March 2011, Vol. 238 No. 3

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Gas Production May Reach 80 Bcf/d By 2020

Ziff Energy released a report which provides a production outlook for the major gas supply basins in North America.

Figure 1 illustrates the recent growth of gas production in North America since 2000, primarily due to surging shale gas development, the rapid decline of production from existing wells, and which basins are growing or shrinking.

New technologies such as multi-stage fracing, micro-seismic, and enhanced horizontal drilling applications have led to economic development of shale gas. Ziff Energy expects surging shale gas development to continue through this decade, displacing higher cost CBM, conventional, and tight gas.

Dr. Lev Virine, the paper’s author, says “The report provides a detailed analysis of major gas supply basins in North America based on Ziff Energy’s gas well productivity, decline, and production forecasting models. By assessing gas production for each gas basin, a ground up analysis of the total North America gas supply is available. Overall, we believe North American gas production will approach 80 Bcf/d by 2020.”

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