August 2011, Vol. 238 No. 8


China Reports Oil Spills Basically Under Control

CNOOC Limited reported that oil spills which occurred in PengLai 19-3 oil field had been brought “basically under control” on July 5.

The field, located in Bohai Bay, is under a production-sharing contract with ConocoPhillips China which, as operator is responsible for operations.

A seepage of oil from the seabed was found near Platform B in early June. It was the first of its kind to occur in China though the cause is still undetermined. It was also observed in mid June that a well being drilled in Platform C occurred a small-scale influx, resulting in another spill.

COPC immediately activated response procedures, closed part of the water injection wells, and suspended drilling operations of the field. COPC deployed necessary equipment and personnel for oil recovery and area clean-up. The incidents have affected the marine environment surrounding PL19-3 oilfield, involving about 840 square kilometers of seawater.

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