March 2011, Vol. 238 No. 3

What's New

What's New In Corrosion Control

Corrosion control products from Matcor, Industrial Fabrics, American Innovations, Ergil Group, Rhino Marking & Protection Systems, R.C. Systems, Inc., Stahlin, Intergraph, Polyguard Products, Spectrum External Line Inspection Technologies, TechCorr, Adalet and IICORR/Subspection.

At NACE CORROSION 2011, Matcor introduced its new brand identity system and enhancements to its products and services. Most notable was the introduction of “mPort,” Matcor’s client-tracking software that allows clients to track all aspects of a project, including the ability to download reports, and other documentation associated with a project regardless of location. mPort also takes advantage of mobile technology and can be used with iPads, and other mobile tablets. The company also introduced several upgrades to its range of American-made anodes. 215-348-2974, matcorsales, www.

Industrial Fabrics, Inc.
Industrial Fabrics announced that its RockGuard HD and SD is adding another product to the rock-shield line. The company says industry should be watching RockGuard MD material to hit the ground during the second quarter. The medium-density (MD) rock shield fits nicely between the performances of the HD (heavy duty) and SD (standard duty) material. Contact information: Jaclyn Smith, RockGuard Pipeline Sales, (mobile) 931-224-5704; Shannon Ambs, RockGuard Product Management, 225-906-0761. 800-848-4500 (request Pipeline Sales),

American Innovations
American Innovations has announced release of the Bullhorn RM4010, a remote cathodic protection monitoring product featuring current interruption and two-way communication, designed specifically for cathodic protection (CP) applications. The RM4010 monitors oil and gas assets utilizing the Inmarsat geostationary satellite network for low-latency, high-reliability, two-way communications. The unit measures rectifier volts and amps, pipe-to-soil potential, additional shunts and more. GPS-synchronized interruption is available at time of purchase or as a field upgrade. Users can access and modify interruption parameters, reporting schedules, on-demand readings and updates through the Bullhorn Asset Tracker (BAT™) website. BAT™ also communicates asset status via e-mail, voice and/or SMS text notifications, eliminating remote site visits. 800-229-3404, 512-249-3400, www.

Ergil Group
Ergil Cathodic Protection™, an Ergil Group brand, is one of the most experienced companies in cathodic protection design, engineering, manufacturing and installation. Certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards Ergil has been operating in the Middle East and Europe for over 25 years. Ergil Cathodic Protection™ lays claim to being pioneered in custom-made SCADA monitoring systems and has a full range of CP and installation products, measurement boxes, reference electrodes and anodes for oil and gas, pipeline, water, wastewater, marine, agriculture and many other utilities. Ergil is specialized in the production of rectifier units such as the air cooled transformer rectifier unit, the oil cooled transformer rectifier unit and the manual and automatic-controlled transformed rectifier units. Ph: +90 212 485 40 07, Email: info@, http://www., or http://www.

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems
Rhino Marking points to its Safety Wrap in explaining that the product is like a hard hat for your pipe. Simply put, it is a temporary pipe wrap designed to protect coatings once the pipe has been exposed. The Safety Wrap can withstand a direct hit from a track-hoe without being punctured or torn, leaving the pipe and coating intact. It is simple to install and can be re-used year after year to “protect your pipeline, protect your workers, and protect the public.” 800-522-4343,

R.C. Systems, Inc.
R.C. Systems Inc. manufactures 900-MHZ and 2.4-GHZ FHSS wireless alarm controllers for small and large projects including perimeter monitoring, hazmat facilities, rigs, ships, disaster response and many more. All components may be solar- or AC-powered. They are suitable for hazardous areas and may be mounted in fixed or portable installations. Four or 16-channel site controllers receive sensor data and transmit wireless modbus values to the company’s larger controllers or other user-supplied systems. www.

