Digitalizing the Commercial Pipeline Operations Management

The increasing global demand for natural gas has led to production growth and infrastructure expansion. To compete for new business, natural gas pipeline operators are seeking innovative ways to manage their commercial pipeline operations more efficiently. In this webinar, we will discuss key trends for commercial pipeline operations management, including automation, process optimization, managing IT and compliance costs and providing shippers with easy to use interfaces. We’re sitting down with FIS, a provider of commercial pipeline operations management software to discuss the following topics:

  • Overview of key challenges in commercial pipeline operations management
  • Regional changes in natural gas production and demand changing market dynamics
  • Aging workforce and infrastructure, legacy IT systems, manual processes, cyber security, regulatory
  • Innovation in commercial pipeline operations management
  • Solutions: People, technology, processes
  • Q&A

Featured Speaker


Kevin Mossop
VP of Product Management, Energy, FIS

Kevin Mossop is VP of Product Management for FIS’ energy solutions. Based in Houston, he is responsible for driving the overall product strategy and development of the energy & commodities focused solution suite. With more than 25 years in the energy industry, Mr. Mossop has substantial business and technology experience relating to energy trading and risk management, natural gas and power logistics, transportation, inventory management, settlement, accounting and compliance. Mr. Mossop has worked with numerous customers in the USA, Canada, Mexico as well as across Europe, and understands regional variations as well as differences in international energy business processes.

Prior to FIS, Mr. Mossop worked for TransEnergy in Calgary focusing on natural gas transportation solutions for producers, marketers, pipeline operators and storage facilities for the North American market.

Mr. Mossop has a degree from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.



Jeff Awalt
Executive Editor, Pipeline & Gas Journal

Jeff Awalt is a former Associated Press energy writer with more than 30 years of experience in journalism and communications. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

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