Decarbonizing the Pipeline: Exploring the Pathways for Renewable Natural Gas

Many organic waste products can be converted into methane, the main constituent of natural gas, and injected into the natural gas pipeline to create renewable natural gas (RNG). RNG can be stored and transported in the existing natural gas pipeline network, allowing residences and business access to renewable fuel delivered directly to them. RNG greatly increases opportunities for individuals and businesses to use renewable energy for distribution electricity production, heating and transportation fuel. Technology and markets continue to develop to provide multiple, cost-effective pathways to RNG production from organic food waste, agri-industry processing, forest and urban wood waste and excess renewable electricity. Join Burns & McDonnell’s Patrick Hirl and Sempra Energy’s Ron Kent for a webinar exploring the pathways of renewable energy opportunities for RNG with the nation’s largest natural gas distribution company, Southern California Gas Company.

Featured Speakers

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Dr. Patrick Hirl
Process Technical Lead and Senior Project Manager, Burns & McDonnell

Dr. Patrick Hirl is a Process Technical Lead and a Senior Project Manager at Burns & McDonnell. Dr. Hirl’s professional experience since 1987 has been in the research, development, process analysis, and design of chemical and biological processes in the water treatment, wastewater treatment, environmental remediation, biofuels, and renewable energy markets. Since 2004, one area Dr. Hirl has focused on is the development of anaerobic digestion projects for the production of biogas to off-set natural gas, to be used as renewable vehicle fuel and for the production of renewable electricity. Dr. Hirl has two patents for the anaerobic digestion of co-product from the production of fuel grade ethanol from corn. He is also a former nuclear power submarine officer.


Ron Kent
Manager, Southern California Gas Company and San Diego Gas & Electric

Ron Kent is a manager at Southern California Gas Company and San Diego Gas & Electric. He identifies, develops and commercializes new energy technologies that improve energy efficiency, minimize emissions and provide sustainability for SoCalGas customers. A few of Ron’s technology projects include power-to-gas, biomethanation, biomass gasification, digester gas separation and monitoring, hydrogen production systems, concentrated solar thermal power, microchannel reactors for steam methane reforming, low temperature plasma catalysis reactors, oxy-fuel power plants for carbon capture and sequestration, advanced fuel cells and bio-energy cycles.



Mike Reed
Managing Editor, Pipeline & Gas Journal

Mike Reed has worked at P&GJ for five years and has 25 years of experience as a newspaper journalist.

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