July 2010 Vol. 237 No. 7

What's New

Whats New In Measurement and Instrumentation

Savant Measurement Corporation
Savant Measurement says its GFC paddle product satisfies AGA 3 requirements through 0.75 beta ratio. It is available in 2-4-inch line sizes and is independently proven and tested. It eliminates swirl and non-symmetry and sits between a set of OFU flanges and on top of dowel pins.

It minimizes meter uncertainty in any piping configuration. The product is patented easily removable for cleaning. Manufactured in the U.S. 281-360-6594, www.savantmsmt.com.

Cameron says its Scanner 2200 Flow Computer helps make gas, liquid and steam measurement easy to afford, operate, integrate and optimize. By pairing the same high-efficiency electronics used in the Scanner 2000 micro-EFM with a weatherproof enclosure, the Scanner 2200 provides room for a battery, charge controller and radio or modem. This “all-in-one package” is ideal for operators with limited power resources requiring remote communications. The Scanner 2200 is the second offering in the Scanner 2000 Series providing high-quality, reasonably priced flow electronics to a broad range of operators. While the unit is ideal for independent mid-sized network applications, it operates economically as a single unit and can be integrated with almost any other field device in an existing SCADA network. Through two flagship brands, Barton and NuFlo, Cameron has delivered flow metering and electronic solutions to the oil and gas industry for more than two decades. www. c-a-m. com/Scanner2000, email: ms-marketing @c-a-m.com.

Siemens Industry, Inc.
Siemens has announced U.S. introduction of an ultrasonic flowmeter for the hydrocarbon industry, the Sitrans FUT1010, which is said to feature the nearly maintenance-free TransLoc mounting system. This allows the transducers to be mounted on the outside of the pipe, preventing contact with the medium. This approach, which the company says only it offers, enables the externally mounted transducers to be calibrated for higher accuracy. It has the additional benefit that it alleviates clogging of cavities by high paraffin liquids, which is typically seen in conventional flowmeters used in hydrocarbon applications. TransLoc also ensures less maintenance and downtime. Sitrans FUT1010 is available in two versions: one for gas and one for liquids measuring viscosities up to 2,800 cSt (centistokes). The combination of WideBeam ultrasonic transit time flow technology can be calibrated to API and AGA specifications. http://www.siemens.com/sitrans.

TechCorr offers high-density ultrasonic thickness (UT) scanning of a tank floor – while the tank is full and in service. The company says this service can eliminate the high cost of taking down tanks and that an API 653 inspection can be performed in days instead of weeks or months. The capability also helps operators reduce environmental and safety risks arising from opening a tank or due to manned entry. The company says the total cost of conventional inspections is far greater than the expense of cleaning and MFE inspection. The cost of material transfer, product downgrades and tank downtimes can be enormous. The hidden cost of premature repair can be just as high. When the tank is empty, you’ll have to complete all repairs quickly. The company offers more detailed literature, a sample inspection report, or can arrange a no-charge seminar at your facility. www.techcorr.com, jspruiell@techcorr.com, 713-524-2768.

Assured Automation
Assured Automation has unveiled the FireBag – a new line of thermally actuated gas shut-off valves used to control the flow of natural, propane or butane gases. The firm says many existing emergency gas shut-off devices require manual manipulation – a poor solution in emergency fire situations. The FireBag is said to provide a better solution by automatically discontinuing the flow of gas to a residential or industrial gas application when the ambient temperature reaches 100° C (212° F). With this device, gas is said to be automatically discontinued in fire situations to avert fire escalation and potential gas explosions. Bill Farrell, email: billf@aa-fs.com, www.assuredautomation.com, 800 899-0553.

Envent Engineering
Envent Engineering points to a portable H2S analyzer which is called the Sulfur Sentry. It measures H2S in natural gas or other process streams and is designed as a portable analyzer for spot tests. It is said to be easy to operate and to provide quick and accurate readings with a dual display that allows the operator to see the output in ppm and grains. 877-936-8368, 403-253-4012, info@envent-eng.com, www.envent-eng.com.

Factory Direct Safety & Environmental Inc.
Factory Direct Safety & Environmental Inc. asks the questions: Gas Detection Tubes that never expire? How do we do it? Then the company provides the answers: as the master distributor for Uniphos pumps and gas detection tubes, Factory Direct offers a series of replacement plans customized to each client’s application. The tubes come in packs of 12 and have the ability to detect over 150 different gases and several ranges. The company also offers technical support from a Ph.D. chemist. 877-311-3373, e-mail: sales@factorydirectsafety.com, www.factorydirectsafety.com.

