February 2011, Vol. 238 No. 2

What's New

New Products: February 2011

New products from Lincoln Electric, Polyguard, R&M Energy Systems , TechCorr, Automated Safety Hitch, Rhino Marking Systems, Ametek, Emerson Process Management, Alltec, Honeywell, HYTORC Clamp-Nut, STMicroelectronics and Omron, Stanley Proto, HSB Solomon Associates and PFERD.

Lincoln Electric
The Lincoln Electric Company has enhanced its Vantage® 500 engine-driven welder with a new model in a compact case. Now, at the same dimensions as the Vantage® 300 and 400 models, the Vantage 500 Perkins® is described as ideally sized for truck beds where available space and weight capacity are limited. The new model is designed to handle the most demanding construction, pipeline, rental fleet or repair applications. All Vantage 500 models feature a standard stainless steel roof and side panels for reduced maintenance and corrosion-resistance as well as simple controls to minimize training time. The Vantage 500 Perkins is powered by an environmentally friendly, four-cylinder, 1,800-RPM Perkins turbo-charged diesel engine. Bulletin E6.214, 888-355-3213, www.lincolnelectric.com.

Polyguard Products
Polyguard™ points to its non-shielding pipe coating RD-6. The company says that RD-6 coating systems have been used by major operators since 1988 and, to the knowledge of Polyguard, there has never been a case of serious corrosion found under RD-6. The company says it believes the shielding problem has been largely ignored worldwide. Polyguard says it has been ISO 9000-certified since 1996 with current certificates: American National Standards Institute, Dutch Council for Certification and Deutscher Akkreditierungs Rat. 214-515-5000, www.polyguardproducts.com.

R&M Energy Systems
R&M Energy Systems offers its latest, most technically advanced solution for pipeline and vessel closures. Marketed under the SENTRY® brand name, this non-threaded, internal door closure features an innovative one-piece seal. The seal’s features include: 1) molded in all sizes with no vulcanized splices; 2) available in FKM (Viton), EDR FKM (Viton) or HNBR low temperature materials; 3) installation of the one-piece replacement seal is quicker and easier than ever resulting in reduced maintenance time; and 4) anti-extrusion spring molded into the seal. All pressure-retaining components on the SENTRY closure are manufactured from ASME SA designated materials. An improved hinge arrangement and a unique means of holding the locking segments in the open position, make operation of the closure smooth and easy. The innovative method of securing the closure’s locking components to the door helps prevent the possibility of injury during pipeline or vessel servicing. 936-890-1064, 403-264-2995, fmg.marketing@robn.com.

TechCorr’s SpiderWrap® is for such pipe wrap uses as reinforcement, corrosion protection, abrasion protection, impact protection, and – in certain instances – leak repair. It is a water-activated, resin-impregnated fiberglass fabric, made in varying lengths and widths to accommodate all pipe sizes and wall thicknesses. It is nontoxic, easy to apply and suitable for a variety of pipeline applications. The company says it is a fast, efficient, economical, easy-to-use alternative to any other repair product or replacement. In most applications, the need for pressure reduction is minimized and downtime is eliminated. 713-524-2768, 877-562-0912, www.techcorr.com.

Automated Safety Hitch
The Automated Safety Hitch System is described as being exactly what its name says it is and, the company adds, it does more than you can imagine. Using a steerable truck axle, the Automated Safety Hitch System automatically attaches the trailer to the truck or SUV with a remote that extends the vehicle’s frame for greater stability. Full hydraulic disk brakes on the remote increase braking capacity of three-quarter-1 ton pickups or SUVs by 50%. The company says half-ton trucks up to 18-wheelers are using the system. A closing, appropriate, observation from the company: It’s all about safety. 940-320-3008, sales@safetyhitch.net, www.safetyhitch.com.

Rhino Marking Systems
Rhino’s 400 Series SoilMarker is said to provide a low-profile alternative to posts and signs. The 4-inch disk is made from rugged RhinoPoly™ and can be installed in any landscaped area. The single piece unit has an 8-inch stake that can be made with or without barbs, and comes in all APWA colors. The marker can be imprinted with logos and contact information for use as a pipeline, survey or boundary marker. For samples and pricing Ph: 800-522-4343, www.RhinoMarkers.com.

Ametek Process Instruments says its new Model IPS-4 full-spectrum analyzer eliminates issues with analysis accuracy resulting from cross interference in complex streams. Many gases exhibit multiple absorptions in the infrared spectrum. But these issues are said to be eliminated with the new analyzer. The company says this latest addition to its Model IPS-4 line of analyzers represents a quantum leap in technology and functionality. The full spectrum analyzer is able to measure up to eight components using the most favorable absorptions in UV and IR spectrums eliminating cross sensitivity concerns. The highly robust unit combines a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) platform and integrated sampling system with a field-proven UV-Vis platform. It performs measurements simultaneously in the UV spectrum using diode array detection and in the IR spectrum using single beam multi-wave length technology. The readings are then cross correlated. 281-463-2820, 412-828-9040, E-mail: sales.info@ametek.com, www.ametekpi.com.

