January 2009 Vol. 236 No. 1

What's New

Leica Geosystems GPS

With the new “Total GPS” and “Dual GPS” capabilities, RedLine improves workflow on the construction site.

The power of Total Station and GNSS technologies eliminates interruptions due to obstacles and offers a range of accuracies for every task from rough to finish grading. Even if there are no GPS signals available, such as under a bridge or a tunnel, Total GPS allows the Leica PowerTracker total station to automatically take over positioning and continues to provide millimeter accuracy. If visibility between the Leica PowerTracker and prism is cut, Total GPS uses GNSS technology to keep the machine on grade. Dual GPS combines both single and dual GNSS positioning for maximum excavator productivity. Dual positions provide precise bucket position in real-time even on moving platforms without interrupting work. The Leica PowerBox and PowerAntenna combination allows on-the-pole survey tasks to be carried out with the PowerAntenna used on the machine. While operating in single antenna mode, the operator simply rotates the machine after tracking to a new location before 3D operation commences. 770.326.9557, www.leica-geosystems.com


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