January 2010 Vol. 237 No. 1

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January New Products

New products from E.H. Wachs; Reynolds-French & Company; Lincoln Electric; Veris, Inc.; Synthotech Limited; PFERD Inc.; Phoenix Contact; R&M Energy Systems; Dresser-Rand; Highfield Manufacturing Company; MEA And Heath Consultants; New Century Software and Quorum Business Solutions, Inc.

E.H. Wachs
E.H. Wachs® has announced the launch of its new heavy-duty split frame (HDSF™). The HDSF™ is the largest and toughest in the Wachs Split Frame family. Designed to part (cut) and bevel simultaneously, the HDSF is described as the foundation of a complete machining system. Built with larger gear sets and hardened steel components, the HDSF will single point, counterbore and face flanges on large-diameter pipes from 12-84 inches OD (ND300-2100). Included are OD Tracking Slides for unrivaled ease of use and durability. 847-537-8800, www.ehwachs.com.

Reynolds-French & Company
Reynolds-French's brochure on the infinite position Flywheel Llock.

Reynolds-French & Co. offers an electronic brochure devoted to its infinite position Flywheel Lock (patent pending) described as universally adaptable to accommodate the flywheel cog indentation of virtually any large engine. The brochure points out that this state-of-the-art safety device provides infinite positioning of the flywheel during routine maintenance checks such as setting piston-end clearances, positioning sensors, or for any function when the mechanic has to be inside the crankcase. The key criteria during the design were ultimate safety and peace of mind. Without worry of flywheel and crankshaft movement, the mechanic is able to concentrate totally on the repair or maintenance job at hand. The company reminds us: safety first is always paramount for those who “go inside” to work on the big ones. 918-252-7545, info@r-f.com, www.r-f.com.

Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric's 2010 Equipment Catalog

Lincoln Electric has introduced its new 2010 Equipment Catalog with a new look and feel, as well as an online Fast-Flip eBook version that is accessible on Lincoln’s website. This online catalog features intuitive, book-like navigation, making Lincoln’s entire product line more easily accessible. With its new appearance and easy navigation, the catalog displays all of Lincoln’s key products, including the 108 new products and accessories introduced over the last year. The catalog showcases the company’s wide selection of power sources, welding consumables, accessories, automated solutions and environmental systems, including equipment and accessories such as Viking™ helmets, Big Red™ 500, Panther™ and Cougar™ Guns, Power Wave® AC/DC 1000® SD, MAXsa™ wire drives and controllers; consumable: Accu-Pak® box and stem packages, Pipeliner® low alloy stick electrodes, Excalibur® stainless flux-cored wires and Submerged arc wires and fluxes; automated solutions: VRTEX™ 360, eCell™ LR and System 15; and environmental systems, including: Mobiflex® 100-NF, Modular extraction hood and Statiflex® 200 M. www.lincolnelectric.com, 888-355-3213, Bulletin E1.10.

Veris, Inc.
Veris offers a brochure devoted to its Accelabar® which is described as offering superior flow measurement accuracy with no straight run requirements and operating ranges never before attainable. The Accelabar consists of a unique toroidal nozzle design and a Verabar® averaging pitot. The nozzle has a patented straight run “settling distance” that accelerates, linearizes and stabilizes the velocity profile sensed by the Verabar. The Verabar, located in the nozzle, accurately measures and significantly raises the differential pressure output to increase the operating range (turndown). The Accelabar has a constant flow coefficient and can produce an accuracy of up to plus/minus 0.50%. Ginny Kyle, 303-652-8550, contact@veris-inc.com, www.veris-inc.com.

Synthotech Limited
Synthotech SynthoCam CCTV

Synthotech Ltd. offers SynthoCam™ CCTV for safe, quick and economical internal inspection of live plastic and steel gas distribution pipelines. The equipment is approved to UK gas industry requirements where more than 100 units are deployed. Several are in use outside Britain. Said to require only a small access pit, the system enables operators to view and record footage of the inside of live gas mains over distances of up to 200 meters. The camera surveys look for obstructions, interference or water ingress. Engineers also use it to trace PE pipe routes and locate connections, joints and defects. It is a modular system suitable for operations in pressure up to 2 bar. It can be used for 63-180 mm PE mains with live launch via a 63-mm top tee. The metallic pipe version can be used for mains from 3-24 inches and is launched via a WASK or ALH under pressure assembly. info@synthotech.com, www.synthotech.com.

PFERD Inc. offers a product sheet describing the patented construction of its POLIFAN® Strong, a new addition to its family of one-step metal finishing flap discs. The major design change depicted is the extended length of the disc flaps which achieves a far more aggressive grinding action than others and offering stability that the company says is only found in reinforced grinding wheels. Used with high-power angle grinders, the new disc is said to have a longer life because it retains its superior grinding rate right up to its last grain. The time-saving tool is ideal for demanding applications including weld dressing, edge grinding, chamfering, deburring and beveling on steel and stainless steel. 978-840-6420, sales@pferdusa.com, www.pferdusa.com.

Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact says its newest uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is designed for use with industrial PCs (IPCs). The TRIO-UPS automatically restarts an IPC in the event of an extended power outage. This eliminates the need for maintenance personnel to physically restart the IPC at the site. With the unit’s adjustable DC voltage output time function, the IPC can continue operating through short interruptions of mains power. The charge unit and 5-A power supply are housed in a single DIN rail-mountable package, saving space. It includes a software package that lets the user configure alarm set-points, delay times and hold-up times. The software also allows real-time monitoring of the UPS status including battery mode, charge mode and battery capacity. http://www.phoenixcontact.com/, 800-322-3225, info@phoenixcon.com.

R&M Energy Systems
R&M Energy Systems offers the Yale® SafeGuard Figure 500™ lugless closure for safe, simple and reliable sealing of pipeline and vessel applications. The closure utilizes the field-proven threaded closure cap with O-ring pressure seal design. The lugless feature of the SafeGuard closure prevents in-field safety risks associated with hammering on the closure cap lugs as well as the potential for damage to the closure that could hinder its sealing capability and shorten the service life of the closure. The SafeGuard closure can be operated with a standard 24-inch or 36-inch pipe wrench. Benefits include an overall low total cost of ownership and safety for the operators, secure sealing without leakage, quick and easy operation that saves time and effort and long service life. 936-890-1064, 403-264-2995, info@rmenergy.com, www.rmenergy.com.

Dresser-Rand Group Inc., supplier of rotating equipment and aftermarket parts and services, is again offering a comprehensive list of product training programs in 2010, designed to help clients reduce equipment maintenance costs and ensure product reliability. Product training is offered for Dresser-Rand’s centrifugal compressors, gas turbines, steam turbines, process gas and separable gas field reciprocating compressors, integral gas engines, and control systems. Training programs are designed for a wide range of client operations, maintenance and engineering personnel. Full-time instructors and field service engineers employ “building block” and “team teaching” techniques ranging from equipment fundamentals, for the new employee, to complete machinery overhauls and design concepts, for more experienced attendees. All instructor-led, classroom and hands-on training is offered at the company’s factory training centers in New York state, Houston and various regional service centers worldwide. Clients outside the U.S. can participate in programs at training facilities in Le Havre, France; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Peterborough, United Kingdom; Cilegon, Indonesia; Shanghai, China; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. www.dresser-rand.com, 607-937-2303, literature@dresser-rand.com.

Highfield Manufacturing Company
Highfield, which produces security systems for utilities, OEM and niche market applications, reports it is helping gas-utility customers reduce tampering and vandalism of wing-style gas service valves, found in residential and commercial environments. The company offers a re-designed Cast Lock Wing Protector that is manufactured from a cast-hardened steel alloy, making it stronger and more durable than competitive sheet metal products. Highfield’s Cast Lock Wing Protector features one-piece construction for fast installation. Its hooded design completely covers and protects valve stems, eliminating “peeling” attempts. It can be secured to the wing valve with a standard length utility barrel lock, also available from Highfield. 203-384-2281, sales@highfield-mfg.com, www.highfield-mfg.com.

MEA And Heath Consultants
Midwest Energy Association (MEA), in conjunction with Heath Consultants, has announced the release of MakeSafe Leak Detection Simulator for the energy industry. This new online gas leak simulation program presents the learner with a set of circumstances related to a reported gas leak. The learner then proceeds to investigate the reported leak using computer-generated graphics, animation, and audio. The learner can perform several different actions during the simulation to control ignition source, turn off the gas, and vent the building in order to successfully complete the investigation. The simulator also provides for reinforcement of basic safety procedures, such as seat belt use, customer interactions, vehicle parking, and proper tool selection. The simulator is termed the next evolution of training technology for the energy industry. Tom Jackson, 651-289-9600 x112, tomj@midwestenergy.org. 713-844-1300, www.heathus.com.

New Century Software
New Century Software has launched Facility Manager WebEdit, a new lightweight pipeline GIS database editing tool. Built on the ESRI ArcGIS Server platform, the application combines Web mapping functionality with pipeline data maintenance features. Intelligent Domains drive consistent data entry and the Web-based architecture enhances the transfer of critical pipeline information between field locations and the corporate GIS. Using a workflow-based approach, field personnel can now directly enter pipeline maintenance activities such as repairs, inspections and foreign line crossings directly into the corporate GIS database, eliminating the need for paper forms. Submitted records are temporarily held in a staging queue until approved by an authorized GIS approver. This approach creates a system of accountability and a more transparent workflow for data edits coming from remote users. Time is saved and the potential for errors reduced by not having to re-enter data from handwritten forms received via e-mail, fax, or mail. www.newcenturysoftware.com.

Quorum Business Solutions, Inc.
Quorum recently integrated GPA 2172-09 gas measurement compliance into the new release of its Quorum PGAS 8.0. Quorum is a leading provider of business and information technology solutions for the oil, gas, and renewable energy industry. GPA 2172-09 sets the standard for calculations stemming from gas analysis. The updated standard includes major revisions that may affect gas measurement calculations for various gas-facility operators, including producers, gatherers, processors, and pipelines. One significant update is the incorporation of water content in gas composition calculations. Adding water vapor to calculations has an impact that permeates into various subsequent values, such as relative density, compressibility factor calculations, volume calculation results, and heating value calculation results. Another notable update is the method for calculating theoretical hydrocarbon liquid content (GPM). GPM calculations will now be calculated as real instead of ideal, so that the calculated values are adjusted for compressibility (Z). These changes allow for gas composition and GPM calculations to be more accurate and reliable. www.qbsol.com, 403-668-4332.


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