dyna Torque-Numax built-in welding software application, WPEdit®. Andrew Scherfenberg, 713-937-6699,

Brice Tool & Stamping
Brice Tool & Stamping has developed a confined space plate that provides a clear and durable system that can alert workers in any occupation of a confined space. The warning plate will help draw attention to work areas where liability and safety are a concern. The plate is easy to install on manhole covers and restricted entry or exit doors. The plate meets all OSHA regulations. It is available in stainless steel, stainless steel with two colors (black and red), stainless steel with three colors (black, red and white), copper, aluminum-anodized any color and aluminum raw. 714-630-6400,

Advance Products & Systems
Advance Products & Systems says the Kleerband® Flange Protectors and Radolid® Protection caps protect bolts, nuts and flange faces on raised face or full face flanges in areas that are subject to the ravages of extreme corrosion conditions such as wet wells, pump stations, regulator vaults and above and below ground installations. Intent is to prevent corrosion from developing between flanges on piping systems. With the patented Kleerband® design, visual inspection of the flange surface can be accomplished without removing the flange protector. Kleerband® is a transparent polymer band with grease injection fittings and relief vent plug that allows 360° of continuous inspection. All sizes are available. Radolid® Protection caps with Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) protects nuts and bolts from corrosion. Available in sizes 1/4-inch to 33/4-inches. 800-315-6009, 337-233-6116, e-mail:,

Moyno, Inc.
The Moyno Tri-Phaze® System allows all fluids produced at the well site including oil, water and gas to be transported simultaneously through one pipeline to a central processing station. Its exceptional abrasion-resistance allows for smooth transfer of sandy fluid as well. The unit is capable of generating flow rates up to 60,000 barrels of fluid per day with suction pressures up to 900 psi and discharge pressures up to 1,200 psi. The Moyno Tri-Phaze System features a stator elastomer formulation that exhibits exceptional resistance to aromatics. Added benefits: efficiently handles gas void fractions up to 99%, low-shear pumping action preserves each fluid’s characteristics without emulsification or degradation, extended well production life, and decreased well bore pressures. 937-438-3434,, 877-4UMOYNO,

PipeSak® Pipeline Products
PipeSak® Pipeline Products spotlights development of PipePillo™ for pipeline support in and out of the trench. After completing five years of design and engineering, the company says the PipePillo™ is intended to serve dual functions: 1) providing controlled support and protection for the pipeline through areas of rocky trench and 2) for use adjacent to the trench as stackable pipeline support for stringing and welding. PipeSak says, in recent trial tests on the Ruby Pipeline, the pipeline supports proved quick and easy to install; kept the pipeline centered in the trench; and maintained a design height of 8 inches. The product is lightweight, can be installed from outside the trench, does not float or biodegrade, and does not restrict cathodic protection currents. Contact Rocky Seils,, 866-747-3725,

Lincoln Electric
The Lincoln Electric Company has enhanced its Vantage® 500 engine-driven welder with a new model in a compact case. Now, at the same dimensions as the Vantage® 300 and 400 models, the Vantage 500 Perkins® is ideally sized for truck beds where available space and weight capacity are limited. The new model is designed to handle the most demanding construction, pipeline, rental fleet or repair applications. All Vantage 500 models feature a standard stainless steel roof and side panels for reduced maintenance and corrosion-resistance as well as simple controls to minimize training time. The Vantage 500 Perkins is powered by an environmentally friendly, four-cylinder, 1,800-rpm Perkins turbo-charged diesel engine. Bulletin E6.214, 888-355-3213,

Vivax-Metrotech has unveiled its new vLoc2 range of cable and pipe locators. The vLoc is shorter and lighter and to now has a battery life that is 300% improved. Plug-and-play Bluetooth is available for GPS compatibility. The range includes the general purpose vLoc2, combined locator marker locator vLocML2 and pipeline industry-specific Pipeline Defect Mapper vLocDM2. The addition of overload protection makes the vLocPro2 range suitable for all applications, including areas of high signal levels such as power station, high tension cables, etc. The vLoc is web-enabled, allowing the user to fully configure the unit to specific requirements. Supervisors/managers have the ability to lock features, ensuring consistency and reliability of locating techniques across the workforce., 877-330-1647.

WeldFit Corporation
WeldFit Corp. now has the capability to extrude 48-inch outlets through heavy-walled cylinders. As explained by Todd Sale, Sr. VP of Engineering and Quality, “WeldFit has specialized in extruded outlets for over 30 years, but we recently expanded our envelope of capabilities to the point where we can now extrude up to 48-inch outlets.” The initial 48-inch outlets were produced to form the bodies of multiple 48-inch x 48-inch flow tees for a customer. Through the achievement of this milestone, WeldFit is now one of the few companies with the equipment, tooling, and expertise necessary to produce such large extruded outlets. Todd Sale, 713-460-3700,,

FW Murphy
Murphy’s new gas compressor Engine Integrated Control System (EICS) integrates key components for engine optimization, including ignition system, air/fuel control, speed governing, interface and diagnostics, sensors, harnessing, catalyst and the engine control module, into one complete package. By combining these products, the EICS saves money and man-hours associated with the installation and set-up of separate components. The EICS was designed and tested to work with specific engine models. Murphy says it conducted extensive dynometer testing to ensure each specific engine will run at optimum performance across all scenarios without the need for manual field adjustments. By completing this testing upfront, operators can be certain their site will pass required testing without the need for pre-testing to get dialed in or chronic field adjustments. 918-317-4100,

The Sandbagger Corporation
The Sandbagger Model II with motorized auger is an automated sandbag-filling system used to fill four sandbags simultaneously. It requires four people to fill sandbags and one person to operate the front-end loader to keep the two-cubic-yard hopper full. This unit is capable of filling at least 1,600 bags per hour using unskilled labor. It is also lightweight and truck-portable. It is equipped with a hydraulic driven bi-directional auger and agitator to keep wet materials flowing. For more information, please contact us at 800-770-SAND, email: sales, website www.


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