June 2010 Vol. 237 No. 6

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Whats New In Compressor Packages, Noise Abatement, Utility Operations Software and Buildings

What’s new from Cameron Compression Systems, Step-Ko, CECO, Phoenix Building Systems, Environmental Noise Control, Exterran Holdings, Computerized Processes Unlimited, HB Rentals, GE Intelligent Platforms, iicorr, Mueller Environmental Designs, New Century Software, Senscient and American Innovations.

Cameron’s Compression Systems
According to the Cameron website, Cameron’s Compression Systems group and Hoerbiger Engineering Services are teamed up to offer comprehensive engine and compressor modernization upgrades under the moniker “Reignite.” Though they have previously worked together on several upgrade projects, the website says the initiative was made official last year with a formal agreement that allows them to freely share resources and technology required to meet current and future emissions standards as well as to upgrade engines and compressors for optimum combustion stability, fuel economy and reliability. Why choose Reignite? The companies say their solution is comprehensive. They point to their flexibility, saying their team of engineers and project managers will work with clients to find a solution for unique needs – regardless of manufacture. They offer guaranteed performance and experience gained from more than 450 upgrade projects. 866-754-3562, reignite.cameron-hoerbiger@c-a-m.com, www.c-a-m.com/reignite.

Step-Ko Products, LLC
Step-Ko offers a brochure on its website devoted to its pre-insulated, pre-engineered shelters, including such applications as meter stations, pump stations, odorization stations, battery cabinets and pre-insulated enclosures for panel systems. The brochure says the panel construction involves modular structures that are custom designed to fit individual needs. Each panel consists of an interior and exterior metal pan with structural wood frame, steel rail and high-density foam rail frame. These pans are described as being separated by rigid foam-in-place self extinguishing urethane insulation which adheres to the interior of the pans providing increased structural strength. A sealant gasket is said to be applied to all joints. Each panel is secured together using a state-of-the-art cam locking fastener system. Optional exteriors include metal, FRP, cement or stone aggregate panels. 337-837-4141, www.stepko.com.

CECO says its rMAX™ valve (patent pending) is becoming the replacement valve of choice for operators of high-speed compressors who are looking for a longer valve life while matching the flow of plate valves. The company says the valve will run much longer than conventional plate valves, especially in “dirty” or “wet gas” applications. When the valve was in development, CECO says CenterPoint Energy contacted CECO about an unusually high valve failure rate at one of their compressor stations. Contaminates in the gas stream were causing station hands to replace or repair valves frequently – sometimes every one or two weeks. CECO engineers suggested the rMAX™ valves. Now, two years later, the rMAX high-speed poppet valves are “still going strong,” CenterPoint’s Brad Goodwin said. www. TRYCECO.com.

Phoenix Building Systems, L.L.C.
Phoenix Building Systems reports that its buildings provide the size, flexibility and security you demand. The firm says the all-steel buildings are shipped as ready-to-assemble kits complete with instructions. The building is self-framing, which means there is no structural steel to impede the floor space and no columns to design around. All accessories and framing members are located as an integral part of the wall framing system. The roof is single slope. Standard sizes range up to a maximum 12-feet width x unlimited length. Sizes are based on 16-inch building modules. http://www.phoenixmetalbuildings.com/PhoenixTL.htm.

Environmental Noise Control, Inc.
Environmental Noise Control, Inc., states on its website that it specializes in all aspects of environmental noise and vibration measurement, analysis and control. According to the website, practical noise and vibration control solutions and materials are available from the company for all types of unwanted noise and vibration conditions. The firm says its engineering services include: field noise and vibration measurements, acoustical surveys, noise assessments and impact studies, traffic and stationary source noise measurement, isoauditory mapping, mitigation design, environmental approvals, permitting and acoustical audits. The firm says it maintains an inventory comprising a full line of noise control materials, including acoustical absorber and acoustical barrier materials, mass loaded vinyl, noise control blankets and panels, acoustical foam, vibration isolation mounts, soundproof door and window gaskets, and quiet windows. The site says professional installation services are available from the firm’s own licensed contractors. 817-441-5556, 817-584-1252, www.environmental-noise-control.com.