The Stahlin J Series line of non-metallic enclosures was developed as an industrial enclosure for harsh, aggressive environments. Originally designed as an electrical junction box for the oil refining and petrochemical industries, the J Series has evolved into a versatile industrial enclosure with varied applications for use from high-end electronics to extreme corrosive applications indoors and out. Rugged design combined with tough, durable materials to provide extreme reliability in tough environments are key attributes of the series. More than 150 configurations are available in 13 sizes. www.

Intergraph®, active in providing geospatially powered technology for utilities’ infrastructure and operations management, has launched a new solution for distribution integrity management programs (DIMP) to help gas distribution companies maintain safe, secure infrastructure and meet new federal government requirements. Gas distributors must develop and implement formal DIMP plans by August 2011 as required by the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). Intergraph’s seamless framework of industry-tailored field automation, infrastructure management and web portal technologies, supported by in-depth consulting expertise enables gas distribution companies to monitor, maintain and report on distribution integrity as required under the new PHMSA regulations. 256-730-2000, www.

Spectrum External Line Inspection Technologies
Spectrum External Line Inspection Technologies, Inc. (Spectrum XLI) produces a complete hardware and software solution to collecting indirect inspection data as part of an External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) program. The firm has announced two enhancements to its integrity/ECDA survey system. The system controller now includes four concurrent voltage measurements – two channels, each simultaneously recording DC and AC. This intends to allow surveys combining CIPS and side-drain voltage gradient surveys while recording the AC and DC pipe-to-soil potentials with ACVG/DCVG. Also new is version 1.6 of the company’s software Field Mouse which supports additional input devices such as the Radiodetection 8000, PCM+ and a laser range finder. The range finder allows capturing full 3D coordinates of facilities and buildings off of the pipeline ROW. Data is exportable to GIS systems, GoogleEarth or to XLI’s own reports. 403-585-2397, 780-433-1816, info@, http://www.

Polyguard Products
Polyguard™ points to its non-shielding pipe coating RD-6. The RD-6 coating systems have been used by major operators since 1988 and, to its knowledge, there has never been a case of serious corrosion found under RD-6. The company says it believes the shielding problem has been largely ignored worldwide. Polyguard has been ISO 9000-certified since 1996 with current certificates: American National Standards Institute, Dutch Council for Certification and Deutscher Akkreditierungs Rat. 214-515-5000, www.

TechCorr’s SpiderWrap® is for such pipe wrap uses as reinforcement, corrosion protection, abrasion protection, impact protection, and – in certain instances – leak repair. It is a water-activated, resin-impregnated fiberglass fabric, made in varying lengths and widths to accommodate all pipe sizes and wall thicknesses. It is nontoxic, easy to apply and suitable for a variety of pipeline applications. It is a fast, efficient, economical, easy-to-use alternative to any other repair product or replacement. In most applications, the need for pressure reduction is minimized and downtime is eliminated. 713-524-2768, 877-562-0912,

Adalet’s Houston satellite facility is now equipped to offer ATEX-certified flameproof enclosures for Class I, Zone 1 hazardous location applications. The Houston facility’s modification and machining capabilities allow for quick ship delivery of in-stock ATEX certified flameproof and UL-classified explosion-proof enclosures. Utilizing its ATEX Equipment Certification, the Houston facility can also fully populate empty ATEX certified flameproof enclosures and provide CE certification to all applicable CE marking directives. This ATEX control panel certification allows Adalet Houston to eliminate the requirement to resubmit enclosure assemblies to third-party testing laboratories for final equipment certification. 216-267-9000 ext. 210, www., Online Catalog www.

Technical integrity and asset assurance expert iicorr has announced the launch of a new product that will extend the life of offshore applications via cathodic protection technology. Through Stork Technical Services, its parent company, iicorr and its specialist subsea division – Subspection – have developed an innovative new design of anode that can be readily field-deployed and withstand the demands of the offshore environment. This alternative solution provides a means to replace depleted or damaged systems without the need for dry dock or diving and ROV intervention. SODA-node (self-orienting directional anode) has been developed for such applications as FPSOs, FSOs and other similar structures in seawater. 713-696-6235, E-Mail: usa@, www.


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