August 2009 Vol. 236 No. 8

What's New

Leak Detection, Monitoring, Inspection And Erosion Control: MBW

MBW offers a vapor extraction unit – V.E.U. – that helps LDC crews locate the actual leak site and remove the residual gas quickly and safely.

All the while they can monitor the percent of gas in the moving air. The conception of the V.E.U. was developed by Atmos Energy. An integral LEL monitor alarms the operator when dangerous gas concentrations are approached. A bypass valve allows the operator to configure the V.E.U. as necessary.

Current applications include the pinpointing of leaks on cast iron pipes and residual gas remediation. Some use the V.E.U. purely for pinpointing leaks. Accurate pinpointing has made “keyhole technology” viable and reduced “dry holes.” Using the V.E.U. for gas remediation allows businesses that may have residual gas underneath or around the foundation to promptly reopen – avoiding expensive downtime. 800-678-5237,


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