Emerson Process Management
Emerson has introduced the FloBoss S600+ panel-mount flow computer for gas and liquid hydrocarbon metering. Building on the proven performance and reliability of the FloBoss S600, the S600+ can handle up to 10 individual streams simultaneously and has an increased port capacity, which is said to help reduce the complexity and cost of multi-stream fiscal custody transfer metering. The S600+ also features a robust audit trail and enhanced security. The 10 meter streams can be a mixture of gas and liquid streams, and a combination of flow metering technology. This allows greater potential for connecting multi-stream (multiple meter runs) metering applications to a single flow computer and takes advantage of the benefits that a flow computer provides when it meters the whole station rather than just part of it. The use of multi-stream flow computers greatly reduces the complexity, cost and time involved in system integration and testing. www.EmersonProcess.com/Remote.

Alltec Corporation
Alltec Corporation announced debut of a website spotlighting its Active Floating Roof Tank Monitoring System, GroundGuardian. The system is described as essential to the ongoing protection of the oil and gas industry’s external floating roof tanks. The website contains information about the danger of lightning induced tank fires, how the tank-monitoring system works and how to get one for your facility. www.groundguardian.com.

Honeywell says its Field Device Manager (FDM), which is widely used to command and control field instruments, now supports FOUNDATION™ fieldbus advanced diagnostics and maintenance. This new support is said to allow plants to take greater advantage of open systems benefits and improve overall reliability by managing a wider range of smart instruments. Honeywell said FDM R410 is one of the major enhancements to Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) R400, which helps process manufacturers more easily and cost effectively manage their automation and control systems in the face of constantly evolving technology. FDM R410 uses Device Type Manager technology to manage HART, PROFIBUS and Fieldbus smart instruments. www.honeywell.com/ps.

HYTORC Clamp-Nut
HYTORC® says its Clamp-Nut™ has an established reputation as the industry’s most advanced connection device for sensitive, high-load applications. But it is the company’s integrated system that makes the Clamp-Nut successful in applications that range from mission-critical aerospace environments to key industrial processes. The company says the system begins with the Clamp-Nut, a three-piece fastener that includes an inner sleeve, outer sleeve and a washer. The fastener has a hardened surface in the inner sleeve and washer that prevents galling. In addition, the geometry of the three-piece design is intended to allow the fastener to safely bring increased mechanical tensioning to high loads. Standard Clamp-Nuts have a load range that extends to 1.5 million pounds; unit sizes extending from 1½-7 inches are standard. 201-512-9500, info@hytorc.com, www.hytorc.com.

STMicroelectronics And Omron
STMicroelectronics, a supplier of integrated circuit solutions for metering applications, and Omron, active in automation technology, announced their collaboration to provide what they term a complete solution for electronic gas meter flow sensors. The flow sensor they have developed is described as a key component for the smart turn-key gas meter solution that ST is developing. The firms say, at the heart of the cooperation between leaders in metering devices and automation technology is a proprietary Omron transducer and a companion analog front-end chip developed by ST. These technologies have been integrated into a complete stand-alone subsystem. The resulting flow sensor, which incorporates leading-edge MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) micro-thermal sensor technology, is intrinsically compensated for temperature and pressure variations, while a built-in circuit compensates for the variation of multiple gas composition. www.st.com, www.omron.com.

Stanley Proto
Stanley Proto has added to its line of electronic torque wrenches three new Fixed Ratcheting Head models. The new wrenches accept standard Proto sockets, and come in ¼-inch, 3/8-inch, and ½-inch drive versions with torque ranges from 25 in-lb (2.8 Nm) to 250 ft-lb (339 Nm). Stanley® Proto® Fixed Ratcheting Head Torque Wrenches are accurate to within +/- 2% of indicated value in BOTH directions. The company says this broad accuracy range extends from 10-100% of Full Scale. In addition, 99 “on-board” memory storage locations help improve efficiency when taking multiple torque readings. The fixed ratcheting head features a robust 24-tooth design with a 15° arc swing, an alloy steel drive gear for strength and durability, a low profile design for easy access, and a reversing lever design to ease one-handed operation. stanleysupport@finlay.com, 860-818-4249, 800-800-TOOL, www.stanleyproto.com.

HSB Solomon Associates LLC
Solomon Associates, the performance improvement company for the global energy industry, said recently it had embarked on its 2010 Worldwide Liquid Terminals Performance Analysis (Terminals Study). The study is said to enable terminal operators to identify performance gaps as a basis for improving reliability and operational cost allocations. Hank Brolick, vice president, said, “More than 90 terminals entrust Solomon Associates with their most sensitive operational data, which the company uses to develop proprietary, confidential comparative analyses to help study participants accurately analyze their cost components in order to maximize their tank integrity management programs and increase profits.” 972-739-1719, hank.brolick@solomononline.com, www.solomononline.com.

PFERD Advance Brush offers a new J-Bevel brush for use on narrow pipeline weld bevels. The company says the automatic orbital pipe welding systems now increasingly being used on large pipeline construction jobs create narrow weld bevels that require a specially designed stringer bead brush for cleaning. The new J-Bevel brush meets that need with a 3/16-inch wide brush face and an extra-long 1¼-inch trim length. The length allows bristles to reach into such tight bevels and clean out contamination beginning with the first bead. The J-Bevel works well in heavy wall pipe. The new brush design also features what the company calls the unique ECAP® twist knot design, saying the tightly encapsulated twisted wire knots are more effective in removing rust, heavy scale and other contaminants during “every step of the welding process.” 978-840-6420, sales@pferdusa.com, www.pferdusa.com.


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