Improving SCADA Data Acquisition with a New Distributed Communications Architecture

June 25, 11 AM CDT

This webinar proposes a new communications architecture to help solve data collection challenges that exist in the current Host-Centric Model.

Traditional SCADA and Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data collection servers have resided in the same location as the client applications that consume this data. This Host-Centric Model model separates the server from the data source, and requires the server to acquire data remotely—often by radio, cellular, satellite, or other wireless communication—over a Wide Area Network. The model limits data reliability, exposes bandwidth limitations, results in additional operational expenses, and is often insecure.

The new Distributed Architecture proposed in this webinar alleviates data strain on the communications network, and offers secure and reliable data to the Enterprise via the OPC UA standard.

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Event Time

June, 25 2014 - June, 25 2014

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