4th Practical Pigging Training Course

CTDUT facilities will be used for the 4th Practical Pigging Training Course, organized by CLARION TECHNICAL CONFERENCES and Tiratsoo Technical from August 30 to September 03, 2010.

This hands-on course will have theoretical classes about PIG´s applications, working procedures and operations, as well as practical demonstrations employing our 14” testing pipeline – loop 14. During the course, we will have many real runs using several types of pigs, like smart, cleaning, among others.

For any further queries, please contact Mrs. Helena Aguilar phone 55 21 2777- 8524 or by e-mail: helena@ctdut.org.br

For registration and special payments conditions, please follow the link: http://www.piggingtraining.com/

Event Time

August, 30 2010 - September, 3 2010

Event Location:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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