March 2011, Vol. 238 No. 3


What Industrial Fabrics, Inc., Is Doing To Keep Your Coating Protected

Shannon Ambs

At the forefront of pipeline and gas company deliberations, corrosion has its way of creeping up as the main topic of conversation. Years after a project is completed, the fear and threat of corrosion endangering a company’s investment and our way of life is real.

The longevity of a pipeline hinges on several factors; the most obvious is prevention of the biggest menace: corrosion.

Cathodic protection is a subject that is addressed, discussed and re-discussed on every pipeline project. The safety of the workers, landowners and general public hang in the balance. Not to mention the enormous financial loss a gas company endures when this hindrance sets in.

Protecting Pipe Coatings
One company trying to do what it can to keep pipeline coatings shielded and the people nearby and their investments protected is Industrial Fabrics, Inc. (IFI). In fact, IFI has been battling the most hazardous of pipeline conditions. How does the company do it? The answer is RockGuard® HD and SD Pipeline Protection Mesh.

Gary Goss, president of IFI, reports he is proud of the accomplishments RockGuard® made in 2010.
That was when RockGuard was successfully installed on the Ruby Pipeline Project, the Fayetteville Express, regions of the Marcellus Shale pipe network and countless other projects. Goss says, “We are experiencing first-hand the profound need for cathodic protection. We receive calls from all over the United States and e-mails from all over the world.“

Jaclyn Smith, Pipeline Specialist, also of IFI, says, “The need will always be there; it has only increased. No matter how superior the construction or care that is taken, damage will happen, be it third party, the environmental factors, geological shifts or external damage during backfill, you need to protect your pipeline coatings.”

On the radar for 2011, RockGuard® HD and SD are already seeing increased popularity.

The rising profile may be due to the fact that the RockGuard® HD (heavy-duty), three-dimensional, bi-planar, extruded diamond mesh fabric combats corrosion head-on. It is more economical, harder working, and a proven solution.

HD material is conveniently offered in a lighter – and more contractor-friendly – roll, as well as in the custom HD pads that firmly established IFI in the rock-shield market.

Surpassing the industry standards, RockGuard® HD’s tested and proven tensile, impact and compressive strength ensure that the consumer is getting an outstanding product.

In the lighter weight rock-shield market, RockGuard® SD is also maintaining its momentum. IFI stocks all of the RockGuard® material at its numerous locations. High stock volumes and a knowledgeable staff are intended to ensure customer satisfaction.

Additionally, IFI has been aggressively working on a medium-density, or MD, RockGuard® version that will be ready to be rolled out in the second quarter.

“We actively watch the market,” says Goss “and we are constantly developing our product line to the needs of the consumer. We see a need for a medium-weight material. We will have a medium-weight rock shield.”

Corrosion control is a thought-provoking hurdle. Goss emphasizes, “Our main concern is providing a consistent, reliable, and affordable solution. We know the research behind this problem and solution is extensive. We spend the time to get it right.”

Regulations governing the safety of new lines and maintenance of older lines further support the need for rock shield. The “find it and fix it” mentality is not cost-effective. Being pro-active is what seems to work.

Shannon Ambs
is RockGuard® product manager for Industrial Fabrics, Inc., headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA. Contact information: (225) 273-9600,,


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