April 2009 Vol. 236 No. 4

What's New

What's New in: Gas Distribution Products and Right-of-Way Acquisition and Maintenance Products

Batelle, TerraGo Technologies, CTDUT-Pipeline Technology Center, CartoPac and more


Battelle has developed systems suitable for pipeline mapping and leak surveillance that incorporate state-of-the-art airborne geophysical survey technologies originally designed for the military. Called the VG (vertical magnetic gradient) and TEM (electromagnetic) systems, these technologies were developed to safely find dangerous buried metallic objects, specifically UXO (unexploded ordnance). As an attachment to the bottom of a helicopter, the magnetically and electromagnetically based technologies can detect buried objects and map their locations. The magnetic and electromagnetic systems operate at two or more meters above the ground, providing information to an on-board data management console. Battelle says no other technology has been created to date that provides the accuracy, resolution, and efficiency provided by its VG and TEM helicopter-based systems. William Doll, dollw@battelle.org, David Bell, belldt@battelle.org.

CTDUT-Pipeline Technology Center

CTDUT-Pipeline Technology Center offers a brochure describing its full-scale testing facilities for research, tests and training on pipeline tools. The center is in Duque de Caxias, Brazil. It was founded by Petrobras, Transpetro and PUC-Rio University and is a shared research facility for the pipeline industry. Its test section is 14-inch by 328 feet of flanged pipe that propels tools with water or air. Its pull test rig for pigs offers pipe segments ranging from 6-16 inches. Test capabilities include pig testing (instrumented or not), pump and valve testing, flow meter testing, pipe integrity assessment, pig calibration, coating assessment and leak detector testing. Arthur J.F. Braga, executive manager, 55-21-2777-8504, arthur@ctdut.org.br, www.ctdut.org.br.

TerraGo Technologies
Right-of-way mapping personnel have a new tool. TerraGo® Technologies has released TerraGo Mobile, said to be the first geospatial mobile application designed specifically for non-GIS users. Compatible with Windows Mobile 5 and 6 operating systems, the solution delivers interactive, intelligent maps and images in geo-enabled PDF format directly to field personnel, enabling them to collect and collaborate with geospatial data. www.terragotech.com.

CartoPac / New Century Software
CartoPac Field Solutions and New Century Software, Inc. offer a joint solution to the pipeline industry that creates an efficient roundtrip workflow between the right-of-way and the office by integrating a number of their applications and processes. This synergy is aimed at helping manage legacy pipeline data, minimize data silos, improve field data collection and implement data model standards. While CartoPac Field Solutions offers a total office-to-field solution for field data collection, New Century Software provides the tools for the data to be loaded, managed, and analyzed within a pipeline GIS. http://www.cartopac.com, http://www.newcenturysoftware.com.

M&M Pipeline Services

M&M Pipeline Services follows pipeline construction crews performing environmental site remediation throughout the southeastern U.S. M&M completes the construction projects by restoring the land under and around new pipeline construction and is responsible for ongoing site maintenance as well. Mike Maddox has been operating M&M for more than 10 years and says he has found that the best approach to winning new business is to operate his fleet in the most efficient manner possible. “M&M helps the pipeline construction company deliver a complete project to the end customer and the visual results are extremely important,” states Maddox. Established in 1999, M & M says it is the leading environmental restoration company in its region. It staffs knowledgeable crews in restoring the ROW, having accomplished projects of up to 260 miles while minimizing the industry’s standard for allowable erosion. 541-618-8536, info@mmservicesllc.com. www.mmservicesllc.com.


ESRI says small utilities will soon have greater access to geographic information system (GIS) technology along their ROW as ESRI rolls out the Small Utilities Enterprise License Agreement (SU-ELA) program. For a fixed cost, the SU-ELA provides IT, business, and supply-chain benefits to U.S. utilities of 100,000 customers or fewer. The program offers select unlimited deployments to desktop, server, Web, and mobile solutions of ESRI’s ArcGIS platform; maintenance and support for products; staff training; passes to ESRI’s International User Conference; and ESRI’s data models. At the heart is ESRI’s ArcGIS software, an open, scalable, and interoperable platform that provides a complete system to author, serve, and use geographic information. An enterprise GIS, based on ArcGIS technology, serves designers, analysts, decision makers, field staff, and customers. 800-447-9778, ext 2990, info@esri.com, www.esri.com/suela.

Leica Geosystems
[inline:Leica SpiderWeb.jpg=Leica SpiderWeb]

Leica Geosystems claims that a new generation of features and functionality incorporated into the latest Leica SpiderWeb version 2.2 GNSS Internet reference station data distribution software delivers significant improvements in data usability and efficiency for service users and service providers. The software is able to apply full network correction information to create Virtual RINEX observation files for advanced post-processing services. It includes a centralized automatic coordinate computing service and an integrated interface with Leica GNSS QC for real-time status and quality information for all reference stations. Finally, it allows service providers to easily and comfortably communicate with their registered users, thanks to the integrated e-mail client. Customers can also take advantage of Leica SpiderWeb “Lite.”Andre Ribeiro, 770-326-9557, andre.ribeiro@leicaus.com, www.leica-geosystems.us.

Exaktime Inc.
Exaktime FastTrakker

Exaktime Inc. has unveiled FastTrakker, described as a powerful new solution to the problem of tracking dozens or hundreds of work activities (cost codes) to every employee and work site. Using FastTrakker, businesses get accurate information on exactly how many hours workers spend on different tasks, resulting in better project estimating, compliance with government regulations and stronger business decision-making. FastTrakker is a handheld device that each worker carries to quickly clock in for any of 1,000 activities (cost codes) at any number of work sites. The latest addition to The JobClock System, FastTrakker adds highly detailed information to companies’ time and attendance tracking. 888-788-8463, www.exaktime.com.

Farwest Corrosion Control Company

Farwest Corrosion Control Co. has announced the creation and availability of a new Rectifier Log Book. The log book is designed to be stored with cathodic protection rectifiers for manual data logging and the company says it will withstand the ravages of time. It is said to use the most eco-friendly archival papers, inks and even stainless-steel staples to ensure the cathodic protection readings will be kept intact and free of mold and mildew. Besides data pages, the log book contains pages for cathodic protection system information, as-built sketches, useful technical information plus details of a three-year rectifier warranty offered exclusively by Farwest Corrosion Control for new rectifier purchases. The new log book will be included with every new cathodic protection rectifier sold by the company. The company said it also is available at no charge to those calling. 310-532-9524, 888-532-7937, jpeterson@farwestcorrosion.com; www.farwestcorrosion.com.

Rupture Pin
Rupture Pin Slurry Valve

Rupture Pin has announced the introduction of its new high-pressure slurry relief valve. The Model I-A is described as a major advancement in high-pressure slurry relief. It is extremely versatile with set pressures to 6,000 psi which can be changed in the field by changing pins. There are 13 standard settings available. The seat and seal have long life because there is no slurry impingement on either one. Since arriving on the market, the Model I-A has been so reliable that Rupture Pin clients have yet to replace a seal or seat on any valve. 405-789-1884, www.rupturepin.com.

[inline:MATCOR MITIGATORT being installed along a HVAC corridor..JPG=Matcor Mitigator being installed on an HVAC corridor]

Matcor has unveiled what it describes as the pipeline industry’s first engineered AC mitigation gradient control wire grounding system. Specifically for use in alternating current mitigation service, the Mitigator™ is an engineered solution that is said to provide an easily installed, cost effective drain for induced AC current being picked up along pipelines. The assembly is for new pipelines and retrofit applications. For new construction, the system is installed in the pipeline trench. For retrofit applications, it can be installed using a trenching unit or it can be plowed into the ground using a standard cable plow. The assembly is available in 500-feet, 1,000-feet and longer lengths. The system utilizes a 19 strand #2 AWG or 133 strand 1/0 copper conductor, machine packaged in an acid resistant fabric sock with special copper corrosion inhibited backfill. 800-523-6692, matcorsales@matcor.com, www.matcor.com.

Lincoln Electric
Art file is “Lincoln Electric add 3 new electrodes”

Lincoln Electric says it has added three new electrodes – the Pipeliner® LH-D80, LH-D90 and LH-D100 – to its line of Pipeliner® products. The low-hydrogen consumables are described as being ideal for downhill pipe-welding applications on high-strength cross-country pipelines. They are recommended for fill and cap pass welding as well as pipe repair and hot-tapping applications. They are said to offer higher deposition rates, depositing more weld metal with each pass when compared to cellulosic electrodes. Lincoln says this requires fewer passes to fill each weld joint, drastically increasing productivity. Each electrode is designed for welding line pipe up to a specified strength with superior performance. The LH-D80 is recommended for use with up to X70 grade, the LH-D90 up to X80 grade and the LH-D100 up to X90 grade pipe. All are said to feature smooth arc, excellent puddle control and lower spatter levels. 888-355-3213, http://www.lincolnelectric.com/, Bulletins C1.100.1, C1.100.2 and C1.100.3.

GE Oil & Gas

GE Oil & Gas’ PII Pipeline Solutions says it is introducing Integrity Management System (IMS), described as a first-of-its-kind pipeline integrity management software system to help pipeline operators more effectively manage the integrity of their pipelines. IMS is part of PipeView™ Integrity, the company’s expanding portfolio of integrated pipeline integrity management and engineering solutions and services to help the oil and gas industry comply with increasingly stringent integrity reporting and maintenance regulations. The company says, by using IMS, operators can manage all aspects of their pipeline integrity process, from setting integrity goals to assessing pipeline conditions and risks to planning and tracking mitigation, assessment and maintenance activities. www.ge.com/oilandgas.


QinetiQ offers a color flyer devoted to the OptaSense™ fiber-optic acoustic sensing solution that listens for excavator threats to buried high-pressure natural gas pipelines. The flyer contains case notes on trials of the system to detect and prevent third-party damage. The flyer says the system was favorably compared with other distributed fiber optic sensor systems. The sensing systems were deployed on a rural, agricultural section of the pipeline with numerous roads nearby. The pipeline had been buried with fiber optic cabling for telecommunications located alongside. The OptaSense system required one strand of the optical fiber and is said to have successfully detected and alarmed the perceived threats. In total, it says, more than 30 threat (backhoe) and non-threat (horses) tests have been successfully conducted. 44-1684-894973, www.qinetiq.com/optasense.

PipeLine Machinery International

art file is Pipeline Machinery PL61…jpg

PipeLine Machinery International has added new a pipelayer to its equipment offerings. PLM said introduction of the Caterpillar PL61 Pipelayer positions a new, technically refined model at the small end of the Caterpillar pipelayer range – providing a machine with 40,000 lbs. of lift-capacity and capability to meet the pipeline contractor’s requirements for precision control, transportability, operator comfort, visibility and durability. The PL61 features a Cat® C6.6 ACERT® engine, closed-loop hydrostatic drive system, oval-track SystemOne™ undercarriage and an electronically enhanced operator station. The company website says the engine has a flywheel power rating of 125 hp, engine ratings at 2,100 rpm and net power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with fan, air cleaner, muffler and alternator. The site says no derating is required up to 9,842 feet altitude and above that, automatic derating occurs. Operating weight is listed as 37,480 lb with narrow shoes. Pipelaying equipment lift capacity listed at website is 40,000 lb. Complementing the engine technology are premium features retained from the design of the predecessor model, the 561N, including hydraulic draw-works, two-speed load line and extendible counterweight. PLM said the machine meets worldwide emission standards. 713-939-0007, www.plmcat.com.


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