Itron Inc.
Itron Inc. recently announced the release of the North American market’s first gas meter with an integrated remote disconnect valve. The METRIS® Remote Disconnect (RD) residential meter also incorporates Itron’s leading 100G Datalogging Gas ERT® module – all in what the firm describes as a complete, compact and easy-to-install package. The company says the integrated valve, combined with the two-way communication capabilities of the 100G module, means advanced shut-off features and innovative data collection are now a reality. Itron says the functionality will help gas utilities ensure community safety, streamline operations, improve customer service and enhance the revenue stream. www.itron.com.

Flow Management Devices

Flow Management Devices has added a new patent-pending optional feature to its line of captive displacement provers (CDP). The feature is a design based on the company’s advance prover interface module (PIM) and prover control software (PCS), according to Tim McGlynn, director of engineering. The feature will allow the CDP to measure and monitor the distance between the volume switches with temperature compensation and compare the distance and changes in the distance and volume with original factory water draw. This feature – in conjunction with PDAQ and Proving software – will allow flow measurement verification during the proving run with compensation for temperature and pressure. This reduces the need for water draws. McGlynn said the company realizes that it will have to convince NIST and other entities to update some of the standards and acknowledge this new technology. sales@flowmd.com, 602-233-9885, www.flowmd.com.

Gas Technology Institute/Sensit
Metallic joint locator
Gas Technology Institute and Sensit announce new joint location and leak detection technologies are coming to market. The innovations are a metallic joint locator (MJL) and a portable methane detector (PMD). GTI says the two new products will deliver significant operating and maintenance cost savings, enhance safety and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The metallic joint locator is a user-friendly device that can locate joints in cast-iron gas piping from the ground to minimize excavations. The MJL is wheeled across the ground along the length of the buried pipe to find joints without requiring contact with the pipe.
GTI's portable methane detector
Another GTI-patented technology, the portable methane detector, demonstrates significant market potential, streamlining leak survey and detection operations. The handheld device supports natural gas infrastructure leak surveys using a novel infrared (IR) detection technology and leak pinpointing capability for greater user flexibility and safety. The technology detects a wide range of leaks with specific response to methane from a few parts per million to 100 percent gas for fast leak classification. The two technologies have been licensed to Sensit Technologies – a global leak detection product manufacturer – and will be marketed as the Ultra-Trac MJL and the Sensit PMD. Both products will be commercially available through Sensit Technologies’ representative and distributor network. Scott Kleppe, 219-465-2700, www.gasleaksensors.com, Dr. Kiran Kothari, GTI, 847-768-0893.

Shelter Works
Shelter Works makes fiberglass buildings to protect equipment for life. Shelters are custom-made and built to exact specifications. Standard sizes are available up to 16 feet wide and 40 feet long. The buildings are said to be maintenance-free, insulated and delivered fully assembled with factory-installed electrical and HVAC packages. The buildings are used for gas storage, well heads, regulators, metering stations, odorizers and many more applications. 314-664-9300, 800-794-8037, sales@shelterworks.com, www.shelterworks.com.

Savant Measurement Corporation
Savant announces that its flow conditioners – pFC and pFC-F – satisfy AGA 3 requirements through 0.75 Beta Ratio. They are available in line sizes from 2-4-inches and are independently proven and tested. The conditioners eliminate swirl and non-symmetry and are of robust construction with a simple pin-mounted installation. A minimum 13D total upstream meter run-length is required and the conditioner minimizes meter uncertainty in any piping configuration. The conditioner is patented and manufactured in the U.S. 281-360-6594, www.savantmsmt.com.

Invensys Operations Management
Invensys has announced the availability of version 2.1.1 of its Triconex® Trident™ safety system. It has two new input modules that enhance worker safety, reduce downtime and deliver more accurate trip analysis in turbomachinery applications, helping customers to achieve safety excellence. One of the new modules enables faster response to unsafe equipment conditions; the other optimizes trip data analysis to prevent future upsets. The faster response time of the new system offering is said to be the result of an enhanced pulse input module, which measures speed, rate-of-speed change and the rate of acceleration of rotating equipment in milliseconds. This enables faster prediction of over-speed conditions, which can jeopardize personnel, interrupt operations and damage equipment. www.iom.invensys.com.

Scott Health & Safety
Scott Health & Safety has launched the Freedom™ Direct gas detector – the newest member of the company’s line of fixed gas detection instruments. Designed to detect combustible gases and carbon dioxide using infrared (IR) or catalytic bead sensor technologies, the detector delivers information on gas concentrations directly to a Scott controller without the need for a transmitter. By eliminating the use of the transmitter, the detector reduces the initial investment needed to maintain plant safety. This design is said to provide the most economical way to add points of detection to remote locations or areas where local display is not required, providing a greater coverage of potentially hazardous areas. The company says the device will simplify a facility’s safety program and enable inventory reduction. Also, it says by eliminating the need for a transmitter at each detection point, installation costs associated with combustible gas detection at a facility can be minimized by as much as 40%. scottmarketing.scotths.us@tycoint.com, www.scotthealthsafety.com.

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