Exterran Holdings, Inc.
Exterran Holdings, Inc. offers TurboShield™, a turbocharger management system for large stationary engines. The hardware/software system allows operators to identify the most economical time to overhaul a turbocharger, forecast engine emissions to remain in compliance, and detect the effect of engine port carboning. Using engineering and physics fundamentals to analyze collected operating data, TurboShield™ is the only system on the market that provides customers the robust key performance indicators needed to make informed decisions regarding their turbocharger fleet. Based upon years of research, selected temperature, pressure and speed sensors are precisely placed inside a turbocharger casing. These sensors continually send operating data to the TurboShield™ unit located near the turbocharger. Validated and processed data are sent to a central computer, engine controller, or SCADA system for further processing. 281-836-7000, www.exterran.com.

Computerized Processes Unlimited LLC (CPU)
CPU, a software development and system integration firm specializing in electronic flow measurement (EFM) data management, has released three protocol drivers for its Enterprise Flow Computer Archival System (eFCAS™). The new drivers add Omni 3000/6000, Cameron MC III, and Cameron Scanner 2000 flow computers to the expanding list of available drivers. The eFCAS product suite is licensed, off-the shelf software that allows oil and natural gas producers, transporters and end-users to manage the gathering, validation, auditing, reporting and dissemination of flow measurement data enterprise-wide. The scalable system architecture provides field technicians, production managers, reservoir engineers, and accounting staff timely access to accurate flow measurement information, improving operations and facilitating regulatory compliance requirements. 504-456-7446, www.cpullc.com/.

HB Rentals
HB Rentals reports that its A60 4-Person American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)/U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)-approved module has two 106-sq ft rooms, a central wet area and water closet, and is International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) compliant for international use. These units may be stacked four high on floating installations and five high on fixed platforms to maximize space. Designed for easy installation, all hook-ups are located at one end of the unit. The 12x25x10-ft cabins are fitted with fire detection equipment; dual air conditioning, heating and ventilations systems; self-contained water heaters; and other amenities for added comfort and reliability. HB Rentals describes itself as the world’s largest supplier of temporary on and offshore accommodation modules, operating from three major global hubs. Glenn Aguilar, 281-999-0047, www.hbrental.com.

GE Intelligent Platforms
GE Intelligent Platforms has announced the 6-inch Color-TFT model of the QuickPanel View Basic operator interface, said to be ideal for small applications using point-to-point serial connectivity. The interfaces are known for their open and connected abilities to act as the bridge between the enterprise system and the plant floor. The Basic QuickPanel’s small form factor is said to allow it to fit on spaces where perhaps there is not as much room, or a large screen is not needed. The new color model will provide enhanced graphics, allowing for greater resolution on the screen, and a visual reference for the applications where color is needed or desired. In addition, the new screen offers increased off-angle visibility. The low price point of the unit is said to be intended to make it desirable for companies looking to upgrade their current systems. The model has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, with 16 MB of flash memory and 16 MB of DRAM memory and is available immediately. www.ge-ip.com/operator-interfaces.

iicorr Ltd.
Aberdeen-based integrity, inspection and corrosion specialist iicorr has launched a range of new products. One of the firm’s latest innovations, the CP Trace, is a cathodic protection inspection tool used to survey pipelines in shallow water. Significantly smaller and lighter than existing inspection equipment the CP Trace requires less supporting infrastructure – including the hire of large survey vessels – saving time and money as well as reducing the health and safety risks associated with this type of work. The CP Trace was developed by iicorr staff working in Aberdeen and at the firm’s subsidiary company Subspection in Alresford, England. Other products include inspection tools to photograph and map corrosion in risers and caissons, monitoring equipment designed specifically to cope with sand erosion and three new integrity software applications. The company has operational offices in Baku, Kuala Lumpur, Perth, Australia and Houston. 713-696-6235, www.iicorr.com.

Mueller Environmental Designs, Inc.
Mueller Environmental Designs maintains a website that includes the following statement under the heading, noise control: “Society seeks to limit or control noise when noise levels become irritating. Noise control should reduce hearing risk to acceptable levels within cost effective parameters. Noise control can result in improved worker communication, increased productivity, higher quality of work output and a quieter, safer work environment. There are four major sources that contribute to the overall noise level of a natural gas compressor station. The prime mover, whether it is a reciprocating engine or a gas turbine; jacket water cooling; gas compressors, either reciprocating or centrifugal; and relief valves including compressor, piping pressure relief, blowdown, and station ESD systems. Mueller Environmental Designs, Inc. provides noise surveys to detect noise sources and determine noise levels, noise prediction studies and a wide variety of noise canceling equipment for natural gas transmission companies and their pipelines.” 713-465-0995, www.muellerenvironmental.com.

New Century Software
New Century Software has launched Facility Manager WebEdit, a new lightweight pipeline GIS database editing tool. Built on the ESRI ArcGIS Server platform, the application combines Web mapping functionality with pipeline data maintenance features. Intelligent Domains drive consistent data entry and the Web-based architecture enhances the transfer of critical pipeline information between field locations and the corporate GIS. Using a workflow-based approach, field personnel can now directly enter pipeline maintenance activities such as repairs, inspections and foreign line crossings directly into the corporate GIS database, eliminating the need for paper forms. Submitted records are temporarily held in a staging queue until approved by an authorized GIS approver. This approach creates a system of accountability and a more transparent workflow for data edits coming from remote users. Time is saved and the potential for errors reduced by not having to re-enter data from handwritten forms received via e-mail, fax, or mail. www.newcenturysoftware.com.

Senscient Inc.
Senscient has announced the receipt of ATEX International Certification from FM Approvals Ltd. for operation of the company’s new Open Path Gas Detector (OPGD) ELDS 1000 Series for methane and ELDS 2000 Dual Gas Series for methane and hydrogen sulfide in potentially explosive atmospheres. With features that are said to include 3x better sensitivity for detecting flammable gases and lower ppm level toxic gases, Senscient ELDS open path gas detectors offer facility owners a substantial improvement in site safety and risk management over previous NDIR-based technology systems. Additionally, the ELDS 2000 Series OPGD is the first fixed gas detector able to monitor both methane and hydrogen sulfide in a single unit simultaneously with discrete output communication. Senscient’s says its patented Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDS) aims to eliminate routine re-calibration, sensor replacement, unreliable readings and false alarms that cost industries millions of dollars annually. http://www.senscient.com/

American Innovations
American Innovations has redesigned the website of the Bullhorn Remote Monitoring System – Bullhorn Asset Tracker. The company says all existing Bullhorn units have been migrated automatically into the new website in order to ease the transition for customers. Bullhorn Asset Tracker (BAT) is American Innovations’ web-based asset management interface for the Bullhorn Remote Monitoring System. The system monitors and collects data from gas meters, rectifiers, cathodic protection (CP) systems and compressors and provides immediate notification of alarm conditions by voice, fax, page, and e-mail. The new website allows for immediate, in-depth visibility to data gathered and delivered by Bullhorn units installed at any number of sites. Upon secure login, BAT provides an instant overview of overall and individual unit performance and allows customers to see how units are functioning via a “Dashboard.” Users see how many units are in “alarm” mode so that potential problems can be addressed in a timely manner, as well as “Normal,” “Interrupting” (for those units with a MicroMax® Current Interrupter installed) and several other predetermined statuses. 512-249-3489, http://www.aiworldwide.com.


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