March 2009 Vol. 236 No. 3


Arc Energy Clads Check Valves For Use On Algerian Wet Gas Pipeline

Weld overlay cladding specialist Arc Energy Resources recently completed a contract to clad 16 valves with Iconel 625 for a wet gas project in Algeria for Goodwin International, a designer and manufacturer of high-integrity dual-plate check valves for the hydrocarbon, energy and process industries.

Arc Energy said the 12-inch dual-plate check valves are being provided to John Bell Pipeline, the main contractor for the In Amenas Trunklines wet gas project which involves development and production of LNG from four wet gas fields.

The check valves were cast and machined in carbon steel and then shipped to Arc Energy’s Gloucestershire (UK) factory for weld overlay cladding, with Inconel 625 being applied to all wetted surfaces. According to the overlay cladding firm, the superior corrosion-resistant surface will enable the valves to resist highly corrosive fluids. This is said to give the end-user customer a much more cost-effective alternative to a valve cast in solid Inconel.

Commenting for Goodwin International on the award of the contract, director Matthew Goodwin said, “The 42-inch valve was a particularly complex cladding operation and Arc Energy was the only cladding specialist that would take on the job, even though it was a first for them. Despite the learning curve for both companies, the job went very well, it was delivered on time and there were no problems with the cladding or the paperwork.”

Commenting for Arc Energy Resources, sales director Alan Brown confirmed a new welding procedure had to be developed and qualified to enable cladding of some of the complex geometries involved in the 42-inch valve project.

For the dual-plate check valves, only a small proportion produced by Goodwin International actually require the highly specialized weld overlay clad surface. However, having successfully completed the Monel cladding for the 42-inch valve, Goodwin had no hesitation in awarding Arc Energy this latest contract.

Summing up Matthew Goodwin says: “Our check valves are vital items of pipeline equipment that have to be immediately responsive and fast acting in order to provide a high integrity first-line defense to protect pipelines in the event of unwanted and unintended backflow.

“Arc Energy’s corrosion-resistant cladding ensures the wetted surfaces achieve the performance and long-life expectations of our customers.”

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