Bakken Infrastructure Development Summit

Infocast Events has partnered with Energy Digital and Business Review USA for The Bakken Infrastructure Development Summit to gather market players who must cooperate to make new Bakken infrastructure capacity happen. The summit will bring together pipeline companies, rail & trucking firms, E&P companies, equity investors, commercial lenders, investment bankers, government officials, environmental & permitting experts and others, to get the information and establish the relationships necessary to overcome the hurdles to increasing the limited transportation capacity of today’s Bakken region.

Participants will be briefed on current and planned infrastructure projects, understand how to posture themselves to take advantage of existing opportunities, develop insight into the requirement for sourcing debt and equity capital availability and be able to take advantage of this unique networking forum to make the deals that will advance Bakken infrastructure development.

Event Time

November, 15 2010 - November, 16 2010

Event Location:

Hyatt Regency Denver Convention Center 650 15th Street, Denver, CO 80